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Valentin Nikolaev - a famous Soviet football player and coach. He played for the capital team CDKA and the USSR national team. Entire career spent in positions right inside.

Born in Vladimir

Valentin Nikolayev was born in the Vladimir region, August 16, 1921, in a small village Erasova, not extant. His father worked on the railroad. Soon the family moved to Moscow, there were more opportunities for parents and young Valentine.

Football he started playing for the team, "Kazanka", which was based in the railroad depot where his father worked. The depot was located near the Kazan station. Later this team was converted into the football club "Lokomotiv".

In the camp of CSKA

After school, Nikolaev Valentin went to serve in the army. Soon his sporting success was seen by army authorities, he was attracted to the speech for the team of CDKA. It was the main club in life of Nikolaev, he held it for 12 years.

Valentin Nikolaev

First season the young striker entrenched in the starting lineup. In the first championship after the great Patriotic war demonstrated a brilliant game, becoming one of the best scorers of the season. In 1946 he won the USSR championship, CDKA 4 points in the season has bypassed Moscow and Tbilisi "Dinamo".

In 1947, this success has been repeated in a dramatic ending of the championship. Before the final round of CDKA and Dynamo were equally points. They had to take turns playing away with the Volgograd "Tractor", which was in the middle of the table. The first played of the "white-blue" won 2:0 and took first place.


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For "the army" team "Tractor" was a tough opponent, the game of the first round ended in a draw 2:2. However, when at stake was the gold medal of the championship, CDKA confidently won 5:0.

Nikolaev Valentin was one of the brightest forwards of post-war Soviet Championships, he is known as a member of the famous attacking five CDKA, which also included Bobrov, Fedotov, Grinin and Demin.

Dissolution of CDKA

A Key role in the career of Nikolaev has played the Olympic games of 1952 in Helsinki. The Soviet leaders decided to send a football team to this tournament. Its backbone is made up CDKA players led by coach Boris Arkadieva, became part of comandau and Nikolaev Valentin.

Nikolaev Valentin

Already in the 1/16 final of the national team of the USSR had problems. Slightly the Bulgarian team has been beaten with great difficulty - 2:1. In the next round in rivals Yugoslavia. Match attached great importance, including political. The leader of Yugoslavia, Tito led the country out of the socialist camp, so the relationship with the Soviet Union were tense. Valentin Nikolaev has stepped into the starting lineup, but goals are not scored. And to break the Soviet players were lost 0:3.

After hours of playing one ball played Vsevolod Bobrov, but the Yugoslavs make your mark twice - 1:5. At the end of the game, the USSR team made sports feat, bringing the game to a draw. The beavers scored a hat-trick, scored Trofimov and Peter. The rules were replayed. This time the game for Soviet players was more successful. The beavers opened the scoring in the 6th minute. But then the Yugoslavs took the lead and won 3:1.

After that the management decided to disband the team. Valentin Nikolayev has played for CDKA 187 matches in which he scored 79 goals. Not played it since then, and for the USSR Olympic team. Two games with the Yugoslavs was the only one in his career.

Life after the command of lieutenants

After the dissolution of the native club has decided to try himself in the other teams Nikolaev Valentin. The footballer played for the team of the city of Kalinin, several spent matches in the national team of the Moscow military district. However, shortly after CDKA ceased all military command. Nikolaev has decided to retire. In 32 years.

Nikolaev Valentin

He began serving officer. Until 1963 he commanded various army units in Germany and Belarus. After that, it became a football coach. Began work in Khabarovsk SKA, then returned to CSKA, where he won the championship of the USSR. In 1974, he headed the youth national team which won two European Championships.

Led the first team

In 1970, Valentin Nikolaev was appointed the head coach of the USSR national team on football. The first meeting, ironically, was a friendly game with Yugoslavia. Thanks to goals from Shevchenko, Fedotov, Kolotova and Nodia team confidently won - 4:0.

Nikolaev worked in this post until may 1971, demonstrating the unique result. Team it has never lost.

The Team played 13 matches, 9 of which won. With a difference of scored and missed goals 31-7.

Nikolaev Valentin player

However, mostly it was a friendly meeting. Official games only had two. The selection meeting for the European Championships away to Cyprus (win - 3:1) and the final match for Nikolaev in the status of head coach - houses with Spain. Victory - 2:1.

Valentin Nikolaev died inMoscow in 2009, at the age of 88 years.

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