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summary emerald KuprinThe Story “Emerald” was written by A. I. Kuprin in 1907. The plot works became a true story magnificent steed of Dawn, which was ruined due to the selfish calculations of people. The singularity of a work is to select the author of the hero: all events are seen through the eyes of the stallion Emerald. Before the reader opens an amazing world made of vivid images, smells, secret thoughts. This is only a summary. «Emerald» Kuprin – fine and dramatic story about the gullibility and vulnerability of animals and the cruelty of the human world.

Description horses in the stables

Emerald – this four year old stallion silver suit and American warehouse. With him in the barn in separate stalls are stallion a young woman of fashion and a restive horse Onegin. Emerald is well built, has good health and endurance. It is often put on competitions in the run on the racetrack. This occupation the young and eager stud loves. In the bustle and haste that prevail on Derby day at the stables, he realizes that he will undergo another test. The horses are in the care of several grooms. They feed animals, clean, cook for the races. They are all different. Horses love each of them differently. But they especially like their owner, an Englishman. Our Trotter it seems to be as strong, wise and fearless as he is. On this and many other tells us a brief summary. «Emerald» Kuprin makes the reader sympathetic to the intelligent and powerful animals - horses.


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Emerald ready to run

summary Kuprin emerald

Came the day of the race. Emerald is immediately perceived by a special mood in the stables. Instinct did not fail him. Soon he was standing on the street, and the groom Nazar was pouring on top of him water from a bucket, trying to overcome her then his calloused hand. When horses are washed and dried, clad in plain gray cloth with a red border on the sides. The Englishman made sure all the arrangements at the stables. Particularly picky he watched as fitted out for the races Emerald. It was clear that the owner will rely on his favorite horse. To convey the atmosphere of General excitement and bustle before the race may not summary. “Kuprin, "Emerald"” - this is the query that you should make employee of the library to read the work in the original.

The Beginning of the competition

The Run started. At the track the day was a lot of horses. They drove in a circle, warming up before the competition. Suddenly the bell sounded. It was the signal to start the match. Emerald looked back, saw the Englishman behind him sat in a small crew-an American and pulled on the reins. The young Trotter has learned all the movements of the host. He sensitively caught his every gesture. The animal knew what he wants sir. So he loosened the reins, and that means you can give odds, and the next moment the reins hard bump in my mouth and twisted his neck - apparently, it's time to slow down running, in order to preserve the strength to finish.

Victory Trotter

the story Kuprina emerald summaries

Among the many horses on the racetrack stood a young black stallion. He was the favorite, people were making bets. But Emerald made it easy to get around, as well as all the other horses. Before the eyes of the Trotter prize fast-flying the poles, the wind whistling in the ears, grandstand roars... Another point - and Emerald first breaks the measuring tape at the finish. He won! People surround him, shouting, pointing fingers to the head, flanks and legs. Audible cues: “a Fake horse!”, “Swindle, cheat!”, “Money.”. At this point the stallion for the first time saw his master angry. After all, he was accused of forgery of the horse. In our article this is only a brief summary. «Emerald» Kuprin's worth reading in full, to feel the confusion and bewilderment of the horse from human dissatisfaction with his victory.

The Death of a stallion

After these races pulled the long boring days. Any promince, nor to the races Emerald no longer drove. And one evening, a horse brought from the stables, took the station and moved the car to another location. They put him in an unfamiliar yard, away from other horses. On this episode ends the story by Kuprin «Emerald». Quick content allows you to convey the wild loneliness of a young and frisky horse. Further describes his death. And it was so. Key in this a stranger to his stables were large-headed man with small evil eyes and black mustaches. It seemed that the new owner was indifferent to the Emerald, but the Trotter always felt a strange horror next to him. His senses did not disappoint. Early one morning big walked into his stall and poured into a trough of oats. Trotter obediently began to eat. Oats was an unusual bitter-sweet taste. After a few minutes he felt severe pain and abdominal pain. The emerald fell, his body reduced cramps. The bright light of an approaching lantern momentarily cut his eyes out. The next minute it was all over. The animal is not felt how someone pushed him in the stomach with his heel.

This is only a summary.«Emerald» Kuprin I suggest everyone to read in full.

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