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Every sports club – football, basketball, hockey – has its own symbolism, one of the main elements of which is the logo. It is usually associated with story, character, significant individuals or team color.

To design the logo «Chelsea» gone for a long time. She took five different upgrades and modifications.

History the first logo of FC «Chelsea»

The First logo «Chelsea» appeared in 1905 when the team was accepted to participate in the competition of the English lower division. Is a picture of a veteran of the Seven years war, which arose between France and England. This badge was never applied to the form of Chelsea players. The old logo represented the team on posters for the match, was in use until 1952. The club earned the nickname “retired”.

Chelsea old logo

Logo «Chelsea» after 1952

After the post of General Manager of the team took Ted Drake, the club's image has significantly changed. Wanting to avoid such derisive names as “retired”, the club took the decision to change the logo «Chelsea». She took a whole new look.

After so many of the games the team earned the nickname “blue”, based on the color of the form. This became the basis for a new icon. It shows intertwined initials on a blue background. All this surrounded by a white double outline, which creates a kind of shield. This type of emblem has been on view just one season.


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logo Chelsea

Emergence of a completely new icon after 1953

Following the emblem of the team took on a rather pleasant visual appearance. In its development was attended by all current at the time the leadership team. It depicts the following elements:

  • Base, blue circle – coat of arms of the London borough of Chelsea.
  • Lion of Stamford. Designed by club President Earl Cadogan.
  • Staff. Taken from redictor the Abbot of Westminster.
  • Roses and a soccer ball. Represent England and play.
  • The Inscription, which reads: “the Football club "Chelsea"”.

logo Chelsea FC

For a Long time, namely 33 years, the logos represented the club at the world level. Prior to 1960, the club did not have any emblem stripes on the form. One season was released a few kits for the players, but it was not enough.

Drawing a new icon was taking a long time. In addition to the emblem of the club was released a simplified version for faster sewing.

The English League at that time already represented a lot of bands, good playing football. «Chelsea» had a special authority and a very tight schedule of games so the decision was simply a necessity. Were also added two stars on the sides of the lion, demonstrating the victory in the FA Cup in the early 70's. Round logo «Chelsea» official familiar with the team.

Changes in 1986-2005 years

soccer Chelsea

logo Chelsea

More and more clubs soccer arenas tried to change and create different images, background, symbols to improve the image of the team. It touched and FC «Chelsea». In Vogue new types of symbols.

The change has long been familiar picture came in several variants, on which was depicted a lion walking, looking in the direction, to the left of it –English letter “C” – CHELSEA, below the abbreviation of ‘FC” – football club.

Also changed the color of a lion: to the usual exceptionally blue added yellow. You could sometimes see red color. Background, on which was located the very emblem of FC «Chelsea», was predominantly blue. All the elements were placed in a circle, or had nothing superfluous, except for abbreviations and the lion.

After the change of the Board of Directors began the fifth attempt developing a unique symbolism. A good team performance increased the growth of sold production of the club. It was decided to revert to a previous version, but more advanced. Many fans could not imagine something new. This type stayed on the shirts of the team for 19 years.

logo Chelsea

Modern logo «Chelsea» after long completions

Approaching the next holiday, the first significant anniversary-100 years since the founding of the club.

On the centenary of the club in November 2004, Peter Kenyon was a surprise.

At a press conference in may 2005, he said: “We are entering a new era, football «Chelsea» filled with a rich history and we are proud of team legacy. The new logo is based on the already presented version of the fifties, it underscores our traditions and hope to be able to represent the club next century”.

The logo «Chelsea» is relevant. Differences from the third option, developed in 1953, are making the icon completely round shape, the name of the club written in block English letters, white background.

logo Chelsea

For the guest form is usually used a black emblem on a yellow background.

logo Chelsea


For such a long time has developed a very rich history of the club. Football «Chelsea» continues to remain at the highest level. It is known to all. Logo «Chelsea» a well recognizable not only in England but throughout Europe, as the club has many awards of world importance. It has become an integral part of the team.


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