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In modern football there is a large variety of trophies for teams who are struggling at various levels. In club football's most prestigious tournament is the Champions League, while the teams most actively compete with each other in the Championship of the World. However, these two tournaments is not limited to football, there is much more variety of trophies that the team can get. And in this case it goes about the Intercontinental Cup. You will learn about how long it is held, what is its essence and who often it won. In addition, you will learn about what constitutes Intercontinental Cup beach soccer and how great its differences.

What this is

Intercontinental Cup

The Intercontinental Cup-a tournament which was conducted from 1960 to 2004 between the two clubs. One of them was the winner of the European Champions League, which has already been mentioned, but the other – winner of the Copa Libertadores. Copa Libertadores – this is analogous to the Champions League in South America, in which it turns out which clubs are the strongest in this continent. Thus, the Intercontinental Cup is a small tournament consisting of one match in this tournament decides which football is stronger in a particular year, the South American or European.

Tournament History

beach soccer Intercontinental Cup

The Intercontinental Cup in football takes place since 1960, however, it should be noted that the first twenty years it consisted of two matches, but since 1980, the tournament format was changed and the team began to spend not two, but one match. The first Champions in 1960, he became the Madrid «real», who beat Uruguay «Penarol” with score 5:1. In the next year became noticeable imperfection of the system. In the first match of the “Peñarol” won the Portuguese "Benfica», but in the second match won by the Uruguayan club. In the end had to play the third match in which the Uruguayans pulled out a victory. However, three matches in the tournament, which is not the most prestigious – it was too much, so the format and did not last so long. The first club which won the trophy in 1980 in the new format, was Uruguay “national” which beat the English “Nottingham forest”.


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The Last holder of the Intercontinental Cup was the Portuguese club «Port», which in 2004, on penalties defeated Colombian club “once Caldas”. The most titled clubs in this tournament are the three South American and two European representative. We are talking about the Argentine club «Boca juniors" about Uruguayan teams “Penarol” and “national”, as well as the Italian «Milan» and the Spanish “Real”. All these teams in the history of the tournament three times, won the Cup.

End of the Cup

Intercontinental Cup on football

In 2000, it became clear that the Intercontinental Cup on football is losing popularity and coming to its end. It was the first time held the Club world Cup, which included not only representatives of the two strongest continental confederations. In the end, this tournament has gained popularity, and the Intercontinental Cup ceased to exist. However, as mentioned above, this tournament is held not only in the classic football. Has this tournament and beach football. Intercontinental Cup there – it's a little different competition, and it is to tell apart.

Trophy beach soccer

 Intercontinental Cup beach soccer

What's different about this tournament if it comes about beach football? Intercontinental Cup in this case is completely different. First, it is not between clubs and between countries. Second, it is not so unimportant. On the contrary, it is considered the second most prestigious after the World Cup. Here are the features of beach soccer. The Intercontinental Cup is a relatively young tournament, it is only since 2011. Thus, it was played only five times.

Who is stronger than everyone in this tournament, which is famous for beach football? The Intercontinental Cup was first won by Brazil, beating Iran's national team. In the second tournament in the final, faced the national teams of Russia, Tahiti, and the Russians came out winners. They showed that they are one of the best Nations playing beach soccer. Intercontinental Cup and then won again Brazil and then Iran. Both times in the finals, teams played against the Russians, who could not repeat the success of 2012. However, Russia really knows how to play the beach soccer-Intercontinental Cup in the next two years were won by this team. And both times they beat the Brazilian team. As you can see, the Intercontinental Cup beach soccer is very different from what is in the big football.

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