Snake-Aries (male): characteristics of East and zodiac horoscopes


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Very interesting zodiac combination is Snake-Aries. The man, whose characteristics will be discussed later, is characterized by a lot of different shit. Something in his personality is the sign of the zodiac. Something from Oriental patron. A total of all the qualities that gives the person a rather unusual character. Well, you should talk about it in more detail.

snake Aries male characteristics


For starters is to pay attention to those qualities that gives the identity of the man to his zodiac sign. Aries – boys impulsive, quick, emotional. They have impulsive, passionate character and is very violent temperament. However, in a deep sense they are capable of. They make excellent friends and faithful spouses.

What other qualities can differ guy Snake-Aries? The man, whose characteristic is quite ambiguous, characterized by impatience, a tendency to leadership and dictatorship, the habit to impose your own opinion. It is sharp, aggressive and even rude. This is a violent man. If you touch a topic that is a sore spot, it is better to flee far away – it'll work on him like a red rag to a bull. However, fired up and spilling their anger, after some time, they repent. Can even to apologize.

In General, these men are by nature good. If someone needs help Aries – he will come to the rescue immediately. And try to do everything possible to close better.

In General, the nature of Aries is very ambiguous and contradictory. And people who want to communicate with them (particularly girls) need to remember it.

 Aries snake male characteristics compatible


Aries – a man whose characteristic is in some detail described above. Now you can go to the Oriental horoscope. But we have described such a personality, so to speak, with only one side. Now you can go to the Oriental horoscope. Snakes – these are the men who most appreciate the comfort. They are always worried about it, creating the best conditions for themselves everywhere – at home, at work, in society. And yet these men are thorough. They do not niggle, and devote all my energies in one direction.


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It's charismatic people. Of those, about which you can say – they have something. So snakes don't have to make a special effort to win someone's attention. Especially for women.

They have an excellent sense of humor, charm. However, its essence to the end these guys never reveal what intrigues them the interviewees even more.

Aries in the year of the snake male characteristics

Zodiac Alliance

But now you can generally tell who is – the guy's a Snake-Aries. A man whose characteristic is controversial – that's who. The combination of characters is very difficult.

Under the influence of “snake” qualities in the character of the RAM is a bit. All his temper, the openness and all the previously mentioned features are balanced. Peace and stability – that appears. However, sometimes this person can flare up, what will surprise not only others, but oneself as well. It will be a kind of internal impulse, which will be almost impossible to resist.

What differentiates Aries in the year of the Snake? A man, a characteristic which combines qualities of both signs can be not only ambiguous, but also quite entertaining personality. This can be understood simply. Yes, the Snake-lady, accustomed to comfort and stability. But the Rams kept within himself a violent life energy. And it should be. In the end it turns out that this man releases his energy, but without the temper and spontaneity, all the thinking and making. For this reason, such persons are successful in business. They are not afraid to take risks and to act, but before you take action meticulously calculate everything.

male snake Aries

In love

The Snake Man-Aries in a relationship passionate and romantic. But with the woman who he believes are worthy of him. They can flirt with many, not giving it any importance, but will choose the one that will be the best. Such men marry a beautiful, intelligent, loyal and attentive women who can be caring. And with them build strong, harmonious family. Of these men make a good wife. They know how to compromise, because the main thing for them – harmony and comfort.

How do I get his attention?

If you want to conquer that man, you need to carefully monitor themselves, to answer him, be honest and show his feelings. When a woman isn't romantic or opened, it's not like such a personality as Aries-Snake. Man, the work which is possible only with one who corresponds to the aforementioned characteristic, waiting for a partner endless love, devotion and loyalty. And all that it has to show and prove. These men – crazy owners and jealous. So the girl is regularly to remind him that she's his and only his.

 snake Aries man compatibility


Finally – a few words about who you can be happy in marriage Aries Is a Snake. Male (characteristics, compatibility in love – these issues are covered in the article) who patronize these signs is a rather interesting and controversial personality. And not every girl he get along. For example, a good Union to get him a woman-Lioness, who was born in the year of the Ox. Their Union will be full of passion, emotions, love and ambition. And they will share a great sexual compatibility. The lioness, born in the year of the Ox, moreover, a joy for the family and home entirely. In her joy to create the atmosphere of coziness, which is so appreciated by the man-Serpent.

And a good partner Snake-Aries will be a girl, born in the year of the Rabbit under the sign of Sagittarius. In their family will reign harmony, based on mutual understanding. In addition, each of them appreciate peace and comfort in the house. And they will not be bored together, because both like to spend the peace of the evening for an intellectual conversation. Such pairs are almost not disintegrate.


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