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One of the Central events of the old Testament is the story of Moses, the salvation of the Jewish people from the power of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Many skeptics are looking for historical evidence of the events, as in the biblical narrative there were many miracles performed on the way to the Promised Land. However, whatever it was, but this story is quite entertaining and tells about the incredible liberation and resettlement of the whole people.

the story of Moses from the Bible

Prehistory and the birth of Moses

The birth of the future prophet was initially shrouded in mystery. The only source of information about Moses was the biblical Scripture as the direct historical evidence does not exist, there is only indirect. In the year of birth of the prophet the ruling Pharaoh Ramses II ordered all newborn children to drown in the Nile, because despite the hard work and oppression of Jews, they continued to be fruitful and multiply. Pharaoh was afraid that once they can be on the side of his enemies.

That is why Moses ' mother for the first three months hid him from everyone. When this became impossible, she procmail the basket and put her baby. Together with her older daughter took to the river and left Miriam to watch what would happen next.

God was pleased to meet Moses and Ramses. The story, as mentioned above, the details of silent. The basket was picked up by Pharaoh's daughter and brought to the Palace. According to another version (which is shared by some historians), Moses belonged to the Royal family and was the son of the daughter of Pharaoh.

Whatever it was, but the future prophet was in the Palace. Mary, who saw who picked up the basket, offered as a nurse, Moses ' own mother. So the son returned to the bosom of the family for some time.


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the story of Moses

The life of the prophet in the Palace

When Moses was a little older and no longer need the nurse, his mother took the future of the prophet to the Palace. There he lived for quite a long time and was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter. Moses knew what family he is, knew that he was a Jew. Although she was trained along with other children of the Royal family, but is not absorbed cruelty.

The Story of Moses from the Bible suggests that he did not worship the many gods of Egypt, and remained faithful to the beliefs of their ancestors.

Moses loved his people and each time suffered when they saw his anguish when he saw how mercilessly exploited every Israeli. One day something happened that made the future of the prophet to flee from Egypt. Moses witnessed the brutal beating of one of his people. In a fit of rage the future prophet snatched the whip from the hands of the overseer and killed him. Since no one saw what he did (think Moses), the body was just buried.

After some time, Moses realized that many already know about what he did. Pharaoh ordered to arrest and kill the son of his daughter. As treated each other, Moses and Ramses, history is silent. Why is the murder of the overseer decided to judge? It is possible to consider different versions of events, however probably decisive was that Moses was not Egyptian. As a result, the future prophet decides to flee Egypt.

Moses and Ramses history

Flight from Pharaoh and the future life of Moses

According to biblical data, the future prophet went to the land of Midian. The subsequent history of Moses tells of his family life. He married the daughter of the priest Jethro Zipporah. Living this life, he became a shepherd, and learned to live in the desert. He also had two sons.

Some sources claim that before you marry, Moses lived for some time with the Saracens, had a prominent position. However, you should still consider that the only source of the narrative about his life is the Bible, which, like all ancient Scriptures, over time, acquired a certain allegorical tinge.

Moses life story

The Divine revelation and the Lord's prophet

Whatever it was, but the biblical story of Moses tells us that in the land of Midian when he tended the herds, he was the revelation of the Lord. The future prophet at this time was eighty years old. At this age, on his way he met a Bush that was burning with fire but not being consumed.

At this place Moses received the instruction that he must save the people of Israel from Egyptian authorities. The Lord commanded to return to Egypt and lead his people to the promised land, freeing it from its long bondage. However, Almighty God warned Moses about the difficulties in his way. So he was able to overcome them, he has been granted the ability to perform miracles. Due to the fact that Moses was tongue-tied, him God ordered him to take brother Aaron.the mountain of the Moses story

The Return of Moses to Egypt. The ten plagues

The Story of prophet Moses, as the Herald of the divine will, began that day when he stood before Pharaoh, who reigned at that time in Egypt. It was a different ruler than the one from which Moses fled. Of course, the demand to release the Israelites Pharaoh refused, and even increased labor service for their slaves.

Moses and Ramses, the history of which is more vague than we would like researchers, grabbed in the confrontation. The prophet did not accept the first defeat, he came to the ruler a few more times and eventually said they will fall in the land of Egypt was God's punishment. And so it happened. By the will of God happened ten plagues that fell on Egypt and its inhabitants. After each one, the ruler asked his magicians, but they found the magic of Moses so good. After each misfortune, Pharaoh agreed to let Israel go, but every time I changed my mind. Only after the tenth of the Jewish slaves became free.

Of Course, the story of Moses is not over. The prophet still had years of travel and the collision with the unbelief of the countrymen until they all reached the Promised Land.

Establishment of the Passover and the Exodus from Egypt

Before the last penalty, which struck the people of Egypt, Moses warned the people of Israel about it. It was the killing of the firstborn in every family. However, warned the Israelites anointed their door with the blood of the lamb not older than one year, and Kara passed them.

On the same night, occurred the celebration of the first Passover. The story of Moses from the Bible tells of the rituals that preceded it. A slaughtered lamb had to be roasted whole. Then eat standing up, gathering the whole family. After this event the people of Israel left the land of Egypt. Pharaoh in fear even asked to do it rather, seeing what happened last night.

With the first dawn came the fugitives. A sign of the will of God was the pillar of that night was a fire and by day cloud. It is believed that this Easter with time was transformed into the one we know now. The liberation of the Jewish people from slavery symbolized just that.

Another miracle, which happened almost immediately after the Exodus from Egypt was the crossing of the Red sea. At the behest of the Lord parted the waters and formed dry land on which the Israelis and moved to the other side. The Pharaoh who pursued them also decided to follow in the bottom of the sea. However Moses with his people was already on the other side, and sea again closed. Thus died the Pharaoh.

biblical story of Moses

Precepts received by Moses on mount Sinai

The Next stop for the Jewish people was the mountain of Moses. A story from the Bible tells us that in this way the fugitives saw a lot of miracles (manna from heaven, emerging sources of spring water) and grow in their faith. Eventually, after three months of traveling the Israelites came to mount Sinai.

Leaving the people at its foot, Moses himself climbed to the top with the instruction of the Lord. There was a dialogue between a Father and his prophet. The result of all this was received the ten commandments, which became the main for the people of Israel, which became the basis of legislation. Also received the commandments which covered the civil and religious life. It was all recorded in the book of the Covenant.

the story of the prophet Moses

A Forty year journey through the wilderness of the Israeli people

Near mount Sinai the Jewish people stood for about a year. Then, there was a sign by the Lord, that we should go further. The story of Moses as prophet continued. He still carried the burden of a mediator between his people and the Lord. Forty years they wandered in the desert, sometimes long lived in places where the conditions were more favorable. The Israelites gradually became a zealous executors of those covenants the Lord gave them.

Of Course, there were disturbances. Not all arranged such long journey. However, as evidenced by the story of Moses from the Bible, all the people of Israel got to the promised Land. However, the prophet himself never came to her. Moses was the revelation that more of them will lead different leader. He rested on a 120 year life, however, no one knew where it happened because his death was a mystery.

Historical evidence of biblical events

Moses, history...

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