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Child (boy) - Virgo born from August 23 September 23 fall under the auspices of mercury. It is a sign of reality, logic, sharpness and clarity. Adults virgin-candid, honest and straightforward, somewhat cool, on the one hand, very sensitive and friendly-on the other. This duality can make it difficult to fully understand this man, even the closest people. How to grow a small boy, a virgin? How to behave with him parents?

Amulets and talisman Virgo

  • Colors: Aster, mother and stepmother, poppies.
  • Stones: jade, carnelian, "cat eye" of Jasper, malachite, Topaz, chrysolite.
  • Mascots: Astra, grasshopper.
  • Lucky day: Wednesday.
  • Color: white, blue, purple, green.
  • Anatomical emphasis: liver, stomach, blood, intestines, feet, General nervousness.

Talisman Virgo

Virgin boy. Characteristic General

Little virgin usually from the cradle calm and balanced. Obedient and too shy. But from an early age attends to all the details and a critical attitude towards others. It is fair to say that the criticism and the high demands on himself – is also their main trait, can sometimes cause uncertainty. The boys are lively and agile, like a talisman Virgo, grasshopper, but at the same time more peaceful and tranquil than other children. They are characterized by frequent changes from soft to extreme irritability. Mostly it happens when in any way disturbed their usual routine. Virgo-children do not like sudden changes in their lives: change of residence, circle of friends, environment. Child (boy) - Virgo can be very shy and insecure. He needs to speak more about what he loved and good. It is not necessary to frighten, and often punished. He is pretty obedient if you explain the need for parental requirements. Such children are better able to cope with the tasks, if clearly know what should be the end result and why.

How to raise a virgin boy

The first rule-the adherence of the day and no noisy companies with lots of guests. Violation of this rule leads to restless behavior, poor sleep and moods. Requirements the child should set out clearly and specifically. Any bans need to explain. Sign Virgo (boy) loves specifics and does not violate the rules, if you understand their necessity. The best education for these kids – a personal example. Parents for it – always a subject to follow. The child will not fulfill what he is ordered, if the actions of parents the opposite. Shy kids often need praise, to convince that they are the best and cute. Not all representatives of the sign will be the same. Many features depend on your specific date of birth.


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baby boy the virgin

Date of birth

Our topic today - Virgo (Zodiac sign). What number starts the effect of this sign and how is it expressed?

  • 1st decade: from 23 August to 1 September – a heightened sense of harmony, modest and shy nature, the tendency to sedentary work, brilliant in mathematics and physics.
  • 2nd decade: from 2 to 12 September – reticence, shyness, diligence, patience, rational attitude to life.
  • 3rd decade: from 13 to 23 September – a love of nature and farming, ingenuity, resourcefulness; sometimes it can manifest laziness and gambling.

The Positive side of nature

Child (boy) - Virgo is an intellectual with a constant striving for perfection and new knowledge. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Academically diligent, attentive to detail, conscientious. Friendly with friends and relatives, generous and calm.

Negative traits

Unfortunately, sometimes the position of the luminary awards born in this hour is not only a set of advantages. Different can be a virgin (boy). Characteristics of negative qualities as follows:

  • Cold, without showing emotion.
  • Very doubtful.
  • Looped for details.
  • Restless and fussy.
  • Moody for no reason.
  • Manic love of order, constancy.

virgin -boy characteristics

Three types of personality

Sometimes quite different from and opposite in preference people are born under the same constellation. Is a Virgo (zodiac sign).

Child of the first type is always restrained, even somewhat constrained. Need to order can develop into obsessive pedantry. Pull the gathering degenerates at times into a serious hobby collecting.

The Second type of Virgo is very much unlike their counterparts in the horoscope. It is inherent in all forms of protest and dissent, which are manifested in disobedience and public disorderly conduct.

Children virgin of the third type have the features of the first and second type. Such children are difficult to understand. They with zeal can restore order today and all scattering and purepacket tomorrow. Obedient and quiet child may suddenly misbehave and do stupid things.

sign Virgo boy

Susceptibility to disease

Problem areas of the body Virgo-intestines, skin and nervous system. He advises horoscope? The boy is a virgin will cause trouble to parents because it is too sensitivestomach, and skin. There will be problems with selecting the correct power mode. Some foods cause allergies, others indigestion, others constipation. Menu such a child will not vary, no need to experiment and drastically change the usual meals. You can't force a child to eat something he doesn't like, – he instinctively rejects products that do not benefit him. No need to stuff drugs – it is better to make menu that will prevail vegetables and fruits.

