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Detailed astrological characteristics Taurus is a great interest, because it is a fixed sign of earth element. People born under this sign are people with very difficult temperament. They have a lot of both positive and negative traits. And now it is about them and speech will go.

Taurus woman: characteristics

General characteristics

Silent and calm appearance – here is how you can learn Calf. If a person born under this sign, is not in the circle of friends, then it is likely that in conversation with newfound friends he was restricted to monosyllabic sentences.

If you make a brief characterization of the Calf, it is necessary to note its main features. These include deliberation, manifested in everything: in conversation and movements.

These people seem calm, but really inside they are seething emotions. Which are especially clearly manifested at the time of the dispute. If suddenly during the conversation, it appears that the opponent thinks otherwise, then Taurus will begin desperately, aggressively change his mind. He does not care about the existence of other opinions, the correct can be only one –.

However, in the rest of this peaceful people. They will never be the first to run across someone on the road. But the rest they have the same requirement. If they will not be disturbed, and they won't disturb anyone's peace.

By the Way, there is one valuable quality in Taurus, which many can envy. And it's durability. Any trouble he meets don't panic. People of this sign just solve the problem by following his purpose.


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Taureans are very hard working people

Good qualities

It is important to pay special attention to making the characteristics of Bulls. To the best qualities of people born from April 21 to may 21 are as follows:

  • The Ability to concentrate and to persevere to the end in any case.
  • Honesty and frankness, sometimes even excessive.
  • The Ability to learn from experience and mistakes.
  • Striving for the highest ideals.
  • Habit to rely on yourself, not relying on other people.
  • The Ability to persevere.
  • Caution.
  • Habit to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.
  • The Sensuality and sensitivity.
  • Loyalty.
  • Responsibility.
  • Persistence and willfulness.
  • Ability to manage money.

Also in the list of pros can be brought typical of many Calves realism. But this is not always a positive quality. Often it transformirovalsya pessimistic, which prevents the Calf to believe the best, see the prospects and hope.

wrath of the Bulls show aggression

Negative traits

They also need to be kind and caring to be fair. All people have disadvantages, are no exception and Calves, a feature which is now going on. In the list of their negative qualities can be made:

  • Selfishness, a tendency to do things only in their favor.
  • Desire to take everything from life, not paying attention to other people's feelings.
  • A Grudge. Taurus will never forget if someone hurt his pride.
  • Suspicion. Many Bulls think that the people communicating with them, use them.
  • The Tendency to tyranny. Taurus peculiar habit of command, but in the family or with the second half they can do it too aggressive and uncompromising. They sure better know how to.
  • The hubris and Arrogance that appears when Taurus becomes rich.
  • Inability to give affection and love.
  • The Habit of hiding my feelings.
  • The Lack of creative imagination and ability to think broadly.
  • Jealousy, sometimes reaching extremes.
  • Overconfidence and inflated CDA (self-importance).
  • Inability to be flexible in certain situations.

Also in this list could be anger. If someone brought the Bullock of itself, it is better to run far away. Because anger «bulls» terrible. They will sweep everything in its path.

The Man

Now you can add specifics. That is to tell you that is a born under the zodiac sign Taurus man.

Characteristics similar to the total mentioned above. It is a quiet, relaxed, serene people, which can seem lazy. But it is not. Men of this sign differ in the efficiency with which they achieve a lot in the household and at work.

The Guy's Calf is extremely important to have friends and a wife with children. So he feels protected, desired and confident.

The Perfect holiday for him – a walk, a trip out of town or not a pastime for the show. If to speak about characteristic of those born under the sign of Taurus man characteristic, it should be noted that they are homebodies. These people are not averse to fun, but the house – indeed their fortress. They are there cozy and comfortable. At home they relax the soul.

Also worth to mention that the male of this sign is always striving for well-being. Realizing his potential in order to secure a comfortable existence, he will never know the needs.

Taurus Compatibility

Relationship with a male Taurus

And this thread should pay a little attention. A guy of this sign many girls consider as a potential partner. And it's not surprising considering painted above the positive characteristic of Taurus in the zodiac.

Most men of this sign are very thoughtful and attentive to the girls. Also the ladies notice right away how stable and confident on his feet in life.

These men are not amorous. Of course, meaningless novels they may be, but in this they are not interested. If Taurus made a choice, he will exhibit his characteristic stubbornness and perseverance to achieve any girls.

A Man of this sign will never change. Devotion and purity of relationships matter to him much. Therefore, the Union with the Calf always get a strong and long-lasting, but often not so rosy and easy as we would like.

The pitfalls of a relationship with "the bull"

They are, and a lot of them. Union with Calf turns out difficult, and all because of the fact that most girls need variety. And if the guy takes the initiative and according to his introduction into their lives, it begins to make choice. A Taurus hates change.

It is difficult to agree even on a trip to a nearby town for a couple of hours. And suddenly he was there not to like? Be sorry for the wasted time that could be used on the usual, but guaranteed an enjoyable and fulfilling pastime. In this way, and is notorious selfishness. He puts their interests above the preferences of your partner. The calf was a little worried about what she wants, he better know how they want to spend time.

By the Way, the girl Dating a guy of this sign, we must be prepared to violent manifestations of jealousy, shouting and accusations of betrayal. That this quality is peculiar to him, mentioned above, in the characteristic of the sign Taurus. The reason to suspect her of infidelity may be even the fact that she accidentally smiled at a passerby.

And Yes, one can not forget about the excessive FSI this guy. Taurus can even hurt an innocent joke lady. So she had to be careful in his statements.

A characterization of sign


Well, the above has been enough said about the characteristics of Taurus men. The compatibility of this sign will be considered later, but for now you can talk about the features of girls born under his patronage.

This lady's typical of all the previously listed qualities. Characteristics of Taurus women are very close to the generalized. This girl features developed intelligence, elegance, seduction, accuracy, and a powerful intuition that allows her to always know how and where to use his charm to achieve its goals.

She is quite cunning nature, which does not show to others all its potential and mind as a whole. Because of this other people often underestimate her.

What else can you say about the characteristic of a female Calf? She quickly tied to the people, but the head does not lose, because she has enough common sense. This girl always sees who treats her genuinely and who tries to use it or to cheat. It was emotional, but at the right moment is able to get his feelings under control.

Many people say that this girl is so drawn, as if it surrounds itself with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Maybe that's true. Girl-Taurus – a great friend who will always listen, will stand on the side of the opponent, support and also lift your spirits and give you valuable, actionable ...

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