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Original ideas for wedding could become the pledge of originality and unforgettable your holiday. Only it is possible, if you know, how can they most effectively apply in practice. That's what we try to convey you how and show you some interesting ideas in this article.

The Wedding is undoubtedly one of the most touching and important moments in the life of every family. This bright and magical day for a long time remember the couple and share their impressions with friends and acquaintances. So why not examine unusual ideas for the wedding and not to use them, so that not only you have remained in the memory of this fabulous day? Moreover, they do not have long to wrestle quite a bit through the pages of online magazines on the subject and highlight the most interesting moments.

Original idea for the wedding: a lottery

Why not make your entrance on a private holiday on the lottery tickets? That is, if each guest will bring a lottery ticket and give it to the newlyweds – the chance that the latter will win the lottery more than high. And suddenly…

Or the couple can make a drawing of its guests with indispensable gifts or surprises. As an option, its guests you can hand out programs with certain numbers, which will then be used for drawing of wedding champagne, or the first piece of cake. Such ideas for wedding is quite simple, however, they will beautify the gala evening and be sure of this, will be remembered by your guests.


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Funny script of the second day of the wedding

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Heartfelt speech to the wedding is the best gift

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Another great idea for a special occasion can be a beautifully designed book, in which each person can not just leave congratulations to young, but also to share experiences and thoughts about their holiday. The book may replace reviews from guests in front of the camera lens. Just a couple of words from the heart and years later they will warm the soul of the heroes of the occasion or just cause a pleasant smile on their face.

Original idea for the wedding: a love story in pictures

From your own photos, you can create a “love Story”. To do this, all photos should be placed in chronological order, and Supplement them with interesting details from your life, funny facts or poignant poems of love. With this book will want to personally meet each of those present on the occasion.

By the Way, the book can replace a newspaper or a slideshow with the same photos and captions.

Original ideas for weddings: hot dance of the newlyweds

All accustomed to the fact that the first dance of the young is distinguished by a special tenderness, poignancy and is able to arouse the most callous visitor a few droplets of tears. But, after all, the first dance does not have to be slow and touching to tears! You are quite capable to surprise and impress their guests with the unexpected and cheerful statement.

Such an unusual performance will be the “nail” your wedding and will be long remembered by all present. Most importantly, you should prepare a dance and rehearse it thoroughly. For this purpose it is necessary to find a good choreographer that will not only create an unforgettable room, but will also teach him to perform at the proper level.

Hollywood wedding

If you are ardent fans of the Dream Factory and dream of star life and glory, why not be a star? What do you need? First we need to deal with the place of celebration: to decorate all the figures of Hollywood celebrities from cardboard, Oscars, garlands of flowers and lay the red carpet. Then you should take care of the invitations: it would be better to make them in the form of tickets. And music can be borrowed from the well-known Hollywood blockbusters.

Try to implement all of these experiments and a great mood all guaranteed!

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