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Writer Victor Hugo was a man of old-fashioned and modest. In demeanor he resembled Zinovy Gerdt. He was a visible transformation when he stood up for his beliefs, expressed in the rhetorical pathos, personal courage. We will be glad, dear readers, if you yourself want to pick up this book today after reading a modest attempt of the author to present the novel "Les Miserables” summary.

Hugo stood out even among a dynamic and decisive of the French: it was called the Banner of Revolution. He was a staunch opponent of violence against the person and an ardent supporter of the abolition of the death penalty. Compatriots, discussing the novel, forged in the furnace of thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the writer, agree on one thing: such a powerful ideological weapon against violence against the person has not happened. Enthusiastically and creatively wrote Victor Hugo "Les Miserables”.

Les Miserables brief summary of HugoSummary of his epic novel under the ties of the story brings two very different people have served time in prison of convict Jean Valjean and the Bishop of the city Dinya Charles Maries, sheltered and nearmisses destitute. Jean feels hatred to all things. He is convinced that the world is unfair. He was convicted of stealing bread, which he took to feed their hungry children. Taking advantage of his being in a wealthy house, and noticing where the Bishop keeps silver Cutlery, he then steals them. Jean was detained by the police, leads to Bishop, but he not only removes the charge from the detainee, but also by sending the police, gives him in addition to stolen a couple of them previously unnoticed silver candlesticks. This almost biblical story starts the narration of Hugo "Les Miserables”. Book summary must not miss this moment of truth, the meeting, which is repugnant to Jean Valjean, changing his internal world, caused a desire to serve Goodness. However, coming from Bishop's house, he, still being in a twilight state of consciousness, out of habit took the money from the oncoming boys. Almost immediately, the convict is aware of the crime, repents, but to return money it is impossible - the boy instantly ran off.


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Jean valjean starts to live a new life. Hugo Les Miserables summaryAppropriating someone else's name - Madeleine, organizing factory production of black glass. His business is booming, and he, the owner of the company, dealt bountifully with the city and become its mayor. Despite the universal recognition and awards - Legion of honor - Madeleine inherent modesty and humanity. What is the future dynamics contains the book “Rejected”? Brief contents Hugo later described with engaging character – media intrigue, it's ideological apologist Valjean is the police agent Javert. It is ironic that in fulfilling misanthropic paragraphs, who acts with a clear conscience, in the consciousness of identifying the Law and Goodness. Like a real detective, Javert, knowing the mayor, innocently tells him about the trial over allegedly caught the escaped convict Jean Valjean (actually judged innocent Mr. Sanmati) on charges in the robbery of the boy.

Victor Hugo Les Miserables summaryMadeleine as a good man, comes into court and confesses that in reality it – Jean valjean, demanding release of the accused. Confessed court decision gets overly severe punishment - life work in the galleys. Faking his own death in the depths of the sea, valjean appears to correct his sin. The decision of its mayor illegitimate girl Cosette after her mother's death hit the family traktirschikov Thenardier, strongly discriminated her. Valjean picks up a girl, becomes her foster father and take care of her. After all, in the end, love and care are the essence of the novel "Les Miserables”. Summary (Hugo) - proof. Vigilant Javert satisfied and Valjean here in night RAID. However, the fate of the sufferers supportive, they manage to escape and find refuge at the monastery: Cosette is studying in boarding school and Jean is working as a gardener. 
Girl falls in love with a young bourgeois – Marius, Pontmercy. However, vindictive Thenardier agrees with the criminals robbed and let the world of man. Finds out Marius and calls the police. Les Miserables brief summary of HugoFor help on the chance comes none other than inspector Javert, check bandits. But he is valjean manages to escape. Paris covers revolution. By this time Cosette gets married to Marius. Valjean confesses the son-in-law that is a convict, and he distanciruemsa from father-in-law, believing him a criminal. On the streets of Paris to build barricades, go to the local street fights. Marius protects one of them. He captivates with his friends dressed as a police Bloodhound – Javert. But the rescue of the noble Jean valjean frees. Government forces defeat the rebels. Ex-convict son-in-law carried the wounded from under fire. In Javert human feelings Wake up and he releases Valjean. But transgressing the law, it is in conflict with himself, ending with the suicide.

Hugo Les Miserables summaryMeanwhile, Jean old, and life begins to fade it. He, not wanting to compromise Cosette, rarely comes to her, extinguished. At this time, the conscience wakes up in the villain Thenardier, and he tells Marius that his father was not a thief and not a murderer, and a decent man. Marius and Cosette visit Jean Valjean, asking for forgiveness for the unjust suspicion. He dies happy. Thus ends for the epic novel of “Les Miserables” summary. Hugo sincerely believed (and made others believe) that the coming era will be marked by Christian values, the internal struggle in each person, animal and immortal. Humanist believed that the key to the future of mankind in the awareness of the value of every life.

The Heroes of Victor Hugo – convinced of romance, strong spiritual, with “inner core" of his exploits and martyrdom of opposing lies, injustice, cruelty.

The respect of the French Victor Hugo was clearly shown in the farewell to a brilliant writer: 1 June 1885 by the French Parliament was declared a national funeral. 800 thousand of the French was present directly to them. He and after his death served to unite the nation!

It only Remains to agree with the words of short words of farewell that the people like the spring water, will always refer to the works «the old utopian”, forcing its “fantasy” “heart to flutter”.

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