Why hangovers feel like having sex? Morning hangover: what happens in the body


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The Morning after a wild party with lots of alcohol consumed in men there is a rampant desire to have sex. Anyone who has ever been drunk well, is familiar with this condition. But the women in the hangover such desires usually do not receive. Moreover, they are not in awe of the intimacy in this condition. But with men it's the opposite. In this article we will try to find out why hangover want sex? But first tell you a bit about this disgusting state.

why hangover Horny

What is a hangover?

Undoubtedly, it can be called a payback for a fun evening. People suffering from “embarrassed”, headaches, nausea, reddening of eyes, increased sensitivity to light (noise) and other nasty things. With a hangover knows almost everyone drinks on the planet, but why this symptoms always all appear the same? It turns out that a hangover is the consequence of alcohol poisoning. The body simply excretes the breakdown products of ethyl alcohol and neutralizing secretes their enzymes.

morning sex

Why hangover want sex to men?

As you know, alcohol kills brain cells, some of which are responsible for hormonal status. For this reason, the person feels sadness, grief and depression. He really wants something bright and warm. The brain perceives this condition as a threat to life and includes the most powerful instinct-reproduction. That is, the person is urgently needed to reproduce descendants.

Both women and men degree of sexual desire depends on testosterone. The strong half of humanity it anymore, which explains unhealthy thirst for sex. And the body understands that the whole “procedure” will take no more than twenty minutes. No less interesting is another point – being drunk, the man considers himself a supermacho, which is ready to go to bed any woman.

As for the girls, the level of testosterone are low, and the reproduction process is extended in time by nine months. For this reason, women don't want intimacy with a hangover. Their body just thinks morning sex is inappropriate. Go on.

sex helps with hangovers

Top 5 reasons sexual desire with a hangover

We dealt with the specifics of intoxication. Now, list the causes of excessive sexual desire during alcohol withdrawal.

1. Procreation

We Briefly mentioned this above. This is the most popular version, according to which thirst for sexual intimacy awakens the instinct of reproduction. To the body alcohol is perceived as a near-death experience. That's why he seeks subconsciously start reproductive function. The brain gives the body command: to gather the remnants of the forces and to begin “latest” sexual intercourse. And there is something surprising, as reproduction is a primary responsibility of all people in the world. That's why hangovers feel like having sex!

This version sounds good and beautiful. But some people have her doubts. For example, why is the instinct of reproduction is not triggered when the man has a fatal disease. Or in the case when he was not poisoned by alcohol, and let's say the missing food? Why not fight there is a strong sexual arousal? To find out, you should look at other reasons why hangovers feel like having sex.

can you have sex with the hangover

2. Endorphins

As mentioned above, after a wild drinking man is in a disgusting state. And naturally, the body tries to make you feel better. And he does it with the development of the so-called hormones of happiness-endorphins. Morning sex increases their level in blood and the person becomes much better. Here everything is clear, so let's go to the following reason.

3. Sex hormones

If in the male body there is an excess of hormones (in particular testosterone), the brain transportorul them to the liver for further processing. If the man drinks alcohol, then the liver starts to excrete ethyl alcohol, and the breakdown of hormones later on. It was natural that they gradually accumulate. This effect increases with the regular use of alcohol. And in the rare techniques of alcohol it may not be noticed.

4. Metabolism

Morning hangover launches enhanced metabolism. The man feels a strong hunger and thirst, and wantstake a cold shower. Due to this, metabolism is significantly accelerated and the toxins and the alcohol faster. It should be noted that to improve exchange processes in any physical activity (including sex). The toxins are excreted with the sperm, and alcohol - through the sweat glands.


5. Psychology

Now consider this question from a psychological point of view. For example, the person drank a lot of alcohol the night before. More likely he did it in the bar, which was attended by lots of sexy and young girls. If the use of alcohol occurred in the circle of friends, surely there was a discussion of mistresses and wives. Also it could be a night alone, but under the influence of intoxicating drink played out a fantasy. What men usually fantasize? True, about sex.

The hangover man is capable of the most prolonged sexual intercourse. Because irritated nerve endings are all feeling brighter and sharper. And if there is a young beautiful woman, it would be foolish to miss such an opportunity.

Can I have sex with a hangover?

In principle, Yes. And this is for two reasons. First – exercise, which has already been described above. During it increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to various body systems. This leads to rapid metabolism of ethanol and its early conclusion. The second reason is the increased production during the intimacy of endorphins. These hormones help to neutralize the products of decomposition of alcohol. Headaches and nausea disappear. Also fades suicidal mood and irritability.

If we consider the sexual act from the point of view of medicine, it is similar to a class in the gym. That's just not necessary to buy there membership. Although some people pay for such “classes”, but we aren't talking about it.

the morning after

Science experiment

More recently, one study proved that sex helps with a hangover. The experiment involved 200 couples. If the night before they were drinking alcohol, that morning sure started they have with intimacy. The average sexual act lasted 10 minutes. Two hours later, all subjects significantly improved health. And not only men but also women. But not so simple as it seems. To obtain such results it is necessary to observe two conditions:

  • The Amount of alcohol consumed should not exceed 300 grams, if it's cognac or vodka, and 1 liter in case of the use of beer or wine.
  • People should not have any chronic diseases of the kidneys, stomach, intestines or liver.

heavy hangover what to do

Why you should not have sex after drinking?

  • Normal people intimacy brings pleasure to each partner. If your fiancee will understand that you use it as a brine, you can forget about the pleasures of love.
  • Rare women think drunken men are attractive.
  • Hangover state always has two sides: either complete lack of reaction from ‘younger brother" or the erection just the stone.
  • Still, the body needs time to recover after alcohol intoxication. Therefore, instead of intimacy, a good sleep, take a bath (shower) and go for a walk.
  • Finally, you should think about the quality of their genetic material in a state of hangover. No sane person would not wish to the great evening spent contributed to the emergence of health problems his unborn child. In General, is just not worth it to have sex if you have a heavy hangover. What to do in this case? Yes, just take a couple of aspirin.

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