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The Miracles that faith does, still can't explain even the most intelligent scientists. But none of them does not exclude that such unexplained phenomena are present in our lives. Domestic experts had seen the power of prayer to the matron about the baby.

Secret of life

Many people know about the life of a Saint. To one who knows, through so much pain Martyr knows how a mortal man so much power. The girl was born in 1881 in a simple poor rural family. Before the advent of the baby born of old parents decided to give the baby to the orphanage. It was supposed to be the fourth child, and the mother and father could hardly find the money for feeding older children. But during pregnancy the woman had a strange dream. On her chest the villages beautiful white bird with closed eyes. The woman saw this as a good sign, so I decided to leave the baby at home.

a prayer to the matron about the babyIn the womb of the heavens was foretold that the girl will become a Saint. That is why the prayer to the matron about a child who was not born yet, has this power. Martyr heals children even before their birth. And the righteous from the first day was blind. The dark eyes opened in her other vision. She began to see the human soul.

The Family lived close to the Church, because on Sunday and on holidays all attended the service. Know local farmers and about a little girl who constantly stood by the wall.

A Childhood Martyr

The Hard life of a blind girl. The neighborhood kids constantly insulted the poor baby. Sometimes, in the game drove her to the pit where a weak child could not get out. Therefore, subsequently, the sufferer left the fun with cruel peers. But it did not affect the future, and Mother never felt offense to the neighborhood children. Confirmation of this can serve as a prayer Matrona of Moscow on the health of the child. Noble woman helps every child.


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Spending time as peers, a blind girl could not, therefore, found another, high class. She constantly spent time in conversation with God. Often baby talked with icons. Once removed from the neck of a cross. When the mother asked the child again to put on an amulet, she said that she already has another. Indeed, the girls neck was a sign in the form of the crucifixion. When the parents asked, where did the symbol, the daughter replied that it was a gift from the saints.

a prayer for the health of the child Matrona

Special abilities

That was the child of the Martyr. Anyone who knows the biography of the Mother, to understand why the prayer for the health of the child, the matron has healing powers. A hard life was the girl, so it maximally tries to help others.

In adolescence a peasant woman manifested extraordinary abilities. One evening the child said that he felt the approach of death a priest who baptized her. Parents thought that the girl comes up, but when the next day came to him the news that men do not become frightened. Their daughter was open with the information that no one else had.

Since then, the blind healer began to converge people. No one dared to refuse to help the girl. Even today, after all this time after my mother's death, she continues to work wonders. Prayer Matrona of Moscow on children, health and happiness always brings results.

prayer Matrona of Moscow on the health of the child

Faith – the best medicine

About a powerful sorceress knew more and more people. Once to a poor little house came a woman. She wanted me to treat a brother. Male disabled did not believe in the miracles that can bring a prayer. And indeed, the patient did not place expectations on the Lord. The matron knew about it, but still asked her hopeless brother. She said over the sick a few words, and he was healed. When people began to thank the Oracle for help, she replied that her contribution in this case is negligible. And the words of gratitude need to tell her sister, because faith and hope of this woman saved him.

Prayer to the matron about the child will help only in that case when people will to rely on God. If the layman has no love for the Lord and respect for His righteous, then, grief does not help.

Closed eyes and open heart

But not just the blind fell to the lot of the Martyr. In 18 years the girl has two left feet, and she remained forever chained to a chair. But the Orthodox never lost faith in the goodness of God, knew that a heavy cross wise and merciful God gave her is not in vain.

prayer Matrona of Moscow on the conception of a child

Permanent blindness opened in another, spiritual vision. And aching feet forced the girl to enjoy any journey. Out of grief, which the genius has learned from childhood, is particularly strong and helps to prayer Matrona of Moscow on the health of the child. Many believe that the Mother will only heal the blindness and shortcomings of the legs. But in fact, before the Holy Martyr are all equal. It did not share the disease into primary and secondary, and treats children of those whose parents asked sincere, even if you don't know texts.

To Contact a godly woman can be any language and words. She is equally well aware of all believers.

Instruction for couples

Often laymen interested in prayer for the gift of children. Everyone should remember that all bodily ailments, both your and family are based on mental disorder. So before you tell someone that the righteous are unable to help, examine your life.

Many desperate women go to the temple of the Holy. There with their mouths her prayer Matrona of Moscow on the conception of a child. Orthodox Holy but has no power to help someone who is trying to live a godly life. For example, after reading a request, to give you a child should not immediately run home and make love. Spouses must remember that the miracle of fatherhood is not only a physiological process, but also spiritual.

prayer Matrona of Moscow about the children

First and foremost, future mom and dad should be prepared on a subconscious level. And approach to this event should seriously, considering.

Once in the temple or in front of the way of the righteous will be prayers Matrona of Moscow on the conception of a child should spend the day modestly and discreetly. You should not attempt to conceive a baby in the Church holidays, in position in front of him. Such days should be held in the temple dedicated to the Lord.

Appeal to the Mother

It is best if the prayer is not only a woman but a man. In this case, the couple actually confirmed their love, willingness to deal with life's challenges, armed with faith.

a prayer for children Holy matron

Start to talk better with Holy texts, which were the priests and elders. If you remember bad things from the Church, the prayer to the matron about the child (about his recovery) might sound like this:

  • “the Blessed Mother! You were selected among the people for a reason. About the goodness of your healing power and the glory of the great walks. Blindness has not prevented you from seeing, and diseases of the feet - to walk. Your life, Mother Matrona, was, righteous, and mercy after death is limitless. On you one hope you, the sinless one, protection ask. Treat our child. Give him strength to fight the disease. Let it grow in peace and health. Take grief from our family. Heal the sickness of the body. Become our intercessor. Tearfully ask you, looking at you. Moth for us, our Lord. Amen”.

Prayer for the health of the child, the matron needs to come from the heart, then she will heal body and soul.

Last chance

Died a blissful Staritsa 2 may 1952. She has lived an interesting, difficult and amazing life. When the woman had already said goodbye to the world, said that even in the world to be to help the poor. Because there are no barriers for Orthodox souls.

Mother was Buried on the Danilovsky cemetery. A long time went to the laity with their requests. Often there was a prayer for the children Holy matron.

a prayer for the gift of children

The fact that Oracle works wonders, can tell you not one person. There are many cases where disabled people were brought to the relics and Holy icons. Ago and sick children back on their feet. It becomes easier after a conversation with the blessed. The main thing - faith in which no doubt.

Prayer Matrona of Moscow on children is the salvation for those who have lost hope.


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