Where now stands Kamil Agalarov?


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Kamil Agalarov, the younger brother of the legendary midfielder Anji Ruslan Agalarov, long followed in his footsteps, however, after the scandalous departure of Makhachkala club have gone out of sight of the fans.

Start a career

Agabekovich Kamil Agalarov was born on 11 June 1988 in the village of Kadar, near Makhachkala. At school age the young Russian joined the football school in his hometown at age 16 and got his first command - "Anzhi-Khazar", where a few years earlier were made by his brother Ruslan. The successes of his younger Agalarov was quickly noticed by another club, which previously played its big brother - Makhachkala "Dynamo", which at that time played in the First division of the championship of Russia, and the young defender has signed a contract with a new team.

Kamil Agalarov

In the course of two seasons Kamil Agalarov gained experience in the "blue and white", 16 times on the pitch. But in 2006 due to financial problems the club was dissolved, and only began to open up Beck moved to Chornomorets, who played in the League one level below. The team is from Novorossiysk allowed Camille to feel the taste of victory, and a year later as the champion of the Second division, he signed a contract with Makhachkala "Anji".

The Advent of "Anji"

Due to the success of the older brothers, Kamil Agalarov, had a small advance in the "Anji", however, before you start playing for the Makhachkala club, he was sent for six months to rent in "Dagdizel". Debut for the "yellow" the defender was held in August 2008, and for the rest of the season the player took part in 8 meetings, making one effective pass. The game by Camille liked the coaching staff of "Anzhi", and the following season he received more playing time in 25 meetings, having made three assists and coming with the club in the Premier League.


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Kamil Agalarov nationality

In the main League of the country the defender made his debut immediately - his first appearance took place in March 2010 in a match against CSKA and the first goal for Anji was only in June of the same year, the Bey sent one of the three goals against Samara "Wings". Some experts noted the growth of the player and even suggested that soon the first list of candidates for the national team of Russia will fall and Kamil Agalarov, whose nationality is Dargin. But beginning next season, the defender is not formed, and he began to receive less playing time as in the championship 2012/2013. Dissatisfied with his position in June 2013, the footballer moved to FC Rostov.

Passing entry in the "Rostov"

However, in the new club Kamil Agalarov, a photo of which you often see in the press after the event, stayed long. Two months later Beck returned to the Makhachkala club, who in the summer made the decision to change development strategy. In the "Anji" the defender has also appeared infrequently, and the results of the championship the team was in Germany.

Kamil Agalarov photo

The Season in the First division could revive his career, but surely as a player of the starting lineup, Kamil Agalarov failed in the middle of the championship, having sat on the bench. "Anji" just a year back in the Premier League, and the defender tried to use this event to return to the core of the team, and in mid-season gave a successful series, making one assist, but because of the interests of the club in the spring of 2016 Agalarov broke the contract. Since the player is in the status of a free agent, but despite the existing proposals, a new team was not selected.

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