Leg exercises with weights: squats, lunges. A set of exercises, technique recommendations


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Chic embossed body now wants to have each person. Beautiful muscles you always want to show to others, but not everyone knows how to build them correctly. Most often, both women and men train the lower body, so specially for these individuals designed exercises for legs with dumbbells. They can be performed in a gym, or independently at home.

exercises for legs at home with dumbbells

Effective exercises for legs with dumbbells

The Skilled athletes, of course, know how to prepare a suitable program based on their own forces. It must include leg exercises with dumbbells that can help you become an owner of gorgeous legs.

Beginners don't know what they're capable of, so without the help of professionals to cope fails. With the aim to build muscle legs they can go to the gym, but this opportunity not everyone has, so in this case, the necessary home exercises for legs with dumbbells. The following is the best option, which is used by not only beginners but also more experienced. It includes exercises that work out different muscle groups. To run it you only need to take dumbbells, a Mat, comfortable clothing and also set aside a little time to class.

Warm up

A Very important point before performing any leg exercises with dumbbells at home is a workout. It takes no more than 15 minutes, so to miss it is by no means impossible. In the warm-up must include:

  • Jogging in place for one minute with raised knees;
  • At a fast pace for about 10 jumps forward;
  • Alternate leg swings forward, sideways and backward;
  • Up to 20 lifts on the socks without extra weight;
  • Standard stretching (standing and sitting);
  • Scissors standing (making one foot step forward and another back, you need to rearrange them in the jump).

After the warm-up process is completed, it is time to start doing leg exercises with dumbbells. The following complex is included lunges, squats, and also some additional exercises that complete the training, giving a final dose load on the leg muscles.exercises for legs with dumbbells


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Bulgarian lunges

Beginners little known kind of exercise, so they are unlikely to know how to do lunges with dumbbells of this type. In this case, the shells load the targeted muscles.

To run you need to take dumbbells in hands, stand with your back to flat bench or chair and make a wide step forward with one foot and lift the second foot should be placed on a bench or chair. The supporting leg should be slightly bent at the knee, the back should be kept straight, and look all the time to send forward.

Inhale, you need to go down slowly, while bending the supporting leg and at the same time tilting the body forward. The bottom will be the point at which the hip of the supporting leg will become parallel to the floor. You should then breathe out and slowly rise, but not to straighten the knee completely.squat with dumbbells for girls

In the first week of training for the beginners it will be enough to perform 8-10 reps in 2-3 sets. When do they become easier, increase the reps by 5.

Side lunges

Exercise, well work out the quadriceps of the thigh, is very useful not only for building the gorgeous figure, but also to strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

As in the previous exercise, dumbbell the required weight needed to hold. The first step is to assume the role of soldier (stand up straight, placing your feet together), and keep your hands in front of him.

One leg must be swung to the side at a distance equal to twice width of shoulders. You then shift the weight on one leg, slowly bending it at the knee, thus averting the pelvis back, and the body tilting forward. Back during the attack should be slightly arched, and one of the legs – even. Reaching the bottom point, need rapidly to return to its original position, and then change the leg and repeat all the same.quadriceps-thigh

The Number of sets and reps needs to be considered in the same way as in the previous exercise.

Plie Squat

Now it's time to start doing favorite squats with dumbbells. For girls this kind of sit-UPS plays a very important role. Because with the help of plies is possible to get rid of cellulite and turn fat into muscle. Although for some it sounds strange, perform squats of this type can not only girls. Men also do not mind the use of its own adductor muscles and the gluteal muscles.

For this exercise you will need only one dumbbell, but more weight. It is necessary to capture the base over the disc with both hands. Feet should be placed shoulder width apart, turning your socks out 45 degrees.

Without bending the back and bringing the knees, should take a deep breath and descend into the squat to a position where the thigh and lower leg form a straight angle. At this point, you need to stay for about 3-5 seconds, all the while being in tension. You should then exhale and rise up to the originalposition, without straightening his legs to the end.exercises for legs with dumbbells

To Start doing squats plie recommended 2 approaches for 5-8 reps. In each subsequent workout, increase the number of repetitions by 1.


Another perfect squats with dumbbells for women and men. They are well known, because many people perform these exercises just as a morning exercise. Squats are effective for quadriceps thighs and buttocks. They are a great alternative to squats, which not everyone can place in your home.

In each hand should take a dumbbell of sufficient weight, while holding a neutral grip, turning the palm to the body. Feet should be place slightly wider than shoulder width, toes spreading slightly to the side, and hands should be lowered along the body.

With your back Straight and inhale, you want to take your pelvis back and carry out a squat by bending both knees. Reaching parallelism of the thighs and the floor, you should exhale and slowly return to the starting position, making a push with my heels. Approaching the highest point, no need to straighten the legs completely.how to do lunges with dumbbells

Since the exercise is simple, to fulfill it will last longer than the previous one. Beginners who have not yet developed the muscles, you should start with 3 approaches, each with 15 repetitions. Weekly the number of repetitions you need to increase by about 5-8 times. More experienced athletes who want to maintain their form at home, you need to do 3-4 approach 25-30 repetitions.

Additional exercises

In Addition to the main, there are also additional exercises with dumbbells for legs and buttocks. They should also pay attention, because they will be the perfect end to any workout.

Such exercises with weights for leg muscles is recommended to perform both beginners and professionals with the aim of obtaining the maximum effect.

Dead lift

The First exercise is the dead lift that is executed on straight legs using dumbbells. It focuses on the study of the muscles of the buttocks and the back of the thigh.

Picking up a dumbbell, standing straight and bringing the blades, you need to put your feet hip distance apart, prognuv the back in the lumbar. Hands with dumbbells you can keep either your side or in front of him. Be sure your knees to relax and bend slightly. While thrust is necessary to look only forward, focusing on the exercise without being distracted by external factors.

Inhale, you need to tilt your body forward, take pelvis back and keeping the knees still. Dumbbells must be kept at some distance from the shins. At this time you should stretch the muscles at the lowest point remained in this position for about two seconds, but no more. Then you want to make a smooth exhale and gradually rise to your starting position. In the last point, be aware of the mixing blades.exercises with dumbbells for legs and buttocks


This exercise is a simplified version of the standard thrust of the post. The majority of the load when you perform on the muscles of the back and legs.

Dropping into a deep squat position, you should straight grip to take dumbbells in both hands. Back must be straight, thus it is necessary to strain muscles of the bark. On the exhale, you need to lift. Clearly taking the starting position, it is required to place feet wider than shoulder width, bend at the waist and lower the hands with shells.

Gathering his strength, to do tilt forward, while simultaneously taking back the pelvis and bending your knees. When the dumbbell touches the knees, should gradually return to its original position, first straightening the knees and then straightening the back.

The Rise of wearable

The Simplest exercise to strengthen calf muscles, can easily be performed in a gym, at home, on the street. It is ideal not only for people who connected their lives with sports, but also to those who daily overcomes a considerable distance on foot.

Taking a dumbbell, standing straight and stretching his arms along the body, should the foot be positioned so that the heel is stood resolutely on the floor. The feet need to plant a little wider than shoulder width.

Making the exhale, slowly rise on tiptoe as high as possible and reaching the highest point, to stay about one or two seconds. You should then inhale and slowly descend to the starting position. It is advisable not to touch the floor and heels all the time to keep the muscles of the legs tense, but if at first to keep the balance does not work, then we can touch heels to the surface.

During upgrades do not need to bend your knees, because in this case, exercise had become a squat and, accordingly, the desired effect will not be obtained. At desire it is possible to carry out lifts on both legs at once, and on one, alternating them in a certain number of repetitions.

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