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The Olympics is a cultural event in sports. Appeared in the socialist States of the twentieth century. Nowadays, being on the territory of the former Soviet countries.Olympics is sports day aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, promote the sport, give the opportunity to compete to athletes. There are several types of such events.


The Olympics is a competition in the first place the socialist countries. The notion appeared in the twenties in Germany. Among left-wing activists was the popular image of the Gladiator Spartacus, who led a slave revolt in Ancient Rome. In his honor, was named the competition. They were held exclusively between the representatives of the Communist and socialist parties. Then this definition has become popular in the Soviet Union.

In the twenties, the Olympic movement went into decline. At the games of the twenty-fourth year, there were athletes from Germany and its allies in the First world war. In addition, were not invited representatives of the RSFSR. Officially, the international Olympic Committee justified it by the lack of recognition of the new regime in Russia. In response, the Soviet Ministry already announced a boycott of the Games. In response, the country started the Olympics. This movement was developed by analogy with the Olympic. It was believed that the competition of the working class must be held separately from the bourgeois show. This idea came to mind, Pro sports clubs all over the world.


The Olympics are being held in various categories. It can compete with the workers of one factory, the students of one school, military and so on. Sports disciplines often overlap with Olympic sports. However, the Olympics is an event that can organize everyone. Therefore, the types of subjects and their number vary. The most common classical variant. It implies competition for all types of athletics: running, jumping, shot put and relay. Also the most popular team sports.


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Take part In the event representatives of different teams (universities, schools, military units, factories and so on). school sports daySo the standings are shared and not individual. That is, occupying a certain place in the discipline, the athlete scores in the Treasury of his team. Unlike the Olympics, not only count the first three "coin". Each place corresponds to a certain number of points. For example, if an athlete ran the penultimate, he still earned his team the points. The winner is the team that will score the most points.


The school sports day, first and foremost, needs to develop in children a love of sport and team spirit. The competition in this format allow a departure from the traditional disciplines. May be included species such as pulling, jumping, tug of war and others.Olympics of youth Often participate in such events, everyone, not just the best in this sport discipline.

In accordance with the Soviet education system, the goal of the Olympics - not to identify the strongest, and to unite the team and young people. So often the result of the competition becomes the victory of "friendship" and not a specific command. Such competitions may be held among students in the same school. In addition to sports included in the programme and entertainment.


The Summer Olympics in Russia is a serious tournament. It is held among the students of higher educational institutions. However, most young athletes in school (sports or normal). So to win on this tournament is considered a serious achievement.summer sports In the sports and athletics competitions in team sports. But the emphasis is on athletics. Therefore, athletes preparing for the tournament throughout the season. The tournament is designed to show intermediate results, since in the summer many athletes are in training camp.

Sport young people gives an idea of the number of athletes and their results. It is also a great chance for fans to draw attention to themselves, showing your best score.

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