Cobra pose in yoga: benefits and harms


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Bhujangasana, or Cobra pose in yoga is a classic and is mentioned in ancient texts as asana, which he admired Mahatma Gandhi. Fourth pose has not only positive traits but negative. The article will explain in detail about the benefits and harms of Cobra pose in yoga, as well as familiarize with asanas that should be performed after it.Cobra pose in yoga photo


Bhujangasana has a really strong healing effect on the human body, particularly to the kidneys. Cobra pose in yoga stimulates the endocrine glands, strengthens abdominal muscles, increases lung capacity, stimulates the activity of the parathyroid and thyroid glands, and leads to activity of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, this exercise charges the body with energy, develop inner strength, intelligence and a sense of confidence in himself. Special benefits Cobra pose in yoga is responsible for people suffering from scoliosis, kidney stones, various kidney diseases, and adrenal.

Asana restores the position of the vertebral disc, if it fell out, and eliminates back pain. Cobra pose in yoga for spine straightening is ideal. Pinched and not quite flexible spine will put a barrier in the path of the nerve impulses from the brain to the body, while arching my back feels blood flow and stimulation of nerve endings, that is quite a positive effect on the body. In yoga the spine is a priority, because it all rests.Cobra pose in yoga benefits

The Cobra Pose in yoga is useful for women in that it significantly improves the condition of the uterus and ovaries, eliminates menstrual disorders and other gynaecological problems.

Bhujangasana stimulates the appetite, has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs and eliminates constipation. When the liver and kidneys are exposed to a good massage, which helps to improve their work.

If you look at asana from the perspective of the pranic body, it has a strong beneficial effect for all agencies that have some connection with the energy centers of the body (Anahata, Svadhisthana, Vishuddhi chakra and manipura).

Cobra Pose in yoga: contraindications

Despite many positive features, asana may cause harm to human health. Cobra pose in yoga has the following contraindications:

  • Peptic ulcer disease;
  • Hyperthyroidism;
  • Hernia;
  • Intestinal tuberculosis.

If there is At least one disease perform the asana only under the guidance of doctor. In addition to these points it should also be noted contraindications in which Cobra pose in yoga for the spine are strictly prohibited:


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  • Infringement disk;
  • Acute phase of sciatica;
  • The displacement of the vertebrae;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Acute state of organs of abdominal region.

Cobra pose in yoga for the spine


Asana is quite easy, because it is not necessary to possess a gorgeous stretch or have strong muscles. After reviewing photos of the Cobra pose in yoga, which is described in the article, almost everyone can complete it the first time. But still, to protect yourself from injuries, beginners should do it according to the instructions:

  1. Lying on the floor face down, you should stretch your legs at the same time holding the feet to each other, and straining the knees. Hands should be placed on both sides of the chest with fingers forward.
  2. Making the exhalation and uperevshis palms to the floor, you have to gradually raise the body until the pubis will not touch the floor. It is necessary to evenly distribute the weight of the body that he had on his feet and on the palm.
  3. Reducing the buttocks, and pressing his feet to each other, pull the chest forward and up at the same time, placing the shoulders back and down. In this position, it is recommended to stay for 20-30 seconds, then bend your elbows and then slowly down to starting position. The asana should be repeated about 2-3 times.

It is Important to remember that when lifting the torso pubic bone all the time should remain on the floor, and the navel should be lifted by about 3 cm. If you raise the navel above, the bend will not be back, and knees. Arching his back, hands do not have to keep fully extended because it depends on the flexibility of the back.Cobra pose in yoga benefits and harms

End position

The Pose of Bhujangasana has two variants, the end position:

  1. Prognuv back, to stay in the final posture as much how it allows you to make a feeling of comfort.
  2. For the more active, you can use the dynamic option: after reaching the end position, you need to hold your breath for a few seconds, then lower to the floor and repeat the asana a few times.

Being in the end position, it is necessary to pay attention to the shoulders - they should not be raised. Asana is correctly performed only in the case if the shoulders are lowered and laid back, and the chest high and spread wide.

Out of his

Making the exhale, slowly lower head of the line forward and down, simultaneously bending arms, lowering belly button, then chest, shoulders and forehead on the floor. Furtherit is necessary to relax the back muscles, particularly lower back. This is considered one cycle, and, as mentioned above, all cycles can be few if you select the dynamic option of the asana.Cobra pose in yoga right


The Cobra Pose in yoga is properly done only in case of observance of the following rules:

  • The palm must be touching the floor and arrange them not narrower than shoulder width;
  • The shoulders should always be pulled back and down;
  • Chest must be expanded and open;
  • The neck to stretch and lengthen in the process of doing the Cobra pose;
  • Legs are strictly prohibited to relax and spread;
  • The knees should be stretched during the lifting of the trunk and in the end position;
  • Reaching the highest point, buttocks you may want to compress and not relax to the prolapse of the body.

The subtleties of execution

At the initial stage of the asanas it is necessary to raise the body solely by the muscles of the back, with no helping hands that will protect the vertebrae of the lumbar from unnecessary pressure and will start up the thorax.

Throwing back his head back, you activate the thyroid gland. We should not relax the neck, thus constricting her. Experts recommend doing the asanas with her head thrown back, and then drop the chin and pull the top up, at the same time increasing the pressure on the abdomen. This contributes to the revitalization of the kidneys, and the adrenal glands.Cobra pose in yoga

In Bhujangasana there are several ways to work with note:

  • Collect all the attention on the thyroid gland, with the breath moving it to the coccyx along the line of the spine, and exhale to return back along the same path;
  • Focus in the area between the eyebrows and at the same time to observe the condition of his own body.

Particular attention should be paid to the breath. Lift the trunk is required only on the breath. Reaching the end position, you should breathe normally or to hold breath (for dynamic execution). When the body is gently lowered, it is necessary to do an exhalation.

At once the specialists are allowed to perform approximately five cycles, it is recommended to gradually increase the time spent in the target position. In this case, it is not about dynamic version, because then in the end position is allowed to breathe.

Common errors

In Bhujangasana, people often make mistakes, because of which it not only brings sufficient benefit, but may contribute to the injury. The most common errors are:

  • Not fully disclosed chest;
  • Don't do the correct and uniform camber;
  • Is too overloaded and shrinks back.

Cobra pose in yoga for spine straightening

Complication asanas

People, for a long time doing yoga, classic Cobra pose often bored, so they're looking at options for its modification. To complicate asana, you can:

  1. First is the usual Bhujangasana, crossed feet, and after a while the crosshair changes and the position is repeated again. If a person suffers from scoliosis that feeling when crossing the legs will be different, so you should find the position in which the asana is done harder and hold it a little longer.
  2. Perform the classic pose of the Cobra, need to breath to turn the upper body to the right lead the eye to the left heel and holding the breath. On the exhale should return to the starting position and then inhale and repeat the same in the other direction.
  3. Making the final version of the asanas, you need to apply the chest slightly forward while lifting it even higher, while increasing the deflection and taking the head as before. Performing a variant of the Cobra posture, it is necessary to evenly distribute tension throughout the body (starting from feet and joined together to the top of the head).

Poses before and after Cobra

As was mentioned at the beginning of the article, Bhujangasana is the base position, and therefore, it can be done every day. If in addition there is a desire to experience other asanas, the Cobra pose should be done before or after the POS forward. For example, Bhujangasana can be performed after Paschimottanasana that will help her to show maximum benefit.

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