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We are All adults and are perfectly aware of that almost any relationship between a man and a woman leads to sex, however, not always the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity remain satisfied to the end.

Unfortunately, for physiological reasons, women are much harder to reach orgasm than a man. Sometimes the process from the time of introduction of the penis into the vagina before ejaculation up to several minutes. The woman to orgasm, it takes a bit more time.

Often the therapists come in pairs, which main problem I see sexual frustration. Typically, women complain that they do not have time for her man. Well, that's men's fault this is, after all, it is everybody's responsibility to deliver your partner maximum pleasure.

The Duration of sexual intercourse may be small, but before the man penetrates into a woman's womb, it should be enough to excite your partner.

There is a huge variety of caresses, including oral sex that best prepare a woman to orgasm, and even a few moments of lovemaking can lead to a long-awaited final. The duration of sexual intercourse can be increased with all sorts of tricks, which can use the man himself.

First and foremost, it's a small break during sex. When a man feels the approach of orgasm, it is enough to exit the vagina and make a little pause, after some time the urge to ejaculate will disappear again to continue to have sex.


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Another way, which not only affects the length of the hollow act, but also can bring much more satisfaction to both partners, is considered to be “delay” the moment of ejaculation. It is necessary to penetrate the vagina and begin thrusting until the first wave of excitation (men need to understand about what speech). The duration of sexual intercourse will depend on how man will be able to catch the moment when to stop again, the member does not need to be removed from the vagina. When the final wave of excitement has passed, you can continue to have sex, and you can expect that you will get a orgasm with his lady.

A Great way that can affect the duration of intercourse, may be a combination of caresses. For example, you can have sex until until the final wave of excitation, then the member must be removed and continue to stimulate the female clitoris by the tongue or hand. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that the woman is always at the peak of excitement, and the man has time to cool down a bit your “dust” and can then continue to have sex for a long time.

Duration of sex It is possible to control by using different herbs, which are welded instead of tea and used by man. This can be leaves of raspberry, a decoction of oak bark. You can also immediately prior to intercourse to lubricate the male member of the mint juice. The fact is that this plant are soothing substances which will slightly dull the sensation and prolong sexual intercourse.

In fact, one and the same man could have sex all depends on the emotional and physical fatigue. A woman can help a man to change the duration of intercourse, pausing and switching to oral sex with his hand.

Studies have Been conducted, which interviewed couples who have applied for consultation to the sexopathologist. So, by mathematical calculations it was found that the average duration of intercourse is 10 minutes. This once again proves that long-term sex is not always a guarantee of success. The main thing is to understand the partner and be able hard enough to excite, then even a quick sex hi to the desired result.

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