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The Main function of the protective glass is considered to be saving your phone from impact, cracks, and scratches. This element takes the credit. Over time, it becomes useless because it loses attractive appearance. Because of this reduced level of protection of the device. To replace it, you must first learn how to remove the protective glass with the iPhone. This procedure is simple. It is enough to follow simple rules.

Why change?

Before to see how to remove the protective glass with "IPhone 6" and 5, you should be familiar with the reasons for the changes:

  • Spoils the look of your phone.
  • Lost the protective function of the device.
  • If you want to change to a new window.

how to remove the protective glass from my iPhone

When the phone's new protective glass, the device looks neat. IPhone there are special accessories, which are perfect in size. But you can use the universal, which must be correctly pasted.

Safety precautions

You Need to consider one important thing before you remove the protective glass with "IPhone 5" or 6. Because the screen surface is perfectly smooth, the glass is fixed securely. It holds not only adhesive, but also electrostatic forces. The two surfaces are securely in contact, and therefore, the glass is not so easy to take off. It should pry off with a fingernail. If use for this purpose another object such as a knife, there is a chance of damaging the display.

how to remove the protective glass from iPhone 5

One silicone sucker here will not help either. If securely adheres to the damaged surface under it will not be a vacuum, with the force of it bounces. When the grip is high quality, suction Cup comes off but there will be another difficulty.


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The Sensor is mounted on the housing double-sided tape or glue. Their strength is smaller in comparison with touch and protective glass. If you apply a force, you can disrupt the whole display module, which damaged his plumes. Therefore, the actions must be deliberate. Only then you can use the instructions on how to remove the protective glass with the "IPhone 5s" or device of another type.


Work should be done carefully. Before you remove the protective glass with the iPhone, you need to prepare everything for the procedure:

  • A Mediator.
  • Suction Cup silicone.
  • Lint-free cloth.
  • Mirror.
  • Medical gloves.

Some sets of glasses include everything necessary to complete the procedure. If these details are there, the work is easy.


How to remove the protective glass with the iPhone to make it work accurately. Before the procedure you must wash your hands with soap and dry. You can use rubber gloves. This is necessary to protect against the appearance of fingerprints and stains. The screen will look neat.

how to remove the protective glass with the iPhone 5s

On the damaged glass need to find a corner where there are no gouges and other damage. It is necessary to cling suction Cup, pinning her to the device. Angle with the suction Cup need to pry with the help of the mediator, the blades, to delamination of the glass. It is necessary to pull the suction Cup at his side.

Procedure must be performed carefully so that the screen was not disrupted before the formation of the gap. In the absence of a suction pad, you can smoothly insert a guitar pick into the gap. When exfoliation is necessary to deepen the mediator. With a large screen it is necessary to use two tools. In the end it is necessary to raise the suction Cup itself, to completely eliminate the glass.

The Label of the new glass

When the user knows how to remove the protective glass with the iPhone, you can safely perform the procedure. Then likely will be sticking a new item. So the result is high-quality to perform the work should be in a clean room. Before applying for a lint-free cloth should be applied to the purifier and to treat her surface. This is necessary to eliminate dust and degrease the surface.

how to remove the protective glass from iPhone 6

Glass is necessary to take over the region. Hands should be washed and dried. You can work in medical gloves. Then you need to pull the tab of the protective film that is on the adhesive surface, and eliminate it. Glass should be kept closer to the smartphone, in the process, no adhesion of dust.

Glass is from the sensor, it is necessary to center and align. We must make sure that all holes match. The product should be lowered on the display, pressing it a little. The bubbles should be eliminated immediately by wiping the surface with a dry cloth. In the end, it is necessary to remove a film which served to protect the product during transportation.

It is Better to eliminate dust particles trapped under the glass. You need to gently peel off glass, removing rubbish. You can use a tissue or tweezers. Then the glass is put in place. Then the phone will again be protected from damage. The procedure for removing and gluing glass on all iPhones are the same. It is only necessary to choose a suitable accessory.

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