Hooks carp: fishing, sizes and types


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Hooks carp are an integral part of the snap to catch this type of fish. Their main task is to ensure samozasiti, while for many other types of equipment, such functions are not assigned.

hooks carp

What determines the result

Fishing Hooks carp are now available in different variations, they have different options, the cost, and are made by many Russian and foreign firms. Is the main difference between such products from the devices to float snap-in fixing bait with hair.

Depends on the effectiveness of samozasiti from a variety of conditions, such as matching the size of the hook and the nozzle, the length of the thread, the material used for the leash and its length, weight of sinkers, the design of the apparatus for catching, literacy, and compliance with the existing environmental conditions. A special role is played by the hook and its characteristics, in particular the size, kind, severity, materials used for production properties of the wire.

Important additions

Any model must necessarily be equipped with a ring on the shank and have a very sharp sting. The ring is needed for fixing “bezuslovnym" method, which ensures not only strong and fast commit, but the use of hair the desired length for the nozzle. The specificity of carp fishing is that if a fisherman releases the fishing pole from his hands and promptly undermines the extraction at the first signs of bites, since paklava and before the cuttings can pass as a few seconds or several minutes.


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carp hooks ovner


In specialized stores, as a rule, products having the eyelet to the bend in the inner side. They are common due to their versatility and possibility of use with most equipment. These carp hooks “Ovner" they are a notch subject to proper attachment to the leash.

The Highest efficiency is achieved with the help of “bezuslovnogo node”. The product is scrolled during capture and greater reliability compared with the forearm. Suitable for placement in the pond it is best to use rigid leashes. Since forming the desired angle between the vehicle and the bait is so important the system.

Direct hooks carp are less popular and are used typically for fishing near the surface of the water. The main feature is the placement of the product over the trap so that it went unnoticed for carp. To increase efficiency, many fishermen use a thin tube with a curved shape, a method of orienting a leash acquires a similarity with the curved option.

fishing hooks carp

How to catch a big fish

Special performance have fit with the forearm facing the inner side and having a greater length. This is achieved through a qualitative turn in the mouth of a carp, this option allows you to catch careful and big fish. But in this case it is quite traumatic for aquatic life. These hooks for carp fishing convenient in cluttered areas with a high probability of hooks provided add-soft leads in a small length. A quick coup of the fixtures reduces the likelihood of maplevania carp.

It is believed that larger fish are best to catch the hooks having a straight tip. While curved products are more dense consolidation in the lip of the fish. Regardless, as long as the fixture was the most durable and sharp.

The principle of operation of the hook also affects the shape of the tip. Best picks on a direct tip, but a form bending in the inner direction is more density in the fixing lip. Also they are not as blunt quickly when used in the conditions of messy bottom, which is especially true if the surface is strewn with shells, gravel and other hard items.

hooks for carp fishing

How to choose

Do Not forget about such characteristics as the width of the poddevom. With insufficient size increases the probability of gathering as hooks carp will cling to the edge of the lips. Too big width also unwanted, it contributes to the increase of load and likelihood of loss of production because of extension or breakdown of the product.

The hook should be selected in accordance with the fishing conditions, including the anatomical features of the individuals living in a particular pond. Thoroughly inspect the appearance of the lips of fish. In rivers and lakes with a soft bottom, the main diet is bloodworms carp, which is why they have a very thin soft lips. In reservoirs with a large number of solid elements on the bottom and shells, which often feed on fish, on the contrary the lips, usually very rough. Do not forget about such features, not to increase the number of gatherings. Even the best carp hooks made of thick wire can be inefficient to the system, and not to break hard fish lip, in spite of the excellent sharpening. At that time, in the course of playing a piece of wire with a small diameter is likely to tear delicate lips with water inhabitants.

the best carp hooks

The Edge

If the hook is sharp, it will not slide over the nail, even with minimal pressure. Sting must be absolutely smooth side surface without mechanical defects, damage and burrs. To verify the absence of defects, it is necessary to hold your finger on the side of the stinger.

If damage or lack of sharpness of the product should be disposed of, it should be noted that the device for catching must be stored in areas inaccessible to children and Pets.

Sizes of carp hooks

As such, the dimension of the single numbering does not exist. The values show only the approximate dimensions of the product, not the individual elements. All manufacturers use different sizing grid and model markings. The only General caveat is that the size of the product decreases with increasing values.

Among the fishermen interested in catching carp, common hooks from size 2 to 8. Other options are used much less frequently.

sizes of carp hooks

Proportionality equipment

Among the important features of a successful fishing it is worth noting the correspondence of sizes applicable attachments and hooks. With the increase in the size of the nozzle must be greater adaptation to reduce the likelihood of gatherings. However, if you use a large nozzle and a small hook difficulty will be greater than with a small head and a big hook.

Despite the advantages, the devices with a long forearm that provides high-quality serif, they become less useful when playing production – with the increase of the forearm becomes greater mechanical effect on the lip of a carp, and as a result, increasing the risk of gathering even minimal weakening of the thread.

Using a tube of heat-shrinkable material to extend the stinger allows to combine the positive aspects of the devices with small forend and products with a long element in the process of playing, and ticks. In addition, hooks carp, called “banana”, causing the inhabitants of visible damage due to frequent double perforation.

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