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Keith Ferrazzi has taught many people how to build a business and enjoy its successes. Every year there are more readers who respect the writer's world view, and tend to become more successful people. In this article we will tell you who Keith Ferrazzi. Biography, list of books and its achievements will be presented to your attention. You may also want to become a successful person, when you read the author's advice.

Who is Keith Ferrazzi?

This is the world's leading specialist in the field of networking. Keith Ferrazzi was able to prove how important it is to achieve success using the business.

Keith ferrazzi

Through many years of practice the author has found few clear established procedures that help the person to develop and build mutually beneficial relationships with people. Only then can one achieve certain results.

Keith Ferrazzi invited to many TV channels to be restricted to business ideas or unsure people. The author has written many articles in various business publications that helped many people gain confidence in their abilities.

At One time, Kate was the Director of marketing of the company, which was engaged in sales. He taught employees proper communication, you need a strategy in order to further sales. Indeed, the Securities and succeeded. However, everything in order.

Keith Ferrazzi: the biography

The Author was born in 1966 in America. There is a small town of Latrobe, where he began his life born on June. His family was poor. Father – a steelworker, mother – cleaner. However, Keith did not stop to Yale, where he received his first education. As studied by the Securities and well, decided to continue studying at Harvard business school. It was there that he realized that he had unusual and serious thinking, and it is different from other students. It was then that he first thought about how to improve their lives, without any special effort.


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Keith ferrazzi never eat alone

After graduation, the guy got a good job in international company "Deloitte". This firm has provided audit services and consulting. In the Deloitte Kate worked for eight years. Here he received the first high position of marketing Director. He then moved to another company. There he was offered the job of CEO. When he got the good experience and experience, in 2003 he decided to open his own firm where he is chief.

The Company called Ferrazzi Ferrazzi Greenlight. Today it is a leader in networking throughout the world. The main goal of the company is to find solutions to global problems and common efforts to unite with partners.

The Road to creativity

In 2004, Keith Ferrazzi decided to write my first book - "Never eat alone”. It has brought immense fame and success to the author. This book almost immediately became a bestseller and was published almost in all languages of the world. Some time by the Securities and hesitated to write. However, after several years released many articles where it was written about the mutually beneficial cooperation of the companies.

Keith ferrazzi who's got your back

His book was a huge success for not only the author but many readers, who after reading dared to change their lives for the better. Book Keith Ferrazzi is like no other. He is so correctly expressed the opinion, urged the people to communicate, it was impossible not to listen to the author.

Two of the most popular books of the author

The First known book written by Keith Ferrazzi, - "Never eat alone”. The author believed that man would never be able to achieve if it has no support. In this book, lessons of networking, ideas and suggestions.

Kate Securities described communication skills in business and not only. He argued that without the right approach to people is impossible to achieve high results. Networking (networking) – this ability in the correct sequence to build a network of contacts.

Keith ferrazzi biography

The Book is famous for the fact that it has the data of famous people who are really able to help in development. The author's ideas have become very popular. Therefore, today many people, including in Russia and Ukraine, strive for perfection.

A Book written by Keith Ferrazzi, "Never eat alone" reveals all the secrets of the most successful businessmen. When a person applies on the ground the ideas of the author, he quietly both for themselves and for others and becomes a successful businessman or business partner.

The Second book written by Keith Ferrazzi, - ‘Your support group» - not less important than the first. The author reveals the secrets of building deeper and more trusting relationships with the right people. A specialty will teach you how to get rid of uncertainty, to develop their business potential. He claims that "one man is no man". It therefore needs a support group that will accompany you to success.Keith ferrazzi biography book list

Reader comments

Of Course, impossible to please everyone, and the Securities and understands that. There are people whowe are convinced that the author pointed out the names of successful businessmen only in order to become more popular at the expense of others. However, as practice showed, it is not. When interviewed potential readers, it turned out that people were very satisfied with the ideas of the author.

Today, there are many successful people who listened to the advice of the Securities and have used his ideas.

It's not even that you need to do exactly as the author says. You can just right to ask help from others and will be surprised how people are open and ready to help.

Perhaps that is why more positive reviews than negative. Because not every book can become a bestseller. When a person will experience all noble ideas into practice, he will realize that you can become the center of society and to ensure a successful, enjoyable life.


One American magazine called the author the most sociable person. It is a smart idea so popular that even many schools and universities took a book on International service.

Today, famous and successful man Kate International travels the world, lecturing at seminars, teaches people how to be good and trusting relationship. This famous artist will tell you absolutely everything about professional networking.

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