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Everyone has those books, which he reread several times. Works that impact on the thinking and perception of life. These include the creation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery “the Little Prince”. Children's fairy tale, translated into more than 180 languages, is a textbook piece that is studied in most universities of the world. Favorite book not only children but also adults – so it's insightful, vital and at the same time simple.

the little Prince aphorisms

“the Little Prince”: content highlights

The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery completed the work in a very difficult time – in 1943. In the midst of the Second world war and there was “the Little Prince”. The book is a tale, the book is a parable, the book prediction – all definitions are unable to fit a philosophical, socio-cultural and psychological meaning of the work. “We are responsible for those who tamed” – the legendary phrase familiar to everyone. As such in this book a lot more.

27 fragments, colorful original illustrations by the author and the life of a small boy in a big world – that what is “the Little Prince”. The theme is fairly simple, but filled with immense philosophical value. What is good? Who is this man? How to live in harmony with themselves and the world around you?

The Story is based around the unusual stories of the boy – the alien from the asteroid B-612. Met him crashed in the desert pilot, previously dreamed of becoming an artist, but under pressure the ‘adult" life changed his intention. The little Prince tells about his life on the home planet, about the meetings with flower Rose, travel to neighboring asteroids and encounters with various adults that inhabited it: the King, the Drunkard, the conceited man, the Lamplighter, a Geographer and a man of Business. Each of these characters shows all the vices vested in the adult world: the lust for power, addiction, vanity, pride and other. The extreme point of travel of the Prince was to Land, where he meets future friend Fox. This character tells the boy about the real truths, which no one should forget. Aphorisms Fox "Little Prince" know it all, because it is a true guide of wisdom.


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Exupery the little Prince

Prince – who is he?

The Little Prince – the personification of a child who lives in each adult. It's spontaneous, alive, creative and caring soul that with age do not give to live. Acquire tiny problems cease to appreciate nature and other people, think you know everything, you lose the curiosity and interest in everything going on. Neighboring asteroids – these are the same flats that come back after work people. Monotonous, do not know the name of the neighbor. An example of an adult who has not lost the inner child remembers in their dreams, is the Artist.

Baby shower Prince carries and the ability to sacrifice – he must at all costs keep and care for his Rose because he has tamed it.

the little Prince book

“the Truth does not lie on the surface”: philosophical thought in “the Little Prince”

All the details described in the book – metaphors and symbols through which the Little Prince. Aphorisms Fox and the boy himself – it's simple really, the truth, which are in dialogue heroes.

For Example, baobabs, which sprouts every morning tore the Little Prince, in order to avoid tearing the Planet. These plants symbolize both the external evil (fascism) and internal – the germs of malice in the human soul. They need to be eradicated and not let them absorb you.

In addition, the need to preserve their inner beauty. As in the case of the Lamplighter. When in the evening he lit the lamps seemed to light up a new star or flower blossoms. Giving this beauty to the world, the Lamplighter is the only, according to the Prince, who thinks about someone other than yourself.

“the Little Prince” – a book with a simple plot, but an endless stream of philosophical reflection on the theme of good and evil, the human soul, beauty, external and internal, environmental protection, true love and loneliness, the child and the adult.

the little Prince content

Symbolism in every detail

In addition to baobab, the inhabitants of the asteroids, other planets, there are many other symbols.

Rose – the symbol of love and feminine essence. Beautiful on the outside, she always liked Prince. But after talking to the Fox he realizes that he sees her inner beauty, he realizes that the answer for her, and ready to sacrifice my life for her.

The Desert where the action takes place, – it is thirsting for the good of the world. He is devastated by wars, hatred and selfishness. In such a world, as in the desert without water, you cannot survive.

“the Little Prince”: aphorisms on man

Any road in the world, one way or another will lead to person - says in his tale Exupery. “the Little Prince” helps to understand that the pursuit of external material makes people limited, callous and selfish. He is able to see the world only through the prism of its cost and only thus gives an estimate of ‘nice ’ ugly”. Hence the total loneliness of the modern man.

Not all adults become unable to see spiritual beauty. Those who find in life a place of creativity, openness to communication and knowledge, allow your inner child to survive. You need to judge myself, but this is the most difficult, says the product.

the aphorisms of the Fox the little Prince

Sayings about life and love

The Theme of love presented in the novel relationship of the Prince and his Rose. Tame, says the Fox, – is to create an invisible bond between himself and the object of love. This is to make the world better. It is impossible to find real friends and love, if not to give them a piece of his soul. Love – to look in the same direction as said known to the world words “the Little Prince”.

Sayings about life in the work reveal the very essence of being. The boy and the Artist manages to understand, that real life is much more than the real existence of man on Earth. Only an open soul can realize that the real world is found in the eternal values: true friendship, love and beauty. “one must Look with the heart», – continues "Little Prince" of aphorisms.

Man's Relation to the world must begin with respect for nature. Washed myself – set in order and the Planet. Exupery was able to foresee the environmental problems of the Earth's population, caused by the irrational activity of people.

the little Prince theme

Who and why you should read this story?

It is Difficult to imagine a more sincere and kind than “the Little Prince”. Aphorisms Exupery have become known around the world. One gets the impression that the whole work consists of winged words – so succinct, clear and meaningful all the phrase books.

Despite the fact that it is a fairy tale, read it in the first place is adult. For those who haven't forgotten about the truly important things. For those who want to teach their children to do good, and to save his soul, spontaneity and joy.

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