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Many people suffer from excess excess weight. Many people want to get rid of it and have beautiful, slender, athletic build. There are a lot of diets, weight loss programs, training, etc. But all you need is the financial component. What if you have no opportunity to visit special places for one reason or another. Output is always there. Exercises for quick weight loss you can perform even at home! Most importantly, have the desire. If you put a real, visible goal, we can achieve great things in losing weight, and, in principle, in all. Move from opening remarks to the point.

Effective exercises for quick weight loss

So, you still made the right decision to take her figure out what to do next. Now we need to purchase inventory, given that most of the population, there are some of those things will be listed below. What guns "work" will help us to cope with the extra pounds:

Sports equipment
  • Sports pad is sold in any sports store and is not very expensive.
  • Dumbbells from 1 to 16 pounds, best place to buy generic. Then there are those that you can add or subtract weight. Usually, this is the best option, as continuous adaptation, often expensive and not practical.
  • Workout Clothes. Well, really, this inventory has absolutely all.
  • Hula Hoop or gymnastic Hoop. It is advisable to buy a filler so it does not seem easy, because from the air like a feather, won't do any good.

That's all you need from the available tools in order to perform exercises for quick weight loss in the home.


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Training for beginners

If you have no experience or had not experienced at all with the sport, then jump off the bat you don't need. To start, start to deal with basic exercises, which will subsequently lead you to more heavy loads. According to experts, 20 minutes of time for a beginner would be sufficient for the first time. But these moments need to be very productive.

All movements must be performed correctly, trying to observe. If done quickly and haphazardly, no sense from them will not. At first, exercise without weights, as you feel that this weight segment obeys you with unprecedented ease add one kilogram to the working weight.

To begin at home exercises for quick weight loss, one should conduct a thorough warm-up. Very good warm up and stretch your muscles to avoid serious injury. The standard procedure for warm-up consists of: head rotation in different directions, and straight arms 10-15 times, body and pelvis in the 8-12 times, knees and jumping jacks. Exercises for quick weight loss beginners includes (15-20 times the number of repetitions)

  • Attacks. Alternately left and right foot to lunge forward, and watch out for those that have knee bent at a right angle.
  • Proprietary. Squatting on bent legs, with the removal of direct hands in front of him.
  • Simplified push-UPS. Should take the push-up position leaning on hands and knees, start doing push-UPS at a slow pace. Action to take, keeping your back and head on the same level. Raising the body should only occur at the expense of the owner. Not to RUB knees should be spread under them, soft low pillow or a towel.
  • Raising the buttocks. Lie down on a flat surface, bend your knees and place the hands along the body. Lift the buttocks and make quick movements up and down, when lift them to the maximum point of the curve, then squeeze as much as possible.
  • Abs Workout. Again, lie down on the back. Feet bend in the knee joints. Put your hands under the head and on the exhale, raise your shoulders slowly and inhale lower them. The neck should not be tense, and only work the abdominal muscles.
  • The Horizon on one leg. Feet stay shoulder-width apart and back straight. Follow tilt forward while one leg start to retract and hold in this position for as long as possible. Then on the other leg.
  • The hula Hoop. Very good helper in the fight against fatty deposits on the waist. Also twist the hula-Hoop improves metabolism. Enough to spin the Hoop twice a day for 15-20 minutes.
  • Chest workouts. Lying on your back, take the dumbbells, raise them at the highest point and slowly spread them to the sides. When hands are at chest level, start getting them back over his head.

The Actions described above, there is nothing like easy exercises for quick weight loss. After 20 minutes they put a strain on all the muscle groups. Starting from the hands, ending the muscles of the thighs. Breaks during a workout should not be more than five minutes. Upon completion of the load should be loaded stretch of the muscle.


Cardio workout known for their, on the one hand, simplicity in terms of dependence on specific hardware, on the other hand, the complexity of their implementation. Such activities help to improve the metabolism and the heart muscle, increase performance and allow for much better feel. With accelerated metabolism, they accomplish our primary objective is to lose weight. It is believed that cardio-workout - best exercise for quick weight loss.

There are different types of aerobic exercises. Not to doing the same you can dilute your training diet such as Tae-Bo.

Tae Bo

Class Tae Bo

It Is an intensive aerobics with elements of Taekwondo, Boxing and choreography. The process is accompanied by rhythmic music. The main movements are punches and kicks, coupled with dynamic movements.

This routine is ideal for the description - exercises for quick weight loss. Doing tai-Bo, improves the health, strengthens the immune system, and, in addition to dropped pounds, you can learn the basics of self-defense.

The Optimal number of sessions will be 2-3 a week. Before training for 2 hours is forbidden to eat, from drinking solutions of only water, or vitamin cocktails.

Tai-Bo has a number of very important benefits:

  1. This kind of martial arts absolutely no contact, and the risk of getting any injury during training is minimal.
  2. On Time movements of arms and legs occurs the balance of the equilibrium and of the vestibular apparatus.
  3. Improves cardiovascular function and increases stamina.
  4. Only one hour of such work you can lose up to 800 calories, which is a very high rate.
  5. Uniform load allows you to develop all muscles simultaneously, thereby eliminating the possibility of revision of certain muscle groups in the aftermath.

The Month of such trainings will allow you to lose 4-5 pounds, they are considered to be one of the fastest exercise for weight loss. One of the advantages of this type of load is its accessibility. Enough to buy a video instruction on tai-Bo, turn it on the screen of the smartphone, computer, or TV and repeat the movements performed by the instructor.

Cardio workout is different from the usual that does not work here the rule " the longer, the better." The ideal duration of one training session is the time from 20 to 60 minutes. You should also measure heart rate when performing this type of exercise. It should not be higher than 80% of the maximum level appropriate to your body. To calculate this parameter from 220 subtract your age. At high heart contractions should consult a doctor for advice.

Make to lose weight stomach

It's not a secret that the belly and sides — a place of accumulation of fat cells. To achieve results in this area have pretty popehat. And this will help you the right exercises for quick weight loss belly and sides.


twisting exercise

Suggest to execute at the beginning and at the end of training at 15-20 times a few approaches. Back not need to keep straight, and Vice versa, you need to bend it. Lie on the floor and observe the position in which the knees are bent, and your feet will firmly rest against the surface on which you are. Hands install in position "for the back of the head of the castle". Start to lift the body to the knees taking elbows to them, then fall completely back.

Leg lifts

leg raises

When lifting foot from ground works direct the abdominal muscles. Divide the exercise into several sets of 10-15 times. Sit on more comfortable on the back, along the body extend the arms, and the legs brought together. Tighten your toes for greater efficiency and raise legs to an angle with the horizon to 70 degrees. The more bend legs in knee joints, the easier approach would be correspondingly lower effect. Try not to bend.

It was exercises for fast weight loss belly.

Make to lose weight Boca


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