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In 776 BC in the Greek city of Athens was first held the Olympic games. The audience with great interest watched the competition athletes, wrestlers and other athletes. Crazy success of the first event demonstrated the benefits of further carrying out of similar Games. To participation in competitions allowed only Greek athletes. After a few centuries, the Olympics have stopped. This tradition was destined to be covered with a touch of historical dust, if not for Pierre de Coubertin. Thanks to his report on “the Revival of the Olympic games” in 1892 at the Sorbonne, the world community once again turned their eyes in the direction of the “forbidden fruit” – for the Olympic games. After analyzing all the positive and negative aspects of the competition, decided to revive the glorious tradition of ancient Greek origins.

Olympic Champions Russia

The First Russian Olympic champion

The First Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. Unfortunately, representatives of the Russian sports at the event was not present. Without them were also second and third the same competitions in Paris and St. Louis. But at the Olympics in London in 1908 was delegated to a group of Russian athletes, consisting of eight people. The debut was quite successful. In London marked the first Olympic champion of Russia. They became skater N. Panin-Kolomenkin. No one could replicate the intricate pirouettes, which the athlete initially presented schematically jury on paper, and then did the same on the ice. This is why Panin-Kolomenkin was unanimously recognized as champion in this sport. However, not only the skater perfectly represented his country at the competition in London. He was joined by A. Petrov and N. Eagles – Olympic champion of Russia in combat. The wide public resonance was caused by the stunning debut of the national team in these Games.


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winter Olympic Champions Russia

Withdrawal from participation

The Following games in Stockholm in 1912 was not as successful for the nation. Unfortunately, the national team managed to perform well in only five sports: team shooting from thirty feet, Greco-Roman wrestling, rowing, sailing, shooting (trap). Olympic Champions Russia in 1912 won two silver (in the first two disciplines) and three bronze medals (in the other).

After the Games, the Russian government has decided to intensively prepare for the Games of 1916. However, the First world war negatively affected all countries, resulting in the rejection of the competition. Since then, due to the unstable external and internal situation, Russia did not participate in the Olympics until 1952.

Olympic Champions team Russia

The Debut of the Soviet team

After a bright and long-awaited by all citizens of the country of the victory in world war II, the Soviet government radically changed his view on the Game. In 1951, by order of the leadership powers were created by the Olympic Committee. A year in Helsinki was held for the fifteenth Game. There was the debut of Soviet athletes. And I must say that the first performance was more than successful. Olympic Champions Russia and nine other Soviet republics brought home three of six medals. Of these, 38 of the first category, 53 the second and 15 the third. In the overall medal standings of the Soviet Union was in second place. Further power until its collapse had the same position only twice, in 1964 and 1968. In all the other Games, the USSR was the leader and the number of medals, and their quality.

the first Olympic champion of Russia

Great athlete

It is Worth noting that in the national team consisted of really outstanding Olympic Champions Russia and friendly allied countries. One of them is Larisa Latynina. This amazing athlete has declared itself at the Games in Melbourne in 1956. There gymnast won gold medals in four programs. The seventeenth and eighteenth Games added to the girls additional five awards gold color. If you count all medals, Larisa Latynina during his career he won eighteen trophies. Of these, nine gold, five silver and four bronze awards.

Winter games

In the period of 1952 to 1988 the Soviet Union national team took first place in such sports as rowing, fencing, rowing and Canoeing, gymnastics, swimming, sailing, wrestling and track and field. It is noteworthy that the best athlete of the 20th century was also recognized by the Soviet athlete and Olympic champion Valery Brumel. His record for the high jump of 2 meters and 28 cm kept at the highest level in almost a quarter of a century.

In addition to the summer Olympics, the USSR team played well and in the winter analogue of the competition. It is noteworthy that the “white”, the event has been held since 1924, twenty eight years after the start of the first Game. Before many sports were included in the program of the summer competition. Proven themselves of Soviet Olympic Champions in hockey. Russia and the Union state was proud to represent the world of their outstanding athletes with sticks. These include Vladislav Tretiak, Vitaly Davidovich, Alexander Ragulin, Valery Kharlamov, Vsevolod Bobrov, Alexander Maltsev.

figure skating Olympic Champions Russia

Skaters, Skaters and skiers

“Winter” Olympic Champions Russia also include the names and other prominent athletes. These include skiers Galina Kulakova, Love Kozyrev, Vyacheslav Vedenin, Raisa Smetanina, Nikolay zimyatov, skaters Yevgeny Grishin, Nikolai Andrianov, sports dances on ice Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platonov, and many others.

Much success athletes of winter sports has made in the discipline of figure skating. Olympic Champions Russia and allied countries brought to the Treasury powers not only the number of gold medals, but also a huge number of records. Such athletes include Lyudmila Pakhomova and Alexander Gorshkov. Irina Rodnina is one of the few skaters who managed to win three gold awards in pair skating.

Olympic Champions in hockey Russia

Recent performance of the national team of the USSR

In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed. However, this does not prevent athletes from former Soviet republics to compete at the Olympics in Barcelona as the team of the USSR. In that year it was conquered one hundred and twelve medals. This is the highest number of trophies in the history of performances of athletes of the Soviet Union. In the Treasury of the delegation was 45 gold, 38 silver and 29 bronze medals. For the first time in the history of the Olympic games in honor of the victory of Russian athletes raised the flag of Russia painted in three colors.

Olympic Champions in hockey Russia

Speaking for themselves

After four years at the Olympic games in Atlanta each country, a former part of the Soviet Union, was represented by their own separate team. For Russia, these games were a triumph. The national team won twenty-six gold medals. In the Treasury were also silver and bronze awards, the number of which is equal to twenty-one and sixteen respectively.

On the twenty-eighth Games in Athens, the Olympic Champions the Russian team won forty-five gold medals. Silver medals were received by two more than the “yellow”, and medals of the third category turned out to be ninety. In Greece, the Russian athletes have set several world records. One such achievement is the result in high jump with a pole. It showed Yelena Isinbayeva.

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia has not lowered the rate of sports development. At the recent winter Olympic games in Sochi the national team was in first place for the number and quality of awards, leaving far behind all competitors.


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