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Bicycle Maintenance is not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. Especially if it will pursue people who do not have experience of the repair work. Therefore, if your qualification does not allow its "iron horse" of their own, should turn to professionals who will be able to implement it correctly. But if the final decision to carry out all work personally, or you, for example, Unscrew the connecting rod on the bike, you should understand the principles of the structure of your “iron friend”.


the crankset on the bike

Rods – this is a very important element of design that is intended to transfer muscular effort by pull or pressure on the pedal, which through the chain-drive system drives the wheels. And there's nothing worse for a cyclist than the unwinding of their attachment, or even the backlash that occurs during movement. If the crankset on the bike is bumped, this fault can play a very bad joke. After all, this unit holds the pedal, which plays the role of stirrups for the rider, and its loss in traffic can be very dangerous. If during the movement of the cyclist loses a foothold, it affects concentration and can lead to disastrous consequences – to fall or even crash.


The Cause of this fault often lies in connecting rods manufacturing defects or incorrect mounting with an offset relative to the axis Dobby unit. Although the defect can appear and the fault of the manufacturer, but this case is very rare, as the production process is carried out and culling products that do not meet the quality parameters. While the acquired malfunction - due to significant wear or low-skilled installer is far more common. After all, once is enough to fix the cranks on a bike with a vertical deviation or eccentricity, and the results will be disastrous. When the weight of the rider slots will be trampled on, and in the case of mount “square” he will seek to circle. After all, the point of force application of very heavy loads, and they are able to disrupt the functioning of the whole mechanism. So the cranks on the bike should be installed securely and correctly. Because only in this case, their fastening system will evenly distribute the load on the axle, and they will please their owner long life.


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Unscrew the connecting rod on the bike

Consider the principles of correct installation of connecting rods and the main problems which can arise in the process of running. If you think that the item is installed correctly and to its quality no complaints, you should proceed by elimination. First you must make sure that the connecting rods do not have a marriage, if it is detected, it is necessary to perform a warranty replacement. In more complex cases, when detail is all right, but she still continues to work loose, you need to go to another installer. Despite the fact that many this solution seems too radical, its effect in the environment of cyclists is very underrated. Because the cranks on the bike are adjusted in the space of only a installer, and some malfunctions may be the result of his negligence. Well, the most categorical variant of fastening is to use lock thread. The functioning of this glue on metal is expressed as follows: after applying a few drops on the surface of the part to twist and form a monolithic connection, which is very difficult to break. Crankset bike no longer cause inconvenience, however, and their removal is much more complicated. This method is extremely radical and is typically used only in the field or in a hasty liquidation of faults, so it should be used with caution and prudence.

 how to remove a crankset on a bike

If it is supposed to service or replace the crankset on a bike that is usually held in pre-sales, cleaning or lubrication of the entire system, you need to arm yourself with a special tool. To remove this element from its landing spot very difficult. He is a strong liking due to intermolecular forces, so the removal of the rods is performed with the application of considerable effort. To reduce them, apply special sprays (WD-40 or similar) that facilitates the sliding of the element in the slots. As special tools for removing the given node is used squeeze. On one side it twists in the hole on the connecting rod, and on the opposite – rotating the wrench. The effort which must be applied to the tool, must be uniform, as otherwise you can damage the cranks and bottom bracket. The rod, which is located in the center squeeze, gradually pushes the item from his seat, and after some time, the process can be considered complete.

replacing crankset on the bike


In the process, you should follow this advice that will simplify their implementation and finally close the question of how to remove a crankset on a Bicycle with your hands. This experience will be very useful for the novice velomobiles, as it will allow him to get acquainted with the basics of its transportation.


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