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Striving to be the better course for the people. But sometimes it is “sleeping” from time to time. While a person is doing well and it suits him, he's not going to change anything. But as soon as there was discontent - a desire to move to another level of life here. As practice shows, most often the stimulus results in a list of summer plans or “new” life on Monday. The first day of the week is usually never easy, so we will not download it. But 100, or nearly 100, plans for the summer – the list, though large, but useful. On one condition: if it is compiled correctly.

list of plans for the summer

No Matter for what reason you want to change lives. Dissatisfaction with the existing condition can occur in two opposite cases: when striking an emotional meeting with a positive example or in the moment of experiencing a crisis situation. The main thing – it is domestic demand that has potential to improve the quality of life and increase his self-esteem, if you send energy in the right direction.

A Correctly formatted list of plans for the summer – not the list of desired achievements, and program improvement, each item of which leads to one major goal, give life meaning.

As a rule, most are unhappy with themselves and life the question arises: where to start? To not get stuck at this stage, write down what you think is important. And priority list of plans for the summer will put later. Every item of your list, split it into "subtasks", also determined their degree of importance. To make it easier to navigate, here is an example.


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Plans for the summer (the 2013 list):

1. To get rid of the complex on the figure:summer plans list 2013

  • To take a subscription to a fitness centre;
  • Define coach and a personal exercise program;
  • Go to classes 4 times a week.

2. Be groomed to the tips of the nails:

  • Make an appointment to the dentist;
  • To a therapist about it;
  • To make a new haircut;
  • The presence of a manicure/pedicure all the time;
  • Quit Smoking:
    • Every three days to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by 1;
  • To adhere to healthy eating;
  • Not to buy products containing dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers;
  • Serving to reduce by 1/3, the share of vegetables which should be 2/3.

3. To develop a positive Outlook on life: 

  • In the first place to pay attention to the good traits of people close to me, colleagues and friends;
  • Rejoice in each new day;
  • In the evening to remember all the good moments;
  • Every day to make little pleasant surprises to someone from relatives and friends.

4. To obtain a new position:

  • Write a specialized journal;
  • To improve English, for example;100 summer plans list
  • To offer the user a program of reorganization of the Department on electronic and paper carriers, including optimization of staff time and introduction of latest technologies.

5.  to Go on vacation as tourists in Venice:

  • To visit several travel agencies to know the conditions and the price to select the best option;
  • From a trip to bring a new recipe…

And this is not a complete list of summer plans. For each person it is an individual, "sharpened" by its specific goals and dreams. The main thing that should be common to all – the full development of personality. When the health and the psyche in order, eyes, real career, and love supports – is it not happiness?

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