How To Breathe Properly When Running


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Many have heard about the principle that we should keep the speed of your Jogging given free and easy nasal breathing. It is very easy to determine how to properly breathe while running. You need to slow down, if not enough air, but try not to go on breathing through the mouth, as the need may arise from excessive oxygen starvation of the body.

However, you can do it for a few seconds or even several minutes, while running along the pond or in the woods. This is useful and provide greater penetration into the lungs from riverine and forest air negative ions. Important to answer the question of how to breathe while running-breathing while running should be natural. In any case it is impossible to focus on the “correct” the rhythmic breathing, it will hurt and will create a kind of artificiality running.

This affects relaxation and complete relaxation of the runner, which is a basic requirement of proper Jogging. So don't hesitate how to breathe properly when running and choose an arbitrary rhythm of breathing. Artificial regulation by adjusting the breathing, the rhythm of running can only be used for medicinal purposes such as respiratory gymnastics. This is common in bronchial asthma, after pneumonia, after surgery, and also for the normalization of nervous or mental condition.

A Healthy person Jogging not need to focus on how to breathe correctly while running. He needs development in your body functional reserves, which determine our performance. Of particular importance is the increase in lung capacity, maximum ventilation, exercise the power of inhalation and exhalation and duration of a possible delay of breathing on exhalation and inhaling. All these indicators are very important for the person and significantly affect the oxygen supply to our body.


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From the sports medicine and physiology is known that running develops really economical proper breathing, that is in-depth, slow and full. This type of breathing is provided by a combination of diaphragmatic and thoracic breathing. The question how to breathe when running should occur only in the first days of the occupation, which has not yet developed the optimal load and breathing. Just enough these days to try to definitely breathe through the nose and less often: 3-4 exhale, step, inhale for 2-3 steps. Later sessions is not required strict observance of the combinations of the number of steps and number of respiratory movements.

Much nicer and more useful to switch its attention to the beauty of nature and a sense of muscle training. So, the best breathing while running – natural and arbitrary, less often and deeper, primarily through the nose, not forgetting the active involvement of the diaphragm. After a few weeks of lessons you will not think about breathing, and the desired mode will be maintained arbitrarily. If you become hard to breathe when running, you need to reduce the load and to maintain a lower pace.

Proper breathing during class Jogging helps to increase the reserves of external respiration to an average of 8% per year. It's not bad when you consider that people after 30 years, annually loses one percent of these reserves. For example, if 30 years of spirometry in humans is 3500 ml (this is the average), then at age 45 she will have 3000 ml, and in 60 years only 2000 ml., However, studies show that older age is not too late to increase reserves of the body and vitality with the help of Jogging. According to research, only 10% of people have contraindications for running, to other people it is useful and necessary.

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