Why doesn't "Viber" on computer or phone?


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Viber – one of the most popular messengers in the world with an ever-growing user base. Now their number is approaching one million. The developers are constantly improving their services and fix bugs, but even in this popular app you cannot do without the unpleasant problems. Messenger has separate clients for mobile devices and desktop computers. Let's see why is not working “Get” on each of the platforms, and try to eliminate the error that occurred.

why can't I use viber

System requirements

First look at the official requirements submitted by developers for all devices. To work "Viber" on your mobile smartphone must meet the following conditions:

  • The Operating system “Android” version 4.0 or later;
  • Operating system iOS version 9 and later.

The Requirements for running messenger on the computer is limited by the need for Windows XP and newer. Supported 32 - and 64-bit versions. Hardware requirements are as follows:

  • 2-core processor;
  • 1 GB of RAM minimum;
  • Stable connection to the Internet;
  • Microphone and webcam for calls.

Failure to follow these requirements to the devices – this is the first reason why does not “Get”. Now sort out possible problems on each of the platforms. On smartphones and tablets solutions are almost identical.

why can't I use viber on iPhone

Why “Get” on the iPhone?

So you have installed messenger on your iPhone, but the program does not start, crashes or works incorrectly. The first thing you need to do – is to restart the device and try again. Next, be sure to check the Internet connection – without it the application cannot authenticate on the server, so you will be offline. It is impossible to send message and call – you only see old correspondence and materials.


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You have installed the messenger a long time ago, he regularly started and suddenly stopped working. Why? Maybe you disabled automatic software update in the App store. You need to open the store and go to your account settings. You must install the automatic updates when you connect your device to Wi-Fi network. This will allow you to save mobile traffic and not waste it on downloading new versions of applications and games.

why viber is not working on computer


Another version – the reinstallation. To start, completely remove messenger from iPhone. For this you need to keep your finger on the icon for a few seconds, and then click on the x in the corner. Now go to the App store and enter the name of the messenger in the search box. Open the app page and press “Download”. Reinstallation might be required after you unsuccessfully installed the update. In such cases, to restore the “curve” version of messenger is impossible, so will only clean install Viber from scratch.

If you already have account on Viber, after installation, it is sufficient to log in using the account. To create a new account, enter the mobile number and wait for the confirmation code in SMS message. Enter it in the corresponding field in the Viber application.

Outdated device

Another reason-incompatibility. It will be an exact answer to the question about why is not working “Get” on the iPhone 4. The fact is that the mobile messenger app supports Apple devices including the iPhone 4s. Accordingly, for the normal iPhone of the fourth generation, the program will not run.

However, you have the option to install the messenger on such an old device. For this you need to jailbreak the smartphone and load the application installer manually through the computer. You can find a lot of instructions. Now you know why it is not working “Get” on the iPhone, and will be able to eliminate the causes of faults.

why viber has stopped working

Fault for “Android”

Now for the problems on smartphones with Android operating system. First, try to restart your device and launch the messenger again. It might be that your system failed and you must restart the processes.

If this option is not successful, check for updates. If you have not downloaded latest version of Viber application (this happens when a user disables auto-tracking for new versions of installed apps) then go to the Play Market. Navigate to “Update” and see if a new version for Viber. If they are, be sure to download and install. For convenience, we recommend to turn on automatic updates in the settings store Play Market.

If you encounter failures when you update the app, try the complete reinstall. To uninstall, hold your finger on the icon and then drag in the basket. Then again open the Play Market, enter a name for Viber in the search, go to messenger and click “Install”. Now you know why it is not working “Get” “Android”. It remains to understand the causes of the PC.

why can't I use viber on the iPhone 4

Not working Viber on PC

Tips for Troubleshooting problems with the application on the computer is the same as described above. Before uninstalling be sure to try to restart the PC to ensure the stability of the Internet connection. If the program starts but does not determine the microphone and the webcam, check the correct installation of the drivers.

Then try to install again. First, go to “control Panel” - “add / remove programs”, find Viber in the list, click right-click it and select “Delete”.

After the uninstallation open the official website, select your operating system and click “Download Viber”. After re-install re-login with your account and test the messenger. Now you know why it is not working “Get” on the computer.

why viber is not working on Android

Problem with the server

If you have used all the tips from the article, but Viber is still not working, the fault may lie in bad connection with the servers. The user can not affect the solution to this problem, so you just have to wait until the developers will carry out the technical work and will restore access. As practice shows, this rarely happens. However, about a similar situation need to know each user Viber or other similar services.


You can treat your problem in the official support. Staff Viber will help you to restore the application on PC or smartphone. Usually the answer from technical support comes in the shortest possible time.

For treatment, you need to open the link you will find on the official website of the application, and fill out the feedback form. It includes personal and contact details, the subject of the appeal and the text with a detailed description of the problem. Also suggest to attach images, if you have Windows error etc. It will help support faster to understand the problem. Experts will explain to you why “Get” stopped working and how to fix it, in reverse letter, which was sent to your specified email address.


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