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Mr-133-shotgun pump-action the type of production of Izhevsk plant, designed for hunting, self defense and law enforcement. This shotgun was developed on the basis of known models IZH-81. Serial Mr-133 was produced in 2000.Mr 133


This pump-action shotgun food ammunition is made from tubular underbarrel store. Due to the movable forearm is reloading weapons. From Mr-133, unlike the IZH-81, two rods instead of one, which positively affected the smoothness of recharge and play in the forearm. Push fuse is located behind the trigger, on the trigger guard. When enabled, it blocks the movement of the hook. After consuming the store of all cartridges have a shutter gun becomes on gate delay (a mute button is located directly in front of the trigger). On the receiver, the right side is a button for intercepting bullets. She needed to retrieve from the store cartridge, non-automatic chambering. The forearm and butt of the MP-133 are performed in either plastic or wood (walnut, birch or beech). In the option tree there is a version with pistol grip. In models with plastic trim there are modifications, which is set from the normal situation in hand - folding butt. Mr-133 also allows you to use a number of special permanent and changeable muzzle attachments. In addition, you can apply the extension of the store, increasing its capacity to two rounds.Mr 133 reviews


This is a smoothbore pump-action shotgun comes from the barrel of a 12 gauge. Used for shooting hunting ammunition and special ammunition collected in the casings of length 76 and 89 mm magazine Capacity without extension is four rounds for 76-mm and three rounds for 89-mm shell casings. The barrel of the MP-133 has, depending on modification, the following sizes: 510, 540, 610, 660, 710 and 750 mm. length of the gun with the maximum barrel is 1280 mm. the weight of the weapon is quite moderate – 3.3 kg. the Aiming part, depending on the model, can be of two types: vented rib or rear sight and front sight. Apply the following interchangeable choke tube: C, IC, IM, M, F, XF.


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For pump guns the future?

Shotguns, which reload is movable fore-end and difficult to call today, the traditional weapons of domestic hunters. The beginning of the XXI century the shotgun has been able to win some popularity among our citizens as a means of self-defense. This type of guns became widely known thanks to Hollywood thrillers in which from Popovichev firing right and left like gangsters and employees of different kinds of special forces and security structures. And here the emergence of the domestic counterparts of such weapons (and inexpensive, if compared with the imported guns) gave the opportunity to look under a completely different angle on the pump-action shotgun.trunk Mr 133

Design challenges

Mnogozadachnosti hunting rifles have always been the most attractive for professionals-fishers and hunters as lovers. This problem was solved in various ways: by having two or more barrels, automatic recharge, manual recharge by way of the reversing motion of the forearm along the axis of the barrel, using cartridge drum turret type, etc. Each of these principles in varying degrees, presents the successful and not so models of hunting rifles. And it is good to include before us Mr-133. This model has rightly earned a lot of positive feedback from its owners, within our country and abroad.folding butt Mr 133

Compare pump-action shotgun with the other hunting rifles

The Advantage of the shotgun MP-133 hunting weapon before the other classes is determined by the specific conditions of its operation. A very simple design of this model ensures the easy to care for her, even in the field, as well as the possibility of prolonged use without cleaning mechanisms in General. Manual method of recharge removes any requirements for hanging of gunpowder, a long chamber allows the use of any cartridges of the 12th caliber, including those that are loaded with reuse of spent cartridges. The risk of losing the fired cartridge cases minimum as the time of emission and direction are fully controlled by the shooter. As we have said, this gun has a weight of 3.3 kg, according to this parameter, it differs from most multi-charge hunting models that have a mass of 4 kg and above. And finally, durability, reliability, and durability of Mr-133, as well as excellent performance combined with affordable price make this weapon preferable in situations when you need long-term Autonomous existence, especially in extreme conditions.Mr gun 133

Mr-133: the owners

If you generalize the opinions of owners of the domestic pump shotgun MP-133, it is possible to distinguish three main criteria which characterize this model: reliability, mnogozadachnosti, price. Even after years of use this gun shows its best side: it's beautifulhow to shoot factory ammo, and samokrutka as lead shot, and brass, and steel. However, the owners noted the fact: people with below-average growth is difficult to shoot offhand (due to the location of the forearm). Below are the pros and cons of this model.


The advantages of the considered weapons include: high reliability, possibility of installation of various additional equipment (collimator, DTK, flashlight), a unique system of gate delays, the use of any ammunition, except for "Super Magnum". In addition, the threaded barrel allows the use of a muzzle brake compensator, extension barrel and removable chokes. Models with machine-gun butt allow you to carry supplies in a special box, allowing you to disassemble and clean weapons in the field. In addition, gun shops has a huge selection of spare parts for this gun, even though it is virtually unbreakable. However, in case of need you will not have problems with the replacement, say, stranded mainspring.butt Mr 133


1. A lot of weight, compared to the classic shotgun, especially with a larger store. But when compared to the automatic rifles, the model favorably differs from them. In fact, in the weight category of Mr-133 is a middle ground.

2. Models with machine-gun butt have a strong and painful impact, therefore, require the installation of additional rubber butt pad. Reloading this weapon requires skill. Shooting the ammo type "Magnum» exhausting, after a series of shots (10) start to hurt your ears and whining teeth, it is recommended to use headphones.

3. Uninformative documentation, for example, the mechanism of the slide stop is not completely painted.

4. After purchase has to be self-polishing internal parts.


As they say, men never grow up, so my whole life playing with toys, but with age, their Hobbies are becoming more and more. And what kid doesn't love weapons? Here adult children and choose a different hobby-related shooting: paintball, airsoft, hunting and so on. Shotgun MP-133 is a great choice for men, because it is universal. It is possible to take with you on a long journey to the cottage, camping or rafting. Pump-action shotgun can be used not only for hunting but for self defense, for these purposes, they often become truckers.

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