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Modern poetry is a fireworks display consisting of bright stars, different shades and lights. Poetry – a lot of special people who feel the world deeper and thinner than the others. Poet Catherine Derisheva is one of them. Daring, open, and sometimes naive, but in any of its product of sincere and deep. Perhaps the goal of any poet – to give people something deeply spiritual, hidden behind the real essence of being. I would like to call poetry Derisively Catherine Sergeevny special mission with which she burst into life.

poet Catherine derisive

About the author

The Poet Catherine Derisheva was born 13 November 1994 in the city of Mariupol. Her birthplace – Ukraine, where Catherine now resides. She's young author, who grew up in a pivotal era, when collapsed the usual stereotypes and ideas. For all his poetic inspiration the poet looks back on the education of the programmer. A technical mind, probably influenced feature of her work.

Later, Catherine received a second profession – journalist. Not the usual combination of pragmatic paradigms. It can talk about the special mindset, the desire for the search itself, the attempt to implement creativity in your own space. Works by Catherine Derisheva publishes on network resources, as well as in printed publications: "rainbow", "45th parallel", "Graphite", "New reality" and others. She is also an active member of poetry forums, festivals, meetings of young writers of Ukraine.

derisheva Ekaterina creativity

Shades of creativity

Breaking the standards, she writes avant-garde, shocking and not everyone can understand poetry. “Poetry is not for everyone”, so it can be called. The impression that the poet Catherine Derisive by nature not inclined to say much. She is an introvert, and all the experiences within. And the poems help to broadcast the global broadcast spiritual experiences of the author. Because ordinary words are not always sufficient.


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Catherine creates a new interpretation of texts, creating their own encoding. Smashing, smashing the stereotypes and standards that do not respect the basic tenets of poetry, unusual figures of speech, words and much more – something that is inherent to works of this young author. Many works, like, no sex. The author himself is beyond gender differences and stereotypes. Depth of thinking of the programmer and literary creativity have an effect.

How does the poet?

The impression that the texts the poet collects from multiple dimensions and trying to adapt a habitual reality. Sometimes, the idea you need to grasp, to feel as if let through.

Fractals of words
Peel the skin of memory
Flying letters
Shades of sounds

Often without punctuation, like fragments of thoughts, emerges from the flow of thoughts, figuratively and metaphorically sound it works. Sometimes the poet plays with the geometric world, weaving into it a semantic literary content. So for the author may become a source of inspiration for mathematics, semiotics, weaving in the idea. Sometimes words lose their usual meaning and transformed. Catherine – the experimenter. That is, at least, the idea of the inseparable connection of music and of letters, a kind of encoding of emotions.

The Room
inside out

Shakes from [memory systems]
Crumbs of laughter and sadness

Retrieves the unconscious root of influence

blackest Black light

derisheva Ekaterina

For talent, there is no restrictions and limits

In the depths of his mind, Catherine tries to create thought forms that carry an energetic component to others. It's like listening to music to just close your eyes and tune into your feelings. Sometimes in the works of Derisive sounds lyrical, very personal. She communicates with readers sometimes undertones, sometimes open the phrases – manifests as would labeling the complexity of the character and originality of thinking. The free verse poet written easily, as if reluctantly. As if the author pulls from the perception of certain images and thoughts that are subordinate to common sense.

As the poet Catherine Derisheva is curious experiments, and forms-jokes, and research, slabotochka types of works. Such might not exist? Catherine is not important, so she will create them! For talent, there is no restrictions and limits. A young creative person is required to build and to burn, lighting your talent routine and routine. Derisheva Ekaterina, creativity is extremely young and mobile, copes with this task!

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