How to propose a girl to meet?


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In life of each pair there is always a date that is celebrated as a holiday. It is, of course, on the day of meeting. Even twenty years later, a married couple with a special love celebrate this day, considering it crucial to their successful marriage. However, a day rarely coincides with the beginning of the relationship. Only in rare, exceptional cases, the novel begins to flare up from the first minutes after the meeting. So much more important than other invisible date – the day when the guy offered the girl to meet. Perhaps the girls, this event seems not so significant, but for guys it means a lot. After all, many of us are very bad imagine how to propose a girl to meet, especially if the girl is a very strong feelings.

Fear to make an offer is due to two factors: fear of hearing the crack and fears of "ruin”. With the first it's easy to fight. Enough to feel confident and to follow to their goal, despite real and imaginary obstacles. However, here is the opportunity to spoil relations exist, if you make an offer too early. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how best to invite the girl to meet, leaving a spare for myself out of the situation.

The best way – to test the waters. For example, in a joking manner to ask "what if we started Dating?" or "what would you think if he knew that we were meant to be together in a year?”. Such phrases do not sound like a formal greeting, but they allow you to see the reaction of the girl on the possible offer. It is likely that the reaction will be positive, and then you can already make a serious offer. For example, if it is the question written earlier, I would have answered something like "wouldn't mind", just take her hand and say, "let's meet, seriously?”. As you can see, it's very simple, and to puzzle over how best to invite the girl to meet, it is not necessary.


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If "fishing expedition" will not give a clear answer, you can always translate everything into a joke, but on the other hand, it would be a bad sign for your intentions. If you seriously want to meet this girl, then you certainly need to use other more drastic methods.

Try to be confident. Don't know how to propose a girl to meet, and behave as if you've been together. Can you imagine her friends jokingly as his lady and If she wouldn't mind, everything will work itself out. If she himself against someone, you can clearly and confidently answer the objections: "I Know, but soon you'll be mine”. The main thing that it sounded not as a threat, and then you have another maniac will take, and how confidence in their own abilities.

If all the methods don't work, and simple "I like you, let's meet" leaves, then you need to resort to the methods of the original.  For example, ask your love how to better the girl to propose. Ask as like a joke. She will understand that you want to propose to her to be together, but will not submit the form and begin to discuss this topic. Then, you need to steer the conversation, without saying a word to her about your feelings. Girl will go crazy with speculation, and when you through 7-10 days and offer to meet her well the way she will take it as the nicest thing I heard in my life.

You Can act not so extreme, and to prepare a proposal to meet the girl in the poem. This method is perfect for romantic natures. If the verses are sung with a guitar, that few can resist. In General, be creative and do not be afraid. In any case, you the day of your proposal to be together will be long remembered. Even if it is ridiculous and absurd, it will be your personal victory that you can celebrate many years later.

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