The Nervous system of the child-Virgo prone to stress as a result of emotional arousal. Change of routine, noisy environment affects the child's sleep disorder, restless behavior, crying.

As a result of his suspiciousness and receptivity of the children of the virgin is very serious about their diseases. If the mother shows the child a strong concern about his health, he begins to hide his discomfort, or, conversely, very worried on any, even insignificant matter.

Virgo - zodiac sign, with a number

Eating virgin?

Natural demand from the representatives of this sign in the products containing potassium sulfate. Child menu should contain lots of fruits and vegetables. Very useful green varieties of apples, pears, plums, zucchini, beans, nuts. Favorable for normal operation of the intestine a variety of yogurts, fermented milk products, cheese. Essential vitamins and minerals supply in the body cereal, liver, fish and different types of meat. Virgo is important for eating in a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful table setting and beautiful look of the dish.

Relationship with your friends

Child (boy) - Virgo friendly to other children, playing with them, shares toys, but doesn't like it when they take without asking and not return to the place. Strangers in a wide circle Virgo will produce the impression of a silent and demure, socializing in the atmosphere of noisy parties – not his field. In a circle of close friends is a charming talker and a Joker. Usually the life of the virgin remains one close friend with whom he would be betrayed for real.

The School

Visit parent meetings for moms and dads of the child-the virgin – it is a balm for the soul. Usually their children – a dream for teachers and Pets. To learn they like, show a surprising erudition, than sometimes cause dissatisfaction with the negligent part of classmates. Virgin in the class, as a rule, the strongest disciple, the one who always knows everything, especially in the exact Sciences, and chemistry.

Children begin to read, love intellectual games, chess. Growing up, I prefer a cognitive, scientific literature art.

Sometimes, to achieve the highest ratings interfere with innate modesty and shyness. Student-the virgin is not to blame for bad grades. He does not understand generalized expressions like “you have to be better”. He needs the specifics: “you missed this topic (specifically)”, “you need to learn this section", etc.

For stress relief of the child the virgin is useful to attach to music or another art form. This will expand his horizons and do not give to get stuck on one subject.

Horoscope boy virgin

Select a profession

In today's world, the choice of the future profession of the child begins almost in kindergarten. Caring parents look to the preferences of Chad and try to guide in the right direction. Children virgin – in this respect the treasure. They are very serious about choosing a future occupation. Virgo in the future – the perfect workers: respectful, obedient performers and demanding, but correct heads. Can work alone and in a team. Their punctuality, analytical thinking, attention bring success in research. A Virgo a good writer, become editors.

Virgo – excellent doctors, teachers, linguists, chemists, opticians, designers, business owners and farmers (especially succeeds in this case Virgo-Ox). Clarity of thought and analytical mind bring them success in the exact Sciences, politics, Economics. May interfere due to excessive pedantry. Virgo able to earn and do business, but when necessary, accurately allocate resources, can live with dignity and with low income.

Virgo, Zodiac sign, baby

Virgo by birth year

Special features gives Virgos horoscope the year of their birth. So:

  • Virgo-Monkey. Boy-Virgo-Monkey is different from their peers a serious Outlook on life, but it especially lends itself to outside influence.
  • Virgin Cock. She always stands firmly on his feet.
  • Virgo-Dog. The rational Virgo, which is not amenable to your Hobbies.
  • Virgo-Boar. The propensity to pleasures and hoarding.
  • Virgo-Rat. Finds a way out of any situation.
  • Virgo-Ox. Maiden – the farmer and the farmer.
  • Virgo-Tiger. Very practical, always succeeds.
  • Virgo-cat. A wise and very calm virgin.
  • Deva-Dragon. Precision and fidelity.
  • Virgo-Snake. Wisdom, love for bright accessories.

Names for a boy-Virgo

Folk wisdom has determined that the impact of name on man – is not a fairy tale. “As you would call a boat so it will float”, the saying goes.

Child (boy) - Virgo can manifest their best qualities, having the following names:

Adrian is an independent, masculine, optimist.

Vitaly – idealistic, sincere,humane.

Yefim – the dreamy, brooding. Highly developed imagination.

Constantine – persistent, patient, insistent.

Mark – practical, confident, organized.

Peter & ndash; sincere, serious and yet sensitive.

Ruslan – a dreamy romantic, intellectual.

Simon & ndash; active, thorough.

Under the Virgo sign were born

Richelieu, Leo Tolstoy, Theodore Dreiser, Goethe, Levitan, Gauthier. An interesting conclusion from the list of the richest people in the world: 12 % of all the billionaires included in this list, a Virgo (zodiac sign), with a number - no matter how important that their inherent quality - a direct path to success.

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