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In order to workout has brought a noticeable effect a little to give them in full. A significant role is played by the diet of the athlete. It needs to be selected in such a way to provide the body with nutrients necessary for muscle growth.

The Most important components of the diet.

Muscle Growth provide three types of substances-proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, diet for muscle gain you must include foods that contains these substances as much as possible. Let's start with the proteins. These substances are "building material" for the formation of new muscle tissue. It is preferable to use animal proteins. Most of them are contained in chicken, fish, beef, legumes, protein powder concentrates, as well as in dairy products which are degreased or have a low fat content. These include cheese, milk, yogurt, cheese. In the diet of the bodybuilder proteins should be the ratio of 2 g per 1 kg of body weight of the athlete. By counting the daily intake of protein, divide that number by 5 or 6 – that is how many times it is necessary to take products containing it. Per meal the body can be absorbed no more than 30-40 grams of protein. Another version of the calculation-multiply the amount of protein in grams equal to your weight by 1 or 1.5.

The Following components that make up the diet for muscle mass – it's the carbs. The body uses them as energy source. The consumption of carbohydrates in the body are created glycogen stores which are consumed during training. If the food that enters your diet, not enough carbs, that training can only bring harm to the muscles. Depending on the speed of digestion distinguish between “quick” and “slow” carbohydrates. To “fast” includes sweet products: sugar, confectionery, candy. They are quickly absorbed by the body, so before training it is better not to use, because the energy created by them too quickly consumed. Better eat food with “slow” carbohydrates: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal porridge, brown bread, potatoes, pasta. The level of glucose in the blood will rise gradually, and this will allow you to create the body's supply of energy. Consume food containing carbohydrates, is also recommended several times a day in small portions.


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As for fats, they contribute to the development of testosterone levels. Lack of them leads to a decrease in hormone levels and drop in libido, excess is also, oddly enough, reduces the level of hormones. Making a diet to gain muscle mass, be sure to share fat no more than 15% of the total daily calories. Eat more vegetable fats and less animal. The exception – fish oil, which in large quantities contains Omega 3 fatty acids. With their help muscle tissue better absorbed glucose.

Lots of water, vitamins and natural food

In Addition to the named components, for the body is also important the presence of vitamins. Include in your diet to gain muscle mass, green vegetables such as spinach or broccoli. In addition to vitamins in leafy green vegetables contain fiber, helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Another important point – the amount of water consumed. With the beginning of muscle growth is the body's need for water increases. So try to drink more. The optimal amount of water-3.5 liters per day.

As for the quality of food, try to make it more diverse. Do not get carried away fashionable supplements containing proteins or carbohydrates. Try to eat more “live” food. Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits. Such diversity will allow you not only to enrich the body of various nutrients, but also to achieve a real growth of muscle mass. After all, on a diet of some powders and smoothies muscle, as shown by years of bodybuilding experience, to grow just don't want to.

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