Congratulations on the wedding day (10 years) in verse and prose


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For the time once the groom and the bride had lived since the wedding, the experience and excitement of the celebration smoothed. 10th anniversary congratulations weddingBut the longer spouses live together, the stronger their Union. Appear precious memories, little things. Congratulations on the wedding day for 10 years – an occasion to remember about each of them. They will prove that in front of no less love and happiness!

Joy has no end

"Today is the day that not only you are proud of! Family, friends and relatives – we are all incredibly happy that the day of the wedding it's been 10 years! For someone they passed quickly, for others it flowed slowly. During this time, much changed, but your Union remains strong and unwavering. Passed a lot of roads, a lot of difficulties left far behind. I wish joy, love and devotion to each other always multiplied and they never end!"

Important date

"Cooking congratulations on 10 years of living together – very pleased and honored! It's your first anniversary as husband and wife! Lived together for more than three thousand days! Each of them taught something new: to compromise, to be tolerant, to respect and share interests, make difficult decisions, take responsibility. All of these excellent lessons you have learned and successfully continue to follow them. Let the love and then comes close, despite the fatigue, rainy weather and the first wrinkles. I wish to celebrate more than one birthday of my family!"

Test of time

"In the nation every anniversary has its own name.10 years of marriage congratulations 10 years of marriage is called the tin wedding. Compared with chintz, paper, wood, leather and other materials – this is much stronger and more reliable. However, the softness peculiar to him also. It's supposed to be your life together! Let her not be afraid of difficulties, and each of them will only strengthen the family. Wish, coming home, you could always feel the warmth from the hugs and soft words and smiles! Income and new prospects to you!"


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Just few words

"My congratulations on the wedding day for 10 years is short, but life sometimes just a few words that the whole world was transformed. Sometimes only one. 10 years ago you both said “Yes”, and this moment will never be forgotten. Like as much, understand each other poluvzglyada, and fill every day with smiles and colors. Remember – honeymoon you can arrange at least 12 times a year!"

Poetry and prose

"Real poetry – the rapid flow of congratulations on the day of the wedding for 10 years. Prose-three thousand days that precede it. Let not all of them were vivid and memorable, the main thing – a feeling of kindred spirits, which is near. Favorite words, songs, moments – together, they will not let you forget about feelings, thanks to which there is reason to celebrate such a gorgeous date! Always find time for family, because it only represents the true value! May happiness never leave your house!"

The long-Awaited meeting

"a Fun word game: a guy and a girl meet. wedding day 10 years greetings proseBut it can last for several years. There is a logical question – whether they met finally? Probably, the wedding is the place where the two halves come together. But then what? You can confidently say that this life stage was a success. It's been 10 years, and the feelings have not subsided. They burn, and I wish this fire warmed and lit you, each day! Let the long-awaited meeting of the two lovers will never be in vain!"

Enviable collection

"In this family piggy Bank has been a lot of anniversaries. And let them surprise you with nice words is not so easy, but here my congratulations on the day of the wedding. 10 years – round date. Let it be the first of many, as friends and family tortured you toast! Wish tin was the basis for a stronger and more durable materials! Ahead of only joy, happiness and love! So test them fully!"

Weather home

"the Family life of each pair formed in completely different ways. But it depends on the couple from the very “the”. Wish she was still the same sun. Let winds, rains and thunderstorms are not violating your plans. Don't listen to outsiders "meteorologists" that are trying to impose your Outlook. Let the gloomy day is an occasion to get under the soft blankets and hold her tight each other!"

My support

"Today has been said many beautiful words addressed to our pair. short congratulation on wedding day 10 yearsBut I would like to add a congratulations to my husband for 10 years from the date of the wedding. Together we came to their first round date. Thank you for the incredible patience, because over the years there was everyone; for their understanding and love. You have made my life better! You always want to cook a delicious dinner, to create comfort. We wish you only positive emotions and a lot of happiness!"

Loving husband

"10 years ago we became a family! Today, dear husband, I want again to congratulate you on the fact that we have each other! Material goods, simplify life, but when there is no loved one, they only fill a huge void. I am very happy that thanks to you, every day is filled with love, smiles and pleasant moments. Stay the samekind, loyal, sincere and real!"

Secret love

"Every couple who have lived together for a long time, finds your secret love. The fact that for 10 years, you care about each other, proves that he found. I wish to store it and protect. Let the love never becomes a habit, and eyes glowing with tenderness! Happy anniversary you!"


"Today our 10 years of marriage! Congratulations from the guests cause a storm of emotions!10 years from the date of wedding congratulations to the husband I Can proudly say that never regretted that I broke up with the bachelor life. My wife has created a warm family home. She gave me children. Her love is enough for everyone. Do you understand me, you feel when your heart feels hurt, and instantly like. I wish you patience and just happy days!"

Eternal romance

"Today our lovely friends celebrated its first round anniversary-10 years! Popularly it is called tin because married life by this time has become more durable. But this material has other properties. It is considered that it is also able to be soft, like a husband and wife who have learned to yield to each other. The second name of such a momentous anniversary – pink. All because of 10 lived in marriage years could go romantic and elegant bouquet needs to remind the spouses about her. I wish you always feel the bride and groom! Let the welfare of the family is only growing, and all conceived plans are carried out!"

Calculated risk

"I Want to Express my congratulations on the day of the wedding for 10 years. It's funny, because I'm very worried. To trust his heart to another person-always a risk, but you not only went to him, and proved that it was not in vain! I wish to continue to trust each other, appreciate and respect the husband, to see him as good and accept the bad, to love stronger day by day! Even if you shy away from evil, and we will celebrate another milestone anniversary!"

Personal life

"Happiness is not need big words. It consists of small things, by which every day becomes special. My congratulations on the day of the wedding to 10 years – a wish not to lose it. Remember that you value most in a spouse that it is unique. Met years ago, never parted! Let the happiness knocking at the doors and Windows of your family home and will be a frequent guest here!"funny congratulations on wedding day 10 years

These greetings will definitely help you to find the appropriate words to the heroes of the occasion. It is written from the heart, they touched the hearts of spouses and guests, create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The excitement will not stop you to say beautiful toast. Fill the holiday with positive emotions!

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