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There is a perception that precious time on a morning fishing, is not considered a routine life. Near water, in absolute silence, it is possible to relieve the heavy burden of daily worries, to relax, to become yourself. But to refuse lucrative offers to go fishing in good company for the reason that gear is not prepared, does not want. You can prepare now!

Unique gear for a great catch

fish Tu GOU foldable rod owner reviews

In order to have a good catch and fishing was not in vain, you can take one invention of modernity called rod "fish Tu GOU". This compact tackle always ready for successful fishing. Rod "fish Tu GOU" Has the necessary set of lures, so fishing you can go at any time. After he received the invitation to go fishing, you can easily take it on the road for a big catch.

Easy bait "fish Tu GOU" can be decomposed in seconds. It differs sufficient strength, able to catch fish in total devil more than 3 kg. And a set of high-quality silicone baits will always be useful. Winter does not have to frantically look for a suitable lure. Spinning folding system has all the necessary Arsenal to fishing was the most successful.

Original rod "fish Tu GOU": great benefits

rod fish Tu GOU reviews

This modern tackle has many advantages, for which it is valued by many experienced fishermen.

  • Strength of a folding mechanism;
  • Comfortable hand;
  • Will fit into an extra gear;
  • Due to the compact size it can be freely placed in a small glove compartment of the car, average travel bag or briefcase;
  • Great fishing without much hassle: in the presence of the bait and a suitable bait;
  • No bulky cases with the gear;
  • Any chance to fish is not left unattended;
  • Rod is freely expanded to the required dimensions;
  • Easy care;
  • Convenience for storage and transportation;
  • Lightweight design
  • The handle of the fishing rod holder reel, the retainer is made of high quality non-slip material;
  • Due to the special structure of the coil and the presence of 6 fishing line guide rings will never go awry;
  • Will fit perfectly and for larger fish, the fishing line can withstand such a load;
  • Has 2 rings for hanging fishing rods folded to a backpack.

A Wonderful gift for the novice fisherman "fish Tu GOU" - foldable rod (the owner reviews say this). It is also important to know how to use the gear to bring the maximum benefit.


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Application Procedure

fishing rod fish 2 go reviews

For starters, the bait must be unpacked, to reveal, to firmly lock with spring bolt, located inside the handle. After these steps you should not forget to adjust the necessary tension of the line. To do this, rotate clockwise the handle of the coil to create maximum tension and counterclockwise to slightly loosen the tension.

To Throw the tackle you need in this way: by pressing and holding the locking handle, lift up the rod directly overhead, then slightly bend in the direction to the right. Next you need to wave the rod forward, release the latch at the time when the device tilts to the left vertically. As soon as the spoon touches the water, you need to rotate the handle of the coil, smoothly reeling the line. Caught fish at the maximum recommended output tight line.

Key features of the rod

rod fish Tu GOU

The Average length of the alignment from 30 to 127.

Included are 16 effective fish-baits:

- 2 clear;

- 1 opaque copy;

- 1 translucent appearance.

Perhaps, for major competitions the professionals tackle this, not much, but for the average recreational fishermen will fit perfectly. They will be very grateful for such a comfortable rod that is always kept in the car glove box, always handy. Such rod - full guarantee good fishing.

Original rod "fish Tu GOU": reviews

rod fish Tu GOU

This high-quality tackle is a hit for men in the Internet, it is recognized by many. Consumers already appreciate all the opportunities that gives you the "fish of Tu GOU", the reviews say about it. This rod is recognized as one of the best, is the best option for fishing with friends on the nature. Clients know that "fish Tu GOU" - a foldable fishing rod, owner reviews detailed coverage of all its benefits. Its real benefits can only assess in practice. About "fish 2 go" reviews, mostly positive. It is perfectly cope with their tasks. Many fishermen have purchased it after the, after the practical tests they recommend to their friends to also order bait "fish Tu GOU". It is very easy to use and does not occupy much space.

Fishermen have noted the useful properties possessed by the fishing rod to "fish Tu GOU", reviews contain more detailed information about it. All the fishermen happyyour purchase to another tackle to exchange it is not ready.

Perfect for gift

fish 2 go reviews

Those who are still thinking what to give your man for the holidays, can pay attention to this fishing tackle, because fishermen will be pleased with a profitable gift. Best option for present - rod "fish Tu GOU", customer reviews are also write about it. Loved ones will remember this gift for a long time and will be happy with them 100%. In addition, the cost of gear is quite acceptable, for the excellent quality. So you can take advantage of the great offer and give your family such a pleasure.

"fish Tu GOU" - a useful gear

order the bait fish Tu GOU

"fish Tu GOU" (collapsible rod) owner reviews gets a positive character, they talk about the quality of this gear, its compact size. Take this rod on a fishing trip with friends is not a shame, because there has everything you need for successful fishing. Put her in 3 seconds. Do I need every rod "fish 2 GOU"? Reviews say about that in the affirmative, because fishing is so convenient.

You do not have to think about where and how to store it, because it couples simplicity and convenience in storage. This rod performed well when fishing for predatory fish. The fishing line thus do not tangle due to the presence of a convenient mechanism. Such a gift will not give up any one fisherman. After he will actually feel the spinning, he will not want to take with you on fishing other gear, because this is able to compete with other models.

8 reasons to purchase this fishing rod

These are the main reasons why many fishermen bought the fishing-rod:

  • High quality performance;
  • Due to the compact shape easily fits even in the glove box;
  • The possibility of catching large specimens up to 3 kg;
  • A convenient set of tools;
  • Easy storage.
  • The presence of a unique tension system that prevents the line to get confused;
  • Great opportunity to please a man such a valuable gift.

This is, perhaps, all that happy "fish Tu GOU" (collapsible rod). Owner reviews really confirm this. Many attribute this instance to the pocket options. Thanks to the robust material from which to create a spinning, it will last long enough. This rod is worthy to be in the Arsenal of any aspiring fisherman. The spinning created of carbon steel which makes its design durable and lightweight.

The Model is very convenient when catching with one hand. Telescopic system allows you to easily collect the spinning to the small size that makes it convenient in transportation and storage. Everyone first applied this folding spinning, will be satisfied by its purchase. It is important that the product was original, because nowadays, you see many fakes of much lesser value but of low quality. So buy this product is only in a specialty store, which is ready to provide guarantees of quality. The only way to fully protect yourself from available substitutions the rod. Do not miss this great opportunity if you have a chance to use it and try out the fishing on the practice right now. Quality fishing rod is a guarantee that fishing will not be in vain, and tired but happy fishermen coming home with empty hands. Compact "fish Tu GOU" - the choice of real men, from which no one can resist! Enjoy fishing right now!

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