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I read that if you dream of berries, you need to treat depending on exactly what is the berries. Dream berry currant, so it's probably, unfortunately, blueberries are dreaming to bitter tears – hurt someone you. Although, not necessarily. For example, what dream berry black? To tears. But but the red berry is joy. Here is a brief overview. At first glance, it seems that good from such a sleep a little. But we view different other dream books and see in them a positive interpretation.

In any case, a person's faith can play in his life is crucial. Therefore, knowing that the dream can be interpreted ambiguously, we can listen to what our heart tells us and make your choice. Take a modern dream book and ask the question – what a dream berry? The answer is this. Collecting in the dream, berry garden, be sure that in real life, their labors will be satisfied.

If collecting ripe berries of the forest, the Fate wants to treat you by giving some good opportunity. During sleep eat berries? Love relationship will become more diverse. Young woman, if in his dream the jam cooks – so beloved to her growing cold.

What dream berry according to Esoteric astrology? If a berry is red, you will experience some kind of emotional passions. Tear off the berries and eat them in a dream – somewhere lurking jealousy along with envy. To break and trample the berries, so that you come to your senses, holding back strong emotions. Dream warns that this is fraught with cardiac pathologies.


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Berry prediction. What dreams blueberries?

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You have not looked into an erotic dream? Let's do it together. You are greeted with a new relationship, if you see in dream berry growing. It is intimate aspect of a new relationship promises to pleasantly surprise you.

All Sorts of dream books there are many. Here is a dream wanderer, unfortunately, suggests that all berries in the dream often portend disease. In this case the advice is to specify the name of the berries. That is, you need to look not just “what dreams berry”, and to clarify - what dreams, for example, cherries, currants, raspberries, and so on.

Of course, There are men's dreams, men too, dream about. There are curious men and women will give a head start. I myself was a dream books and generally interested in metaphysics for a long time.

Men dream picking berries shows that you have empty troubles, and possibly some minor trouble. But, for example, if berries to eat in the dream, it's all good. So says men's dream. Soon you will have a variety of joy, fun and enjoyable adventure.

Green, unripe berries and are talking about the unbalance in your character, haste, impatience in important matters. Maybe it's time to relax, and then review their attitude to business life? If the berries wormy, you should look closely at their surroundings. It seems that there is lurking people conspiring against you evil thing and already managed to hurt you. Sell berries – money worries.

Sealcoating (dream) 1929 also claims to know – what a dream berry. It is a sign, pointing to the tears. But to eat the berries, including drying – to profit. If you personally brew of berries jam in your sleep, you probably wish that cold to you lover newly kindled feelings.

Small dream book of Veles offers several conflicting interpretations of this dream. Here, success in business, and sickness, and tears. Red berries promise you tears, but Thank God it's tears of joy! If in the dream berry white tear – defeat the enemy.

There is Still a psychoanalytic dream interpretation. You and the therapist not to go. I can tell you that this dream calls berries in the dream a symbol of sexual pleasure. I think this review will get you enough. We only recall that, in any case, man is the Creator of your life and destiny. I wish you pleasant dreams, and that true only the good dreams!

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