A. S. Pushkin "Cloud." Analysis of the poem


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One of the most brilliant poets of the nineteenth century is Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. “Cloud” – this is a hymn of rain on a summer day. The poem radiates the freshness that appears after a storm is full of sunlight, warming the earth. The poet discovered a new style of writing poems in his works, used literary device identifications of nature with living beings. Trees, rocks, sea, sky, earth – they all have the ability to feel, to experience, to love. Like human beings, it refers to Pushkin.

Pushkin cloud - Cloud – the main character of the verse, the author's attitude to it is ambiguous. In the first quatrain he is aggressive towards her. The cloud suggests the poet's despondency, so he waits for when it will be hidden from view and the sky is clear. The author rebukes a cloud because she had not disappeared and evokes memories of weathered the storm, the shower, the storm. Though felt admiration for the way the world works, but still resembles the heavenly wanderer on the completion of her mission Pushkin.

The Cloud in the second quatrain appears in the image of the lady of the sky, there it has reached unprecedented greatness. The author acknowledges the fact that she was her coming waited for people and nature. Cloud watered the earth with life-giving water, she was at the peak of her power when she was enveloped in a blinding flash. But the last peals of thunder died down, the rain stopped and the cloud has become superfluous in the sky, it is desperately, looking for a home, but all attempts are futile.

cloud Pushkin analysisThe Third quatrain already more calm and filled with peace Pushkin did. Cloud does not seem menacing and majestic, even it becomes a pity. The author does not threaten anyone, and just wants to hide and not to be depressing. The first is the introductory quatrain, he tells the reader about the main character, sets the mood of the entire poem. Here slips despondency, a sense of shame. In the second quatrain is dominated by a fighting spirit, he is the culmination, the apotheosis. The poet is inspired, he paints a vivid picture describes a shower on a summer day. Repeated growling consonants allow to better perceive the mood that was trying to pass Pushkin.


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The Poem “Cloud” ends in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The author has no demands - he asked to leave and not to interfere. Alexander has very clearly depicted the awakening of nature after the rain, in the lines of a feeling of freshness. Variability, and diversity of the world, the subordination to the established laws – all this gave the poem “Cloud”. Pushkin (analysis of the work stressed that the understanding of the author the world is ruled by a higher power, not the people) showed that the violation of harmony deprives of the person and the nature of happiness.

Pushkin poem cloudAll in good time: the drought, everyone was expecting a cloud, asked rain, who was able to drink thirsty of moisture the ground. After the shower the people who want to see sunshine, clear blue skies, not a storm cloud. The poet insists that everything should be done in time to in the future not to be excluded and do not regret forever gone days. The cloud symbolizes the man, who was not at the time and out of place, and therefore was not understood.

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