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Alexander Vladimirovich Gusev – ice hockey player who became a true legend. In 60-70 years he was part of the USSR national team on hockey, which the professional game has conquered millions of hearts not only in our country but also far abroad. Alexander Gusev was in the team as a defender and played for the second number. It was a Grand time for Soviet and Russian hockey. Played then the real masters of their craft, an example of which to this day inspires modern sports youth.

Sports biography of Alexander Gusev

Gusev hockey playerJanuary 21, 1947 in Moscow was born a hockey player Alexander Gusev. His biography is very rich in all sorts of sporting achievements over the years. So, he became a double world and European champion in 1973 and 1974. In 1976 Gusev won the title of Olympic champion. Since 1968, he became seven-time champion of the USSR. And this is only the most striking of his awards. Just in the Championships of the Soviet Union Alexander Vladimirovich Gusev spent 313 matches. Scored in the opponent's 64 goals. At the European Championships, Olympics and world Gusev played 42 matches. For these games in the opponent he's got 12 goals.

Style of play

Watching the game Alexander Gusev, we will not see a lot of different hockey feints and tricks. However, his demeanor in defence was effective and exceptionally reliable. Teammates could always rely on him. He took away the puck from an opponent, as often seemed totally relaxed and easy. In addition to a good external data, such as height and long arms, Gusev also had a great click, his shot was well-supplied, strong and accurate.

As noted by the players of the canadian hockey team, bitter rivals of the USSR national team, Gusev – ice hockey player, wherein the game is a harsh rigidity. He had excellent speed, sharpness, and virtually absent a sense of fear, so he, when necessary, to confidently engage in the power struggle. In addition, Gusev and often connected to the attacks of his team, scoring a lot of goals. For these qualities he has earned the respect of his sports opponents and the love of the fans. How brilliant Gusev Alexander Vladimirovich (hockey player), photo and video matches of those years clearly player Gusev biography

Features of Soviet hockey

Soviet hockey was famous by numerous generations of the legendary players whose names went down in the sporting history of the country. Among them, of course, and hockey player. His biography includes playing teams SKA MVO and SKA Leningrad. But Alexander especially likes to remember, how played CSKA in tandem with Valery Vasiliev, and ahead was the legendary trio of forwards – Kharlamov, Mikhailov and Petrov. It was an amazing years, the Soviet players played from the heart, without “dirt” on player Alexander Gusev biography

Of Course, hockey – quite a tough game, but in Soviet time it was slightly different. Hockey, of course, was cruel, but above all, he remained fast and fluid. A fight on the ice field in full view of the audience was at the time a rare phenomenon.

What launched the career of Gusev?

Future athlete was Born 21 January 1947 in Moscow. The first skates, according to Alexander, he gave his father, when the future hockey player was only four years old. Since riding in the yard of his Arctic Fox street on compacted snow, Gusev literally sick hockey. The father also himself had done for his son's first club. Ten years Gusev enrolled in a section of CSKA. In this he was for once in my life have helped your kind patronage. The fact that Guseva in the first section did not take, but his mother, who worked in CSKA accountant and had some influence, persuaded the coach of Boris Afanasyev to change his mind.

So, thanks to the efforts of both parents, the world learned what a unique Gusev hockey player. Career counsel-the legend has begun. Of course not everything was easy and smooth skill needed how to sharpen and his place in the team CSKA Moscow to win. With special thanks to Alexander Gusev remembers everything we taught him the second coach after Afanasiev – Andrey Starovoytov. He is truly a virtuoso skating. Coach often taught not in words but in practice, he showed how and what to do. In an interview, Gusev has noticed that in those days young hockey players in training give more play to burn off excess energy. And it was much more helpful than a theory.


Gusev AlexanderVladimirovich hockey player photoIn the biography of Alexander V. it is noteworthy that although the Gusev – hockey player who was happy to give himself to the beloved sport, he never forgot about his family, although I could not give my family a very long time. On the earned money it is always in a hurry to buy gifts for his beloved wife Nina and his mother. About yourself thought last. Famous coach Epstein was often called Guseva "pure soul", and the striker Valery Kharlamov joked that with him even intelligence that is not afraid to go. “the dies, and friend help me out” – these words are really about him.

Image Guseva in the movie

Thanks to modern cinema, we can to some extent see, what was Gusev hockey player. The image in the movie Alexander appears in the 2012 film, the “Legend No. 17”. It tells of the legendary and truly committed performance of the Soviet hockey team.

Gusev hockey careerAlthough the main character of the film is Valery Kharlamov – a brilliant striker, but on the screen before the viewer is presented also Gusev – ice hockey player and equally brilliant defender. As in life, in the film, he is one of the closest associates and friends Kharlamov. Together they begin to is not an easy path to glory. Famous hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov of the Moscow directs the guys to play in Chelyabinsk oblast for a little-known “Star”. But what at first seemed a setback, and in the end brings Kharlamov and Gusev real success.

After a rental movie has not received any bad or negative feedback, only compliments. In “Legend No. 17” really managed to show vividly the atmosphere of Soviet 70-ies and the awesome will to win of the players of those years.

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