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Today in our article we will talk about the origin of the words "hockey" and "match". And briefly go over the history of this amazing game.

What is it?

This is a team game on the ice or grass, the rules of which two opposing teams using sticks to try to score the puck or small ball into the opponent's goal.

ice hockey the origin of the word

Origin of the word "hockey"

Has its roots in the word "hockey" from the old French hoquet, which means "shepherd's crook with hook”. It borrowed, for the first time in the speech had appeared in 1527 in Ireland, although it has similarities with French. In the UK it is associated with the feast of the harvest. That's when we played games on the field that was called "hockey". Had to throw the ball on the opponent's side by using curved sticks. So, we have considered the origin of the word "hockey" in the etymological dictionary.

What does the word “match”?

Hockey game is one hour of game time, which is divided into three periods of twenty minutes each. According to the etymological dictionary, match – the confrontation between the playing teams.

From the second half of the XIX century the name “match” wore sports competitions, which were held regularly. For example, the game of cricket between the two countries. Widely used term began in the mid-twentieth century, while the sports meeting runners, chess players, the skaters began to be carried out systematically.

In the late XIX early XX centuries the match became known as individual sports athletes, but for the title of world champion in chess, in Boxing, and then the competitions in hockey, football and other sports.


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With the English match word translated as "match, bet”. It was borrowed from the English language in the early twentieth century, meant “sports competition in the game”.

the origin of the word hockey

When was hockey born?

If we talk about the origin of the word "hockey", historians believe that it was invented in the second Millennium BC in Ancient Egypt. The game is a modern concept with the present rules originated in America. From some sources it became known that on the frozen ponds of North America the Indians also played hockey. But his birthplace is considered to be the canadian city of Montreal.

Let's Talk about the birthplace of hockey

We learned about the origin of the word "hockey" now listen, what country is his Motherland. The existence of the game known since ancient times. The prototype of the modern hockey is mentioned in Egypt 4 thousand years ago. Of course, no ice and speeches could not be. It was a specially lined area where the Egyptians played with sticks instead of Golf clubs. The role of puck performed a small object.

Later the game began to spread to other countries - Rome and Greece. In Latin America in a hockey game played by the ancient Indians. Evidence of this are the frescoes of the anthropological Museum in Mexico city. They portrayed the players who played with curved sticks with a round object. All this occurred before entry of the lands of the Europeans.

According to one version, modern hockey was born in the XVIII century in the UK. Following centuries it was modified and modernized. In 1908, hockey was included in Olympic games.

But the Canadians argue that the word "hockey" the origin otherwise. It is the roots of the peoples of mahoukou, where “Hoki” has the value “pain”. This is the explanation, the losing team was punished with a painful torture.

But still the exact date of the origin of the game there, because similar existed in Ancient China 4,500 years ago.

origin of the word hockey match

Hockey – the harsh game!

For real and strong spirit of men. Hockey players move around on skates at high speed, and thus also need to think to throw the puck into the opponent's goal. Besides, players can get serious injuries. It is truly hard work.

Game Rules

Hockey-a team game in which at the ice arena there are two teams, each consisting of six people-a goalkeeper and five field players. Goalkeeper protects the net. Hockey players wear special gear that protects them from bruises at falling and getting pucks to the player. But as mentioned above, injuries happen quite often, because the hockey-tough sport.

For breaking the rules punish players penalty time that they are serving on the bench for the penalty box. At this time, the team plays in the minority.

The Game consists of three periods of twenty minutes each, between which is provided a recess.

the origin of the word hockey etymological dictionary

Let's Talk a little bit about field hockey

This type of hockey relates to the summer Olympic games. Outside of Russia this game is called hockey, but it is called "hockey" to distinguish it from games on the ice.

The game uses a ball instead of a puck. This type of hockey is very common among Australians, Indians, Pakistanis. The Russians, he did not win such popularity.

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