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Modern pentathlon was developed as the training of officers. Shooting, fencing, riding, running, swimming – a real soldier had to master these disciplines. Times have changed, and the pentathlon is a spectacular view of the Olympic program. And his name in the history of this sport was able to record the Russian athlete Andrey Moiseev. He became the second pyatibrat, who won two Olympics in a row.

Master of sports in swimming

Andrey Moiseev was born in Rostov-on-don in 1979. In the sport, he came at the age of 8 years. Initially, the boy went swimming and did not even know how to fence, shoot and ride a horse. He trained in the section by S. N. Kazakova.

Soon, However, in the biography of Andrei Moiseev appears and sports pentathlon. The years went by, and rostovchanin to 19 years and reached the rank of master of sports in swimming and does not stand out from the huge mass of athletes.Andrew Moses

He decided on a bold decision and changed the sport, becoming a sports pentathlon. Progress of Andrei Moiseev was incredible. In 1999, he performed the standard of master of sports, and a year later became master of sports of international class, winning the prestigious tournament.

The First victory

One of the crucial starts in the career of Andrew was the championship of Russia of 2002. The tournament was held at the home of athlete – in Rostov, and he felt perfectly at home ground. Very powerful and exactly he made all five disciplines, never collapsed, and became the champion of the country. The last swimmer on the head surpassed authoritative and powerful masters of modern pentathlon and proved that he is ready to lead the team.


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In 2004 Andrey Moiseyev repeated the feat, moreover, was awesome on the international stage. At the European Championships he won in the team competition, and on superiority of the world a stellar performance in individual competition and in the relay, having won thus a ticket to the Olympic games in Athens.Andrei Moiseev biography

The Russian athlete has won at the Olympics. In 2000, Dmitry Svatkovsky brought the first after 30-year hiatus, the gold in modern pentathlon. However, he was a famous athlete, for many years going to its goal, and Moses was submitted to all the “dark horse”, which was to be expected.

Athens 2004

To win the modern pentathlon tournament, usually need to win two of the program. That, in fact, did Andrey Moiseev at the Olympics in Athens, becoming the first in swimming and fencing.

Much to decide the start of the Olympic marathon pyatibortsev. The shooting was considered the weakest form of Moses, but he was able to show the result is close to a personal record, and not too far behind the main competitors.

The Athlete was strong in fencing, and gave their opponents no chance, took the lead in the overall standings. More confident Andrei Moiseev felt in the pool, the title of master of sports in swimming was obliged to show the highest results. He blundered and won the two hundred meter distance, setting an Olympic record.Andrei Moiseev photo

The Most difficult tests await pyatibortsev on jumping. Horses provided by the organisers and distributed to the participants at the draw. The results in equestrian sports is largely dependent on the characteristics and behavior of the animal, so the contest becomes a lottery, where a lot depends on luck. Andrew Moses got the horse on which the profile was written that it is easily controllable, but a bit capricious. The athlete coped with the test and reached its final cross with a lead of half a minute.

At a distance of 3 km thirty seconds – this is a great result. Despite the presence of strong runners Zadneprovskis and Capalini, Andrey Moiseev confidently walked the whole distance and even allowed himself to finish with the national flag.

Beijing 2008

In her second Olympic games Andrey Moiseev, a photo of which was known to all lovers of the pentathlon, were not a green rookie, and iron favorite.

The Main rival of the Russians was a strong Czech athlete David Svoboda, who came in second at the last world championship.

Andrew Moses failed unloved fire and settled in fifth place after the first. Fencing was the crown of Russian, and here he shared the first place with the Chinese Jiang Zhenhua.

Third place before the swimming, in which Moses was a specialist, and gave him a great bid for victory. Here, however, he performed relatively poorly, sitting in the sixth spot. However, this was enough to pull ahead in the overall standings before the final.Andrey Moiseev is a Russian athlete

The Contest was a difficult challenge for all participants. The horse got skittish and constantly threw their riders. Moses became only the fifteenth, but the rivals were even worse. The Russians confidently led the standings before the race and went to the start confident. Confidence is not deceived Moses, and he calmly finished with a large margin from his pursuers, again allowing himself to cross the ribbon with Russian flag in his hands.

Personal life

His chosen award-winning athlete found in the world of sports. Spouse Moses – world champion in aesthetic gymnastics. Andrew and Catherine over the years of marriage are the parents of daughter Mary.


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