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On 8 March - holiday of spring, of light, colors and of course the beautiful half of humanity! Want to make it memorable? To lovely ladies congratulate not just the traditional tulips and festive meal, but an unforgettable experience? Use our tips on how to organize the original March 8 for adults. Women will love!

funny mark-up on March 8 for adults

Funny skit on March 8 for adults – "Capture of hostages"

Surely everyone has long been tired of boring monotonous party, and contests. We offer you to spend the holiday on March 8 for adults called “the Seizure of hostages". Begin preparing for the event.

For the scenes you will need the following attributes:

  • Some black stocking (the number of “terrorists”);
  • Toy pistols and machine guns;
  • Cuffs (can be purchased at the toy store, and can be in an adult store);
  • Plate with the call sign “terrorists” (example: the terrorist № 1, - p.). In the choice of names for terrorists, the main thing - to show maximum originality and sense of humor.


In advance to invite girls and women to celebrate the event. For example, on the morning of 8 March, you can give a bouquet of flowers with an invitation inside or make an original bouquet of paper flowers, and an invitation printed on the reverse side of a sheet of paper from which they are made.

adult limericks on March 8

The Beginning of the holiday

The Fair sex with the male half of the mankind sit down at a festive table at the appointed time. The first 30-40 minutes of the event takes place as usual. Pronounced warm words-greetings dedicated to beautiful women, playing music, bottled drinks. After this time, several men come from the table under the pretext of smoke and dressed in costumes of the terrorists.


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Don't move! This is a hostage situation!

Funny scene on March 8 for adults starts with that totally unexpected under disturbing music, the lights and the room burst into invaders in stockings on their heads, shouting: “Everybody stay where you are! Don't move! This is a hostage situation!” Several of the girls fastened the handcuffs to the backs of chairs, batteries or other items. Next, “terrorists” have their own requirements about what must be done in order to release “hostages”.

the 8th of March for adults

A sample list of requirements, or Adults competitions on March 8

Requirement No. 1. Let's ruff!

“Terrorists” choose the first victim, this should be one of the remaining males (the defenders). Brought a large empty glass, and each of the participants needs to pour into it any liquid standing on the table, and “victim” have to drink the resulting smoothie. If the defender will cope with the task, “terrorists” let go of one of the “hostages”.

adult contests on March 8

Requirement # 2. The rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning

“Terrorists” offer to hold a competition among themselves “hostages”. The essence of the contest is to determine which of the girls more developed and resourceful. Each of the participants of this competition specify a non-standard situation and offered to find a way out of it. The winner, which is determined by the number of votes “terrorists” release.


  1. You Have a corporate party, assume on March 8, you a very long time to prepare for, pre-purchased a gorgeous dress, and came to the evening, saw his colleagues the same exact outfit.
  2. To visit you for the first time should come the groom's parents. You have the whole day prepared, however, at the appointed time realized that you have absolutely nothing to put on the table because you burned the meat, and the salad is too salty.
  3. Suppose you are sitting at the Banquet table and celebrate March 8, and then you burst into the masked men take you hostage.
  4. For tomorrow you have an important job interview, and you decide to freshen up and dyed hair. However, or paint has expired, or you have something messed up with the color, but your hair is bright pink.

Requirement # 3. Black stone

One of the attackers shouts that he wants to shoot. His partners mind and try to calm the friend. Then he takes the bag and throws it defiantly at the two black stones. Then he announces to everyone that put this bag one black and one white stone. If selected the participant will get a white stone, one of the “hostages” is released, and if not, then one survives. Participants must guess what to get out of the bag one stone, and clenched fist (not showing others the color of the selected stone), throw it out. Then to get the remaining stone, he is black, therefore, the party concludes that they discarded the stone was white.

Requirement # 4. Come on, boys!

“Terrorists” together begin to yawn and require them to cheer. The defenders of the lovely ladies (the male half of the team) offered a fun and cheerful way to fulfill adult limericks on March 8

I love my

Made dumplings!

And now, without further ADO,

Waiting for the evening marathon!


At work we have a women

As in the chicken coop chickens!

Hard for all of us this day,

At Least one, Yes, heating!!!


From the sky the asterisk fell.

My Friend in my pants.

He is now as invalid

All give for half the price!


Requirement # 5. And well-ka, girls!

Remaining “hostages” offer to release the women, singing in unison the songs of the adults on March 8.

Example song (performed to the music from the cartoon "Bremen musicians" for the song “do better”):

On the eighth of March we mouth-and-Lee

Spent the Whole year preparing, stir-a-Lee!

And today, just Otdohni-em

And bubbly with vodka Pople-e-eat!

And bubbly with vodka Pople-e-eat!


La-La-La-e e-e e-e!

On that happy note, a funny skit on March 8 for adults coming to its logical conclusion. All hostages released and happily continue to celebrate the holiday.

 adult songs for March 8


The above funny skit on March 8 for adults may be over exposing all “terrorists”, that is, girls may be given a list of callsigns of the gang members, and they have to guess who is who.

Have fun!


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