In case the mirror is broken, what to do?


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The Belief that if the mirror broke, then, a disaster happens, there are almost all nationalities of the world. Thus, in some countries, it is believed that a broken mirror entails years of tribulation, others – that girl who broke the mirror, you will not be able to find her betrothed, there are also countries in which the reflection in the mirror is associated with a certain person, and if you break it, it will bring him adversity. If the mirror broke, what to do?

Fears about "what to do - broke the mirror" there is a lot of centuries. The reason for the belief that a broken mirror brings bad luck comes from the belief that mirrors represent a spanning boundaries between parallel worlds. So, you can see a man's soul in the reflection and to exert a certain influence. There is a more pragmatic explanation. In ancient times, mirrors were fairly expensive, therefore, to break a mirror meant to cause great material damage to the house.

In connection with all of these beliefs, it is not surprising, even the most pragmatic and far from superstition, the person who broke the mirror, feels a certain anxiety. It all depends on what we believe. Because it is very important to know if the mirror is broken, what should I do in order to prevent the alleged negative consequences of such reckless actions.

So, the mirror broke what to do? First, the broken mirror in any case can not be touched by hands, it is forbidden to look, as it is believed that it is possible to see the creatures from a parallel world. According to another legend, the broken pieces of the mirror can take away the vital energy of the person who looks into them. And cut your hand with the shards of mirror generally considered the most easy way  to bring trouble.


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To ensure that your reflection doesn't hit the mirror glass, you should throw him a piece of any matter, a rag or newspaper. Next, you need to carefully collect the shards, down to the smallest. Thus it is better to wear gloves to prevent cuts. After that, the place where it was broken mirror, it is necessary to clean and garbage is immediately taken out of the house. With large pieces of mirror to act a little differently.

If the mirror is broken, what to do with large pieces? You have the following options.

First, you can put mirrors under running water. It is believed that this will remove the negative effects of such incident. After such a “ritual” the pieces can be thrown in the trash with a clear conscience.

Second, it is possible to pick up the pieces and make away from home. But this should be done at sunset. You can even throw the shards into the trash can near the home. But, you must say these words: "In himself and not in himself."

Third, the fragments of a broken mirror in the ground, but not on the site. But you must know that they need to dig a reflective surface down.

For your own peace of mind, a place where the mirror broke, the Church can be sprinkled with water or to light a candle, let it burn for at least three hours. You also need to go to Church, pray and light a candle for the health, in the case that the mirror was broken at the time of your reflection in it.

The House leave the shards of the mirror is strictly prohibited. After all, they accumulate the negative force, thus attracting the concern and sickness. Buy a new mirror. You also need to know that to buy the house mirror, to replace that which was broken, needed in the first half of the day. Especially good is belief, if you buy a new mirror in the full moon day. And very important, if the mirror broke, what to do - try not to think about the negative signs,  the misfortunes and troubles. You need to let go of worrisome thoughts and anxiety, then all adversity will not disturb your peace and home.

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