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The Rods in divination traditionally responsible for power and ambitions, describing the possibilities and prospects which open before man in various spheres of life. They are convenient when you need to answer a specific question. Of course, each card has its own value. Tarot three of Wands - that it promises? The answer to this question is contained in this article.

Meaning of the Tarot three of Wands: General information

So, what's on the map? To understand the meaning of the Tarot three of Wands, you should carefully consider the figure shown in the picture. You can see a man standing alone on a high hill. View of a man pointing toward the sea, which extends all the way to the horizon, posture speaks of confidence. Located near three of the rod, one of whom is a man of strong holds. They have already managed to grow into the ground, sprouting.

meaning of the Tarot three of wands

As the figure helps to understand the meaning of the Tarot three of Wands? The map shows that to find a solution to existing problems easily. Man has only to keep calm, not to succumb to the feelings and not make rash acts.

Direct provision

As evidenced by a straight position of your Tarot cards the three of Wands? The value of this image-the vital energy that can easily intensify in a person, if you show initiative and confidence. The card carries two important symbol. First of all, this wanderer, who has a long and difficult road, managed as a result to climb to the top. Also is the sage who has reached the height from which he revealed the hidden meaning of the universe.


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the three of wands Tarot meaning

Direct the position of the cards shows that all that is happening now with the man, planned by fate itself, against which we should not rebel in order to avoid the consequences. The obstacles on his path, easy to troubleshoot, with diplomacy and carefully thinking through his every action.

What in conjunction with other cards warns the three of Wands (Tarot)? The value of the alignment, which is also the Emperor, means quicker receipt of needed information. In conjunction with the Wheel of Fortune triple of the Rods ensures that the planned project soon will move or have moved from the dead point.

Rotated position

What prevents to guess three of Wands inverted (Taro)? The value of the card in this case indicates excessive haste, which shows the person who wants to know their future. Ill-considered actions can lead to the fact that he will not be able to achieve the desired goal, will not notice the unique possibilities offered him by fate itself. With this result, you should stop and think.

the three of wands Tarot meaning in the relationship

In Addition, the three Rods may warn about the stubbornness and arrogance that have become a stumbling block in the relationship of man with the surrounding world. In this case, the long-term work.

Interesting and the combinations in which there is an inverted three of Wands. For example, paired with the Hermit card indicates that Gad is likely to remain in solitude. Relationships with friends deteriorate because of the stubbornness of man, his unwillingness to compromise. Also his bad temper scares off potential partners, which can turn a profit. In conjunction with the Tower upside down, it indicates an incorrectly chosen path, the end of which possible fatal failures, losses in different spheres of life.

Career, business: direct provision

What is the meaning of the Tarot three of Wands in terms of career, business? If the card has an Express provision, such a mark should in most cases be regarded as good. There is no doubt that the man never allows himself to violate the law, conducts business in good faith.

Tarot cards the three of wands value

In Addition, it is necessary to assume that the reptile was not mistaken in the choice of her life, from work he gets only one treat that will not disappear in the future. Finally, the map can attest to the fact that the case will be successfully completed, the progress already made itself felt. If the three of Wands is in conjunction with a Priestess, I guess soon there will be powerful friends, a relationship that will result in significant benefit. Combined with Hierophant indicates a reverent attitude to the letter of the law, which helps in business.

Career, business: inverted position

The Inverted position of the card, in contrast, suggests that Gad is experiencing a constant attraction to risk, its lure and dangers. It is possible that the person is too fond of dreams, forgetting to soberly assess their chances. Such an approach could lead to a mistake in a choice direction, with the result that all efforts would be in vain or even result in significant financial losses.

the three of wands Tarot inverted value

In Addition, the inverted three of Wands is able to predict the difficulties that will soon be converted first successes. It is highly likely that the obstacles will be unprepared, in the end will not be able to successfully overcome them. Presence in the scenario of a Clown indicates a dangerous lack of discipline in cases where it is desirable to start a fight right now to avoid serious consequences. The loss of Three staff in conjunction with the Devil suggests that the person uses incorrect methods of trying to reach a goal.

Relationship: direct position

If the reptile is interested in issues related to romantic areas of your life, what can prevent it in a straight position, the three of Wands Tarot (value relations)? The appearance of the map suggests that the relationship of the couple at last sees the long-awaited mutual understanding, faded secrets. Lovers do not hide from each other their intentions.

the three of wands Tarot inverted value

The three of Wands in most cases indicates the strength of the Union, one should not doubt your partner. Those who have been married, the card could spell a change of residence, long-term joint trip. Also do not rule out the emergence of a long-awaited child. People, not yet married, may soon receive an offer of marriage, which has long been counting on. Increases the chances of this event is the loss of love in combination with the Three of Wands.

Relationship: inverted position

What is the upside down card has a value? Tarot three of Wands in the alignment on the relationship in this case warns about the problems. It is possible that the reason for the difficulties encountered is the stubbornness of the man, his disagreement with the arguments of reason. To fix the situation would be if the reptile will agree to use the advice of experienced people.

meaning of the Tarot three of wands in the alignment on the relationship

In Addition, a reversed three of Wands may indicate unwillingness to take a serious step, unwillingness to deal with emerging difficulties. This value is enhanced if in conjunction with the card is the Five of Cups. Union with the Moon also suggests that people of all the forces avoids any changes, wanting to keep the relationship in its current form. Maybe he has no desire to marry, which insists partner, or he refuses life together.


What is the meaning of the Tarot three of Wands in the balance for health? Card, having an explicit provision that, in General favorable prognosis. However, this is not for people suffering from severe diseases. In this case, the three of Wands indicates rapid development of harassing disease. Should definitely see a doctor, it is necessary comprehensive treatment.

Should we be afraid, if the card falls upside down? This symbol indicates the slow processes. It is possible that the disease, which affects people, soon will pass or have already passed into the chronic form.

Map of the day

What is the value of the Tarot three of Wands as the card of the day? It is likely that people have finally taken a solid position from which she can climb to the coveted summit. It is also likely that it has already happened that before the reptile opened the immense prospects, which are impossible not to use it. Now is the best time to realize its possibilities, thinking through the long-term objective because the plans will certainly be implemented.

Tip cards

Regardless of the current state of Affairs, man must not allow ourselves to indulge in doubts about our own abilities. Luck will turn to face him, it can happen in the near future. At the moment, relax and allow yourself a little rest. Card three of Wands suggests that now is the time to start enjoying life. Existing problems are minor, and they will resolve soon.


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