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A useful health practice came from the East. Today they are widely used by people all over the world. These include qigong. He has a long history. But despite this, helps the modern people to improve health, rejuvenate and bring thoughts in order.

Well-Known follower of this practice is Lee Holden. Morning exercise (15 minutes for exercise) has long been a popular means of deliverance from pain and stress. Other benefits of the complex and how to execute it?Lee Holden 15 minute morning workout

What is qigong?

First, we understand, based on what qigong is and what his practice is so important for the human body. It is native to China. The Eastern sages were trying to find a way to control internal energy, which is able to improve the performance of any body, to eliminate the causes of many diseases. Qigong has been used previously, not only as set of physical and breathing exercises, but also as a martial arts techniques.

The Benefits and contraindications

The First thing that helps to cope qigong is stress. Thus, practice is a universal remedy of struggle against excess weight, burns fat. The relationship of the useful properties are obvious. When a person is nervous, the digestive process slows down. The body begins to accumulate substances which disturb the balance between physical and energy condition of the person.

During the execution of the same exercises work virtually all muscle groups. Metabolic processes are accelerated, because the body is actively saturated with oxygen. Massage movements remove cellulite. Moreover, medical research has proved that qigong has a positive effect on blood pressure, slows down the course of cancer, relieves pain in the joints. Skin through regular practice become more elastic, fade the signs of obesity, normalizes the nervous system.


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Exercises qigong quite a lot. The article suggests morning exercises Lee Holden (15 minutes - the time neobhodimoe for her) – one of the best masters in this area. Technique it is fairly simple and subject to everyone. Strict contraindications had not. Additional physical training for such practices is also not required.

Lee Holden 15 min

Morning exercise

Morning exercise Lee Holden – this is the Lite version of qigong practices. Thanks to her, is warming up the muscles of the body, the stiffness disappears, the body is filled with energy and vigour. The complex is recommended to perform daily to obtain a health effect, gaining inner confidence and fullness. Each movement corresponds to the respiratory cycle.

Morning exercises Lee Holden (15 minutes it will take) are six exercises designed to work different muscle groups and energy areas.


The complex element with a symbolic name “Door of life”. In the starting position the feet are shoulder width apart. Upper body relaxed. Now committed turns the body left and right. Hand help movements, patting the lower abdomen and lower back. When turning right, the stomach is filled, the left hand, when turning to the left – right. If you need to pay attention to the spine, to ensure that it is twisting, then when performing exercises, you need to look over his shoulder. The basic rule of the technique is deep breathing. On each side must be 10 turns.Lee Holden 15 min charge

The Benefit of this exercise is to stimulate acupuncture point, which is at the level of the second lumbar vertebra, between the kidneys. According to the philosophy of qigong, this area becomes open to the free movement of energy. Warming up the body, aktiviziruyutsya the cardiovascular system.


The Second exercise morning exercises Lee Holden (15 min you can always find it) is called the “Tiger”. It involves the transmission of soft plastic and the habits of a wild beast. The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. Now it is important to observe the synchronicity of movement and breath. On the inhale raise the hands above the head. Breathe out-bend knees and sit down slightly. My hands slowly descend down in front of him. On the inhale, straighten up and raise hands up. Repeat the exercise five to eight times.

This element is intended to strengthen the muscles of the legs, the lumbar column and to maintain the tone of the kidneys. You can perform the exercise with a deep squat. In this case, the positive effect will extend to the leg stretching. Muscles will become more supple and obedient.15 min qi Gong Lee Holden

Massage Qi

Morning qigong Lee Holden (15 minutes of your time required) includes massage of qi (or energy massage). It implies a light tapping fists of both hands the kidneys. After that palms pohlopyvaniem itself, just above and below the waist. Do not forget to walk on the feet. First on external and then on internal side of them. And again compressible hands into fists and tapped himself on the chest. Go to your shoulders and neck. Breathe freely and deeply.

This massage improves blood circulation, normalizes energy flow in the lungs and heart. So there is a General strengthening of protective properties of the organism.Lee Holden qi Gong morning gymnastics 15 min

The Buddha is holding the earth

The Following exercise complex Lee Holden (15 minutes - quite a bit, and the health benefits enormous) resembles the technique “Tiger”, however the impact area is now different. Starting position: standing, feet - shoulder width apart. Neck and upper body relaxed. Inhale. The arms slightly rounded and raised above the head. While the palms look upwards, and thumbs extended. On the exhale, drop the hands and take your original position. Repeat the exercise five to eight times.

Useful properties of this technique extend to the strengthening of the lungs and making them tone.morning exercise qigong with Lee Holden

The Harmonization of body and soul

Morning exercise qigong Lee Holden, 15 min running, includes exercise to harmonize the body and soul. It is a spiritual and an important component of the complex. The original position of the body the same as in the previous exercise. The arms slightly rounded and forward. Gently spreading them to the side for breath. As you exhale bring back. Keep the palm of your hand with the back to each other. Then inhale and raise hands above. Pull them forward effort. When the arms reach the point above the head, they snap together and drop around. On the exhale return to the starting position.

The Benefit of this exercise lies not only in the harmonization of thoughts and physical condition. It helps to relieve tension in the spine, arms and blocks to the free circulation of energy.Lee Holden the morning exercise

Balance and attention

Completes the morning exercise Lee Holden (15 min. it only lasts) exercise on balance and focus. Starting position: standing, feet together this time. One hand hold in front of him on the level of the navel. The other is a little higher. It describes a semicircle. Breath relates to movement. On the inhale executed smooth pass, and on the exhale drop the hand. Change position of hands alternately.

This exercise trains your concentration and contributes to the accumulation of energy in the body. At the end of the complex crossed hands at the belly, close your eyes and relax whole body. Guests staying in this position for one to two minutes. This element can be performed lying down. But the relaxation in this case is the maximum and may reduce the energy outcome of the charge.

Helpful tips

  • Involved should be in a ventilated room, in the morning on an empty stomach. Clothing should be loose and comfortable. After an invigorating workout you should drink a glass of water.
  • To make it easier to concentrate on each movement, you can use special music.
  • Breath when performing exercises through the nose and exhale-through the mouth. Breathe a stomach, freely and quietly, without effort and strain. In the presence of colds practice it is better to move for another day.
  • The Complex you can practice at home. For clarity, it is recommended to use a video that demonstrates the technique of performing each exercise.
  • The Order of elements in morning exercises qigong Lee Holden can't be changed. The whole complex is built so that energy bands have consistently worked from the bottom up.
  • Between exercises, you need to close your eyes for a few seconds and relax.
  • Do Not forget about proper nutrition. Eat more vegetables, fruits and nuts. Eliminate alcohol, Smoking, limit sweets. Frequent and obsessive hunger you can use a two-minute massage of auricles (satiety center) thumb and forefinger.
  • Morning exercise with Lee Holden is not a panacea for all ills. It is only a healthy start to the day. In the postoperative period or if there are any abnormalities before practice counseling.


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