Indian mandala - what is this symbol?


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Indian mandala came to us from Buddhism as a primary sacred symbol. Many fans of the secret knowledge attracts mandala: what is the sign of what hidden information it contains, how to apply it in practice?

Mandala - what's that?
So, the mandala is a drawn by certain rituals picture in a vicious circle for special purposes. Inside the circle enclosed the square with the ciphered information in the form of symbols. This square blends harmoniously with another circle. The sides of the square are arranged strictly according to the cardinal points correspond to specific colors: the North is green, East is white, South is yellow and West is red. On each side of the square are the gates that are going on outside.

Mandala: what is it?

Many people believe that it must be woven from threads pattern. In fact it is not. Mandala can be drawn, it is possible to do from any desired material-metal, dough, sand, stone, clay… of the most famous mandalas – a model of the Universe.

Universal mandala

Universal and individual can be a mandala. That it is your most suitable option for you energy, you can feel a few minutes looking. If you are nice to be around her, you like her color, then this is your mandala. What is wrong for you energy, you will learn from – you may get a headache or experience unpleasant associations.

A Mandala practitioner of esotericism is used in the rituals of meditation as a powerful source for disclosure of internal energy. Individual mandala can be made – as a programme for the implementation of the right for you scenario. You can draw a mandala for the fulfillment of some particular desire, increase family well-being or attracting the right person into your life. Once it has been activated in a person's life begins to unfold a certain chain of events, materializma coded information.


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Save the mandala drawing and print it on your printer. Hang at eye level at a distance of about two meters and see its center. Try to feel the energy of the mandala thinking in this, its desire and its execution. Close your eyes and imagine waves of grace energy guides to you. They envelop your body and transport you to the center of the mandala. You and the mandala are one, enjoy its beneficial energy. After 15 minutes, open your eyes and thank the mandala work with you. It is recommended to repeat once a week.

Mandala of love

Mandala of loveTry to use versatile mandala to attract into your life the second half. In any case, do not try to use the mandala to receive the love of a particular person. You need to make yourself have a favorite (in real time)! Imagine what feelings you will experience when life will appear to your significant other. See, what you do, how you behave, what you do. Ask for a mandala to attract the life of your person with whom you will be happy. Avoid negative images, remember that thoughts are material, and the energy of the mandala increases tenfold.

Numeric mandala

Numerical mandalaNumerical mandala – what is it? It is a kind of horoscope, built on the principles of numerology. Learning about themselves and the surrounding world takes place through the numbers that from the moment of birth that largely determine our destiny. Everything that happens in our lives is not a mere coincidence – date of birth, name and surname have a certain potential and opportunities for its implementation.

Date of birth in the mandala defines the person, its essence. Personality – his first and last name (sometimes middle). Name – tribal protection, the name – a higher purpose, and patronymic – ways to achieve this goal.

Making a number of the mandala helps us to understand life's purpose, to see their strengths and weaknesses.

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