The interpretation and meaning of the Tarot: "Seven of Pentacles"


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Tarot is an ancient system of symbols that helps to awaken intuitive abilities and look beyond the veil of the inner world. For many centuries tarologi explored the human essence, using the images depicted on the cards. This is an alternative option that allows to activate hidden abilities of the subconscious and get in touch with the mystery.

meaning of the Tarot seven of Pentacles

The paper describes the card "Seven of Pentacles", the meaning and interpretation of it in different situations and also gives advice and reveals the basic meaning of the Arcanum.

Brief description of the entity

In the classic decks shown on the map following: the person cultivates the land, but at the moment he is resting, leaning on a garden tool. The bushes in front, has already borne fruit. Here they are depicted in the form of Pentacles.

The Symbol fruiting Bush or a tree chosen at random. This suggests that it is impossible to stand still. By analogy with plants that need constant care, it can be assumed that in this situation it is very important to make an effort. However, to speed up the process to the person not under force. All he can do is to perform the necessary and wait. Doubt and insecurity can force you to give up, but should be patient. In the future the effort will definitely pay off.

seven of Pentacles

Meaning of the Tarot "Seven of Pentacles" in a straight position

The Map represents work, a long process, waiting. This Junior Arkan foretells material well-being, achieved through hard work, consistency and perseverance. You need to show restraint. However, it is important to remember that in this case means not the inert wait and see attitude, and the ability to exercise patience and endeavour. Perhaps at first glance it would seem that it does not bring result. This stage is quite difficult as sometimes you have to work only on enthusiasm and faith in the future.


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The Negative meaning of this Arcanum is only when a successful outcome requires a quick result. In this case, means that over time everything will be solved, but at this stage of life the person is not able to do anything about it.

Another value that hides the "7 of Pentacles" - excessive passion, daily activities and limitations. A person focuses on their concerns, refusing to see what surrounds it. The advice that is given in this case, is not to dwell on the events, especially those events which cannot be influenced.

card seven of Pentacles the meaning and interpretation

Interpretation of the cards upside down

The value of the Tarot "Seven of Pentacles" in the opposite position implies impatience, hastiness, rashness. The emergence of such a scenario card does not portend success. The reason lies not in the external circumstances and the actions of the person. Misallocation of effort, time and money, but also endangering, laziness, unreasonable delay, have all contributed to the failure. Whether anything else to change and to return at least part of the money spent, will tell the neighbouring Arcana.

Professional activities

The Basic meaning of Tarot "Seven of Pentacles" in career involves long-term projects, hard work over a long period of time, perseverance, and steadfastness.

The Emergence of the above scenario card does not portend a quick results. Perhaps a long time will have to work hard for the sake of future prospects. At this stage it is important not to give up, but continue to follow the plan. Perseverance is a major benefit.

If in the development of any project, a period of calm, you should not take that as a stop or defeat. Perhaps, life gives you a chance to rest, replenish resources, and to consider and review their plans. Sometimes for successful implementation of the planned lack of knowledge. Then this period of time it is best to devote to the acquisition of practical skills or find the missing information. In any case, this enforced period of waiting should not be in complete inaction. Sometimes "Seven of Pentacles" warns against the rash. In this case it is better to choose safety and reliability, rather than risk, as conceived will not succeed and entail unpleasant consequences.

In the reverse position the value of the Tarot "Seven of Pentacles" (inverted) the following: the person spent a lot of time, effort and funds to develop the project, but were defeated. The reasons for the failure may be lurking in both the external obstacles and the actions of man. Perhaps he unwisely used the resources available, take rash decisions, risking to lose what he has. Sometimes the above-mentioned Arkan indicates laziness and procrastination (the habit to postpone important things for later). Questioner does not experience joy from things who devotes a part of his life. Excessive load takes a lot of energy.

interpretation of the card is the seven of Pentacles

Love and relationships

The value of the Tarot "Seven of Pentacles" in the alignment on the relationship symbolizes a slow development and a happy outcome. Perhaps, at first between the partners arose bright emotions and passionate desire. But these relationships are built on mutual trust, respect and patience. To achieve harmony both put a lot of effort.

An Inverted "Seven of Pentacles" (Taro), the value in relations is extremely unfavorable. The map indicates the discord and the misunderstanding in the family. It is caused primarily by the inability to listen to the other person and lenient towards the weaknesses of each other.

Health and mental state

A Card can mean a slow-moving disease, the symptoms of which has not yet been identified. At this stage it is advisable to conduct a survey in order not to miss time for treatment. If question related to emotional state, "Seven of Pentacles" is evidence of the melancholic mood and depression. This is most likely caused by excessive load, fatigue and stress.

The Inverted position of the card suggests that the patient's condition quite rapidly deteriorates.


Map The "7 of Pentacles" describes the hardworking and purposeful man. He has many good qualities needed to achieve a high level of material well-being: prudence, patience, perseverance, dedication to his ideals and principles. But aim high it prevents lack of faith in own strength and ability. Low self esteem and constant doubt hinder on the path of cultivation. People do not value the result of his work, he feels that his achievements were minor, and he is not worthy to dream of something more. He has all chances to achieve high goals, but disbelief does not develop. Another drawback, which is a handicap - the inability to efficiently count resources. Excessive and inappropriate allocation of time can lead to negative consequences. Sooner or later it will cause problems with health or psychological condition.

If question related to profession and activity, the lasso involves farmers, investors, people, performing heavy physical work.

The meaning of the Tarot card "Seven of Pentacles" in the inverted position means fussy and frivolous person. He often goes lightly. The main problem is the inability to wait. The desire to get lightning-fast results make him take risks. Moreover, often he does the job poorly. Many cases do not bring to the end, tossing halfway through.

meaning of the Tarot seven of Pentacles in the upright position

"Seven" in this case advises to make a plan and follow it, not wasting their strength in vain. Systematic success is much more effective.

Self-Improvement and spiritual growth

The most Important lesson that teaches the above map is the ability to wait and to be patient. Moreover, the value of Tarot "Seven of Pentacles" learns to correctly distribute the time and effort. It is not necessary to go into extremes. Excessive load can result in negative health consequences, but laziness and procrastination impede success.

The Inverted position of the harness can tell us about some of the reasons of stagnation in development, such as laziness, fear of failure, lack of motivation, lack of understanding of their goals.

Guessing at the situation

Like the above interpretations, in the scenario of the situation the value of the Tarot "Seven of Pentacles" has called for patience, perseverance and loyalty to their ways. Reckless and negligent actions in this case may entail negative consequences. Perhaps the questioner is forced to spend a lot of time waiting, losing all hope of a successful outcome. Now, however, it is important to show willpower and not give up. Spent money and time will definitely pay off in the future. But don't try to speed up the process of artificially bringing a moment of triumph. It is too early to evaluate the result, since it is only an intermediate step.

An Inverted position suggests that impatience and haste has led to devastating consequences. About what to expect in the future, I can tell you the neighboring arc...

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