What is VHL? It is not just the Highest Hockey League, and more!


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Decrypt KHL – the Higher hockey League. For lovers and fans are not just words.

A Little history

The History of this sport associations are not stretching as far as the hockey, but also worthy of attention. Organized by the League was in 2009, on November 24. Since then, many changes the composition of the teams participating in the championship, the players and protagonists, but the essence has not changed.


VHL – is a lifetime for fans and especially players! When the start of the competition season opens, the lives of hockey players begins to bubble. During competitions for them there is no longer anything other than play.

KHL is the

Hockey League

Currently, there are many different hockey leagues, the most popular of them: the VHL and KHL. Abbreviations CHL and KHL stands for Continental and the Higher hockey League. Slightly higher in status worth a Continental.


The Players of the KHL – it came from the MHL. After receiving training in the Youth League, the young future hockey stars pass into the ranks of major League players.


The Game season opens each year in early autumn. The opening day of the season – the date is floating. In 2017, the season opened on 8 October. The final game of the season will take place on 28 February 2018.

VHL transcript


In this season to participate in 27 hockey teams from different cities of Russia. At the moment the favourites are the leading team of the KHL, is: Dinamo-St-Petersburg SKA-Neva-Saint-Petersburg, Izhstal-Izhevsk (Udmurtia) and Saryarka (Karaganda) and the Chemist (Voskresensk).


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Currently in the 2017-2018 season there is a tournament the playoffs the Higher hockey League. The KHL was formed relatively recently, but this kind of competition is more than a tradition. Of course, sport betting and predictions. But what say the professionals?

Of the many hockey experts were involved in those that cannot be considered biased judges. That is specifically head coaches and strategists teams for some reason are not participating in the games.

Sports Predictions, especially if we are talking about hockey, the thing is very unstable. It is impossible to think long term. In this sport, the situation may change critical quickly and rapidly.

Supreme hockey League KHL

At the meeting, special attention was paid to some favorites (including favorites of recent years). In the analysis and approximate calculation of chances «Hamburg» and «Chalmeta”, the experts had unanimously agreed that "Saryarka" there will be no problems on this game and the team will easily win. We should remember that "Saryarka" is the current holder of "loving Cup" champion of the 2015-2016 season.

Next on the agenda of the meeting raised the game “assumption” - “Kazzinc-torpedo». In this question only one percent of the audience gave their preference to the Kazakh team. But these views were quickly written off, as the voters were associated with the team a unified homeland. Sports experts boldly put forth to win the Izhevsk command.

“the Hammer-Prikamye” - “Lipetsk”. Of the total number of respondents opinion literally divided into two camps. If you believe this account 100%, then it can be argued that the game ends in a draw.



Sports – a thing very objective, and hockey - and even quick. Now all the teams are only at the beginning of the championship KHL, it says that's too early to judge. Despite all predictions, the busiest time of the season yet to come. What will turn the championship, we learn only in March next year.

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