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In modern Russia most girls prefer “to support local producers” and void sumnyashesya, marry Russians. However, many Russians also looked at the overseas countries and there the Cavaliers. Sometimes sideways and with a sincere distrust, and at times – with an open mind and with genuine interest. This happens for various reasons, and not always in the first place are Mercantile considerations. Let's dive into that stormy sea of human passions and learn what guides romantic, matrimonial or even materialistic-minded compatriots, seeking a better life in International Dating sites with foreigners.

Irina V. from Cherepovets

“I Have everything turned out quite spontaneously, flew with friends to vacation in Spain, in Madrid met with Sanchez, my future husband, – to this corresponded with him on one Dating-online-online. Still the Spanish did not know, communicated more with gestures and broken English. I just fell in love with this friendly hot country, its hospitable people and, of course, in Sanchez, her future husband. And very secret: we have Cherepovets, you will not find this tapas and gazpacho-Andalusian. I'm just crazy about the local cuisine! Learn to cook paella”.


Marina M. from Moscow

“In Moscow I had my own little business – hairdresser. Didn't think to get acquainted with foreigners with the purpose of a serious relationship, profile Dating used primarily for the study of the English language – communicated with the media. In London I went to visit my brother who is studying there for the designer. Joseph, ironically, I also met at the hairdresser, but in London. He was waiting for her sister, which made styling. Talking about this and that, he was a great lover of Russian ballet. Between us like a spark ran - love at first sight. It turned out that we spoke with him on a Dating site with foreigners when I lived in Moscow. So we said – all that is destiny! Now think, where we live – in London or in Moscow».

Irina S. from Urengoy

“In Germany I was an Intern from work, and it so happened that were left for permanent residence, do not pre-planned. Eric from Canada, he works for an international Corporation in Berlin, so we were both in the same boat – explored a new country together and study German. Met on a famous Dating site. Fate, I guess”.

Eugene from Ufa

“I grew up in a very poor family, I quit drinking husband with a baby – so I was left completely alone. Together with a friend we were able to come to work as nurses in Finland, where I found my husband. We found our new job on a Dating site with foreigners – first we went just to visit and then everything happened by itself. I must admit, a great love was not at first, was basically just a calculation – to provide for herself and her child. But then I got used to her husband, raymo, – and live. I really respect him and appreciate his tenderness and care. Sterpitsya-slyubitsya”.

marry a foreigner

As we can see, the explanation of Dating, and life stories can be very different. Someone looking for a better life and pursues exclusively his own selfish interests, someone just falls in love at first sight – a man in a new country, language, culture or local cuisine. Sometimes, in varying degrees, can contain all these factors.

Among the advantages of such communication – expand your horizons. The person who travels to other countries and learns a lot of useful information and developing as a person. Mastering one foreign language at a level sufficient for everyday communication, – it is also a huge advantage. As someone said of the greats, “you can live as many lives as languages you will learn”. Mastering a foreign language, people will be able to communicate not only in everyday life, but often qualify for higher-paying position.

website Dating

Economic factors also play a huge role in Dating. It is no secret that the average salary in Russia and, say, somewhere in Norway can vary significantly. A higher standard of living makes it easier to cope with everyday troubles and gives a person more opportunities for personal development. Pension provision in many Western countries is also much higher. Quality medical care in Russia is possible only for very good money, in many Western countries, health insurance allows you to claim a very high level of medical services. If the girl is with her new foreign husband decide to take out a mortgage, then somewhere in Italy they will pay 2-3% per annum and not 9 to 15%, as in Russia. Examples of economic benefits that can accrue from a marriage abroad, can result in quite a lot.

However, the decision to marry a foreigner is potentially associated with many acute problems. First, the girl is in an unfamiliar social environment, and forced to assimilate. Not every person can easily learn a foreign language, even if he hasto this inclination. Social structures and traditions of another country will also be significantly different from the usual. Even gestures can mean something else – so, for example, in Bulgaria, saying “Yes”, people shake their head from side to side, what do we mean by “no”. In the US, many private houses, especially in such southern States as Alabama and Florida, it is not customary to remove shoes indoors, so there isn't a home sneakers, but everywhere else will be in the presence of a very powerful vacuum cleaner.

Second, is the issue of religion. If the husband is a foreigner – a Muslim then it is better to discuss the issue, not to have family tensions and squabbles. However, the compromise here is always possible, but for this man must initially feel a desire to seek. Difficulties can arise even with Christianity, because a particularly devout Catholic or a Protestant will be able to understand and accept their Orthodox bride. Moreover, not everything is going smoothly, if one of the partners will be faithful, and the other – an atheist.

marry a foreigner

The Climate and the food – it's a different story. If the girl lived all his life, for example, in Murmansk, it is quite unusual all the time to broil in the sun somewhere in the suburbs of Madrid. Although young body tolerates this change of climate is relatively easy, and in some cases it may even be useful. As for the food, then in many foreign countries, you simply will not find some traditional Russian foods such as buckwheat or even herring and black bread. In General, the hotter the climate of a country, the yadrena and sharper will be the food consumed by its inhabitants.

In conclusion, we note that each case is, of course, is different, so the decision on whether to go or not to marry a foreigner, have to take the girl. In some cases advantages can exceed the drawbacks, and you will create a new, strong unit of society. Main – to make this decision carefully and deliberately, not rashly.

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