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Chekhov “Salty” he wrote in 1876. Like all the stories of the early period stands out this light-hearted humor and deep hidden meaning. Anton despised all sorts of “labels” and did not understand the commitment of contemporaries to any ideas. Therefore, the writer increasingly in his works addressed to “simple” events, ordinary people, the lives of the people without embellishment and speculation. The story “Salty” at first glance nothing special, but if you look closely, you can see a huge number of problems taken from the Russian reality.

Description of the poverty of Russian villages

summary Chekhov overdoneTo the station of Rotten arrives surveyor, Gleb Smirnov – this is what tells the summary. Chekhov “Salty” he wrote with obvious sarcasm, the writer shows the poverty of the peasants, and even the name of the station speaks for itself – everywhere reigns the rot and ruin. A land surveyor summoned to survey the General Laughter. The man left to go about 40 miles, but the station guard can't find him post horses. Smirnov can only apply to the local peasants, who for a modest fee you can bring it to the destination.

Gleb Gavrilovich do manage to agree with one of the peasants. Pock-marked, silent, burly, dressed in rags – it describes the driver summary. Chekhov “Salty” was written to show not only the poverty of ordinary peasants, but the way they behave. Horse the man was, though young, but very thin, and the cart began to move only the fourth stroke of the whip, which once again underlines the Russian natural sluggishness and laziness.


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Excessive cowardice surveyor

a p Chekhov overdoneThe Cart went in the evening when it was dusk. Smirnov saw on the one hand some dark Rick, with another – icy plain, and the front closed huge back climate control. The surveyor was scared, because with the driver he did not know, on the ground night falls, and they are only two of us going in an unknown direction. Gleb Gavrilovich tried to talk to the guy, started to ask him about the robbers, but the climate control was quiet. Smirnova such behavior was concerned, and he began to lie that he has a revolver which he would exercise in case of attack – this is what tells the summary.

Chekhov “Salty” was written to show a slave mentality of the peasants, because the climate never for a moment doubted that his companion has a gun. When the cart entered the forest, Smirnov was frightened, he began to put on a brave face, saying that for him going for another four friend that he is not even averse to a fight with the robbers. The driver was impressed on the meeting of surveyor with three robbers story. Chekhov “Salty” was written to show how long the farmers will move away from serfdom.

An Unexpected outcome

the story of the Czechs overdoneThe Dark forest the thickets and restless glance of the driver intimidated the surveyor, and he began to fumble in his pockets, pretending to be looking for a revolver. Here the air conditioner broke down and jumped out of the cart on the go. That the peasant from bushes asked the gentleman to take the cart and the horse, not to kill him, tells summary. Chekhov “Salty” he wrote to tell me about blind obedience the villagers. Klim healthy-looking man, but his head did not even come to defend himself, he left the property and ran away.

Just two hours asepsi surveyor dokrichatsya to the cab and persuaded to continue the journey. Klim only muttered that if I knew that would happen, you would not go for any money, because the master scared him to death.

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