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Alfredo di Stefano, whose biography is described later, is considered the person most influenced the history of the Madrid «real». This player became a key figure, contributed to the dominance of the team in Europe for five years. It should be noted that in all the final fights of that period he always managed to score a goal. Being able to play any position on the field, this player has always remained the main striking force in your team. It is not surprising that the version of "France Football” the Argentine was on the fourth position in the list of the best players of the last century. Not to mention another outstanding individual award, Alfredo di Stefano – “Super Golden ball», which was presented to him by the same publication in 1989. In spite of that, for fans of the “real” he will always be the best team player in history. All this will be discussed in more detail.

Early years

Future legendary football player was born in one of the districts of the Argentine city of Buenos Aires on 4 July 1926. His grandfather was the first in the family who went to conquer Argentina from Italy in search of a better life. The father married a woman with Irish and French roots. Thus, we can safely say that the guy had a triple origin. In spite of everything, he himself has admitted that all his life believed himself to be Argentinian. All in the family, in addition to Alfredo di Stefano, a photo of which is below, had two more children.Alfredo di Stefano


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The Area where the guy grew up, was port. It is from here the city has spread the football, brought to the country by British sailors. The childhood of a football player, according to him, can be called happy. Because his grandfather had achieved success in trade, the family could boast of a good financial position. She lived in the area in which stationed the football club «Boca juniors". Despite this, the heart of the family belonged entirely to its main rival – “river Plate”. Dad Alfredo for a while I even played in this team at quarterback, but the injury made it impossible to develop further in this direction. The son wanted to do everything possible to surpass the achievements of his father.

First football steps

Children's games with the guys on the street were the first in the career of di Stefano. Alfredo then received from his grandfather the nickname “Stopit», which for a long time fixed for boyfriend and friends. At that time boys used leather balls worth two centavos. The first club of the future star was the team “Unidos and Weserems”. Later, the footballer recalled that at that time there were a lot of guys who played much better than he is. Along with this, someone had to learn somebody to work, and some do not even had a chance to buy their shoes.

First move

In 1940 the whole family moved to the suburbs of Buenos Aires and settled on a small farm Los Cardales. It was a difficult period in the life of di Stefano. Alfredo was forced to leave school and work hard. His father was engaged in the cultivation and sale of potatoes and pasechnikova. The guy was charged with looking after 80 employees, who worked on the plantation. This work can not be called difficult, but it took a lot of time. Despite this, the refusal of the football could not be considered. Every Sunday he certainly found time to play in the local village team, along with his brother Tulio, and also attended games involving his favorite club.Alfredo di Stefano photo

“river plate”

As has been later recalled Alfredo di Stefano, the story of his life as a professional footballer began at the age of seven. It was then that he became a member of the club «river plate”. The style of play shown by the young man, did not leave indifferent to her as one. As a result, his mother advised son's friend, former player “river plate”. He was convinced that the guy has exceptional talent, in this connection, in 1944, Di Stefano was invited to the fourth team. Alfredo repeatedly stated that if not for this act of his mother, he would still be an agronomist. Because at that time raged in Europe the second world war, leading players of the country remained to play in his native championship. This fact largely contributed to the formation of the legendary and very strong team «river plate”. In 1945 he debuted in the lineup in the match against «Huracan".

Ironically, the team he went on loan a year later. The fact that eighteen-year-old boy lost in the competition with your idol – Adolfo Pedernera. The player received a welcome match practice, with the result that on the horizon very soon lit up his star. The leaders of “river Plate” could not fail to notice, so for the next season returned to the player. Immediately after his return with his club he won the championship of Argentina, and he was the top scorer, his 27 goals. In the same year the footballer made his debut in the national team of his country, which has won the South American championship that was held in Ecuador. Then he got a nickname that remained throughout his professional career, Alfredo di Stefano – “Arrow”. The player played for the club for three years. During this time he made 72 appearances and scored 53 goals.


During the height of Argentine, June 3, 1949, went on strike professional players. Their main demands were related to wage increases and implementation of the clubs contractual liabilities. One of the active participants and the instigators of these protests was it Di Stefano. Alfredo, quotes which at that time were massively published in the Argentine press, sharply criticized the position of clubs, particularly from the lower divisions, in relation to the players. The fact that they are often not paid salaries. In addition, the contracts were made in bad faith. di Stefano, AlfredoThe Players the big clubs, according to Alfredo, just had to respond. So they decided not to play. The only exception was the charity game, which was to draw public attention to the situation.

Leaving the “river Plate”

As of the end of may 1949, with most of the players had reached certain agreements. In this regard, the General strike faded away. Anyway, there are players who continued to demand better conditions of their professional activities. Among them were Alfredo di Stefano and several of his teammates. Guide «river Plate” agreed to make certain concessions, namely – players wages. However, one of the main requirements – the right to free transfer to other clubs at the end of the season and was not guaranteed. Later, during charity concerts in Italy, Alfredo received information that the club is negotiating his transfer to “liberty”. Requesting explanations from the club President about why it was done without his knowledge, he received a rude response that can get anywhere. 9 August 1949 football player secretly went to Colombia, where he signed a contract with the capital club «Millonarios”. Similarly, we received some more players «river Plate”.


The owner of the club, inviting South American stars, largely was able to solve the problem of the promotion of football in the country. Moreover, it allowed him to earn substantially, because the fans have begun to go to the stadium. It should be noted that similar policies were and other Colombian team. In that season “Millonarios” won the title. Important role in this success was played by Alfredo di Stefano. Goals for a new club, the Argentinian began to score immediately. At the end of the championship he has spent 15 matches and scored 16 goals. The following year, the team took the second place, and he, he has scored 23 goals, became the third figure of the championship. The new season of “Millonarios” became more successful. The team regained the title of champion, and he has scored 32 goals in 34 games. In 1952, the club won again the state championship.Alfredo di Stefano super Golden ball

At the end of the year “Millonarios” held Chile. Alfredo asked permission from government in order to spend some time with his family. When it came time to return to Colombia, he stayed at home. The club President came to him with demands to fulfill the obligations of the contract, but the player himself at the time had already decided to leave the team. Then his hands were suggestions from the «Barcelona» Madrid «Atletico». In total, the composition of the “Millonarios” he held 292 of the match in which he scored 267 goals.

«real Madrid”

Originally, in Spain, Alfredo di Stefano had to play for «Barcelona». He even spent three ...

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