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Today, this brand, like a Winner, represents amazing quality and budget cost. Thanks to the wide model range of colors and trim levels, bike Winner - a fairly wide-spread merchandise, which is popular not only in the vast post-Soviet space, but also in many European countries.

Historical roots and motto

The brand Name in English reads “victorious”. As you know, the popularity of the company depends largely on its name, so it has long been the winner of their competition in number of sales worldwide.

Historically important and significant for the brand began in 2000, which was marked by its base. The birthplace of the brand is Ukraine. The company's products in the budget price category.

In 2003 the global community witnessed the mountain line vehicles under the named label. Bike Winner since the company's founding to the present day, wins the hearts of customers due to high quality and incredible reliability. The company during the production of vehicles and equipment the latter uses nodes and components from leading manufacturers in Taiwan and Japan.

The leitmotif of the activities of the brand is to win over the competitors over the other and achieving the highest standard of quality.

bike winner

Bike Winner: producer

A Country that produces products of the same brand name, is not for anybody a mystery. The first question that arises from any customer who wishes to purchase such a vehicle, as a Bicycle Winner: "Who is the manufacturer?". The answer is quite simple. The historical homeland of the company is Ukraine, which is also famous with the release of such competitive bikes, like the Comanche and Pride.


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bike winner who is the manufacturer

Quality Assessment

Thanks to the excellent Cycling products, the company has repeatedly broken the stereotypes about the low quality of domestic appliances. Every vehicle is equipped with an incredibly sturdy frame, reliable components and accessories, has a great coasting and amazing quality welds. The key to the reliability and convenience of the bikes of this brand - to use equipment of Japanese origin. Attachments for vehicles of this brand is made in Taiwan.

It Should be noted that the bike Winner is absolutely not inferior in quality characteristics of more expensive models.

Every bike brand has a beautiful appearance, that is style, modernity and solidity. It was created by running a rather impressive staff of designers, numbering about 40 persons.

bike winner reviews


  • Line of city bikes of the brand designed for riding on hard soils, exemplified by the asphalt road. Typically, these bikes feature a lightweight aluminum frame, quality suspension fork and brakes rim design. Example vehicles in this category are models of Discovery and Alligator.
  • Hardely — is a two-wheeled bikes are designed for off-road driving in mountainous conditions. The frame of these vehicles is made of steel interpretation with the use of profiled tubes and a quality suspension fork. Derailleurs in this range are used exclusively by the brand Shimano. Example bikes in this category are models Gladiator, Pulse, Rocky and Titan.
  • Mounting Bicycle brand focused on travel in city conditions and for light off road. The hallmarks of transport in this series is the presence of forks and rear shock, owing to which the cyclist does not feel the potholes and bumps. Thanks to the tools of the legendary brand Shimano every fan will easily be able to overcome the hills of any height. User safety is provided by disc brakes mechanical nature. Frame of vehicle is quite reliable aluminum interpretation. Bike Winner, who is a prominent representative of this category — Alligator.
  • The Women's line of vehicles, it is not only modern and elegant design, but also highlights the lady's grace. This bike incorporates all the features of female physiology. The weight of the vehicle is not significant, due to the aluminum material of the frame. It is equipped with disc brakes that allow you to instantly prevent any unpleasant situation on the road. A line of women's bikes presented by such models as the Viking Lady, Betty, Pretty and Candy.
  • Teenage vehicle of this brand embody all the features of adult models and differ from the latter only in size.
  • Extreme models of two-wheeled transport presented by the manufacturer for lovers of all kinds of dangerous stunts. Bike Winner in this series are equipped with incredibly strong and robust frame, alloy steel. Representatives of this line are extreme transport model Dragon and Adrenalin.

bike winner producer country

Bike Winner: owners. The positive and negative points that you should pay attention to everyone

A Vehicle of this brand, according to the huge number of buyers, is maneuverable, lightweight and very stylish. This bike will help the novice biker to learn all the basics of driving it and to understand all the pitfalls in order to prevent the latter. The Bicycle seat is perfect for a long drive, and the steering wheel will allow the back to be in a comfortable condition in which the drive does not cause the rider discomfort. Brake system properly performs its functions without breakdowns and failures, which is one of the keys to successful skiing.

Besides the positive aspects, it should be noted that bike users often arise and negative feelings. The vehicle has a fairly heavy frame, which is impractical and may not be suitable for every weight category. The disadvantages of this popular bike must be attributed to a low reliability of the fork, connecting rod and other small parts that require immediate replacement after only a year of active service.


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