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Who does not know the name of the first man on Earth? Meaning of the name Adam is that it is "total man" of humanity. The Hebrew word has the same root options – “earth” and “red”. This corresponds to the biblical story that God created man from clay, breathing into it the breath of life. Religion says that the first man was created like a vessel designed to contain God. Scientists-creationists support the theory of creation, explain that “the ground” mentioned in the book of Genesis - is a collective image of the chemical elements that make up organic body.

meaning of the name Adam

Adam in Christianity

For Christian theology the meaning of the name Adam is linked primarily with notions of original sin. As you know, the first man (and with him all mankind) lost granted him immortality and righteousness, having tasted the forbidden fruit. In the Apocrypha of the old Testament, and then the first man was much stronger, wiser and more righteous than their future descendants. God's plan is embodied in the "second Adam" - Jesus Christ, to atone for universal human sin.

What the name

The Value of the name Adam is connected with the common noun names of some objects and phenomena. "Adam's Apple" is called the male Adam's Apple, "Adam's eyelids” otherwise “old days”, “Adam's head" - a symbol of death. But in the world imenoslov this name is quite popular and. Men, so called, is usually accompanied by imagery and semantic loop, woven from everything that includes the meaning of the name Adam. On the one hand, it has the connotation of a “supermenstva”, the other – the burden of original sin.


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meaning of the name Adam in Islam

Character, and destiny

Among the features of a man, named Adam, called slim the sensitivity and vulnerability hidden behind the external invulnerability. He likes to act, not to say calculating, compliant, prefers to go to the goal is difficult, but honest way. With the opposite sex Adam rare case of a serious disagreement, because women are impressed by his emotional responsiveness. But he's so amorous, that can lightly tie the knot with a mate, which is far from flexible Eva, and then the inevitable strife or even divorce. If successful, the Union of Adam would be a good family man and a smart father.

Information for parents

The Value of the name Adam for the child suggests that the child is an emotional, stubborn and sociable. If from an early age it will become to play sports, there is no doubt that in the house there will be trophies and certificates for his numerous achievements. Parents need to be prepared for the fact that you have to acquire some pet, as Adam has for him a special sympathy. He loves forest walks and nature in General. Diminutive forms of the name – adamczyk, Adash, Adik, EAL. Birthday of Adam – January 14, new style.

 Adam name origin

Legend about the name Adam

The Name, the origin of which is interpreted as an abbreviation of the names of the four sides of the world, mentioned in ancient Greco-Jewish Apocrypha of the second century BC. It says that the ground for the creation of Adam God took a cross from all directions of the Earth. The letter a corresponds to the Greek word Ἀνατολnatural (sunrise or East), D – Δύσις (West), following A - Ἄρκτος (North), M – Μεσημβρία (South). The Greek transcription, however, does not coincide with the way the word is read in Hebrew.

Mystical aspect

According to astrology, the name Adam is the patron for the zodiac sign Aquarius and the planet Venus. They give him idealism, sensuality and creativity. Colors the mascots name – yellow, red, and brown, mineral – Topaz, an animal, a deer. The most auspicious day – Saturday.

meaning of the name Adam for the child

Famous people

Among the well-known namesakes are distinguished names such as the French Troubadour Adam Gaul, who lived in the XIII century, Adam Lindsay-Australian poet and a member of Parliament. He was a rider and participated in tournaments. The famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz not only enriched the national language and literature and colorful images, but also clearly expressed the idea of freedom in his immortal works. The largest Scottish philosopher and economist Adam Smith, who argued that a society ruled by “invisible hand of the market”, explained the system underlying the modern economic education. The entire world is aware these people by the name of Adam, German painter Elsheimer, Russian architect Dietrich, Polish footballer Kokoschka, Italian composer Marconi, founder of the famous car company Opel, American actor, comedian, Sandler, cameraman Greenberg, through which the audience first saw the world through the eyes of a cyborg.

Meaning of the name Adam in Islam

The Quran says that Adam was the first man, and he was the first prophet, whose mission was to convey to mankind the orders of Allah. Traits of the first man was the mind, righteousness, loyalty, honesty, persistence, the ability to explain God's will to the people. Presumably, chosen that name the boy should have these character traits. Unlike the biblical Adam in the Qur'an were not responsible for the sins of all mankind. Offense committed by them was his personal oversight. Thus, all subsequent generations are not doomed to be slaves of sin, and make their own choices and bear personal responsibility for it. Adam in Islam is not the image and likeness of God, he created the way it came up with Allah. Also, unlike the Bible, the Qur'an does not say how many years Adam lived and if he had any children.


